Power BI 支持的浏览器Supported browsers for Power BI

Power BI 旨在搭配下列任意受支持的浏览器一起使用,但性能可能因你选择的浏览器而异。Power BI is designed to work with any of these supported browsers, but performance does differ depending on your choice of browser. 尤其是在你使用 Internet Explorer 时,可能会遇到性能下降的情况。If you're using Internet Explorer in particular, you may encounter worse performance. 强烈建议从 Internet Explorer 切换到 Microsoft Edge 等新式浏览器。We strongly recommend switching from Internet Explorer to a modern browser, including Microsoft Edge. 如果你仍遇到性能不可接受的情况,请测试其他受支持的新式浏览器,看看它们是否为你的 Power BI 解决方案提供更棒的效果。If you're still encountering unacceptable performance, test other supported modern browsers to see if they provide better results for your Power BI solution.

Power BI 在可使用下列浏览器的所有平台上支持这些浏览器:Power BI supports these browsers on all platforms where they're available:

  • Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11。Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 不支持某些高级功能,如世系视图。Some advanced features, such as lineage view, aren't supported in Internet Explorer. 有关详细信息,请参阅数据世系(预览版)See Data lineage (preview) for details.
  • Chrome 桌面最新版本Chrome desktop latest version
  • Safari Mac 最新版本Safari Mac latest version
  • Firefox 桌面最新版本。Firefox desktop latest version. Firefox 可以更改 Power BI 中使用的字体Firefox may change the fonts used in Power BI


在 iOS10 或更低版本中,Power BI 无法在任何浏览器中运行。Power BI doesn't run in any browsers in iOS10 or previous versions.

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