iPad 上的 Power BI 移动应用入门Get started with the Power BI mobile app on an iPad

iPad 上的 iOS 版 Microsoft Power BI 应用提供了 Power BI、Power BI 报表服务器和 Reporting Services 的移动 BI 体验。The Microsoft Power BI for iOS on the iPad delivers the mobile BI experience for Power BI, Power BI Report Server, and Reporting Services. 通过触控移动设备实现的实时访问,可以随时随地查看本地和云中的公司仪表板,并与之进行交互。View and interact with your company dashboards on premises and in the cloud from anywhere, with live, touch-enabled mobile access. 然后,可以浏览仪表板中的数据,并通过电子邮件或短信的方式将数据与同事共享。Explore the data in dashboards, and share with your colleagues in email or text messages.

iPad 应用中的 Power BI 仪表板

可以在 Power BI Desktop 中创建 Power BI 报表,然后发布报表:You create Power BI reports in Power BI Desktop, and publish them:

然后,在 iPad 版 Power BI 应用中,可以与仪表板和报表进行交互,无论它们是在本地还是在云中。Then in the Power BI app for the iPad, you interact with your dashboards and reports, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

查看 Power Bi 移动应用中的新功能Find out what's new in the Power Bi mobile apps.

下载适用于 iPad 的 iOS 应用Download the iOS app for the iPad

从 Apple 应用商店下载 iPad 应用Download the iPad app from the Apple App Store.


iPad 需要运行 iOS 10 或更高版本。Your iPad needs to be running at least iOS 10.

注册 Power BI 服务Sign up for the Power BI service

如果还未注册,请转到 Power BI (https://powerbi.com) 注册该服务。Go to Power BI (https://powerbi.com) to sign up for the service, if you haven't already. 注册是免费的。It's free.

Power BI 应用入门Get started with the Power BI app

  1. 在 iPad 中打开 Power BI 应用。In the iPad, open the Power BI app.
  2. 若要查看 Power BI 仪表板和报表,请点击“Power BI”。To view your Power BI dashboards and reports, tap Power BI. 使用与 Web 上的 Power BI 帐户相同的凭据登录。Sign in with the same credentials as your Power BI account on the web.

    若要查看 Reporting Services 移动报表和 KPI,请点击“SQL Server Reporting Services”。To view your Reporting Services mobile reports and KPIs, tap SQL Server Reporting Services. 使用你的 SQL Server Reporting Services 凭据登录。Sign in with your SQL Server Reporting Services credentials.

    登录到 Power BI

    进入应用后,只需点击左上角的全局导航按钮When you're in the app, just tap the global navigation button 全局导航按钮 即可在两个服务之间切换。in the upper-left corner to go between the two services.

体验 Power BI 和 Reporting Services 示例Try the Power BI and Reporting Services samples

即使没有注册,也可以使用 Power BI 和 Reporting Services 示例。Even without signing up, you can play with the Power BI and Reporting Services samples. 下载应用后,你可以查看或启用这些示例。After you download the app, you can view the samples or get started. 无论何时需要,你都可以从仪表板“开始”页返回到示例。Go back to the samples whenever you want from the dashboards home page.

Power BI 示例Power BI samples

可以查看 Power BI 仪表板示例并与之交互,但有一些事项不能对其执行操作。You can view and interact with the Power BI dashboard samples, but there are a few things you can't do with them. 无法打开仪表板背后的报表、与他人共享示例,或将其加入收藏夹。You can't open the reports behind the dashboards, share the samples with others, or make them your favorites.

  1. 点击左上角的Tap the global navigation button 全局导航按钮 ,然后点击“设置”图标in the upper-left corner, then tap the Settings icon 设置图标.
  2. 点击“Power BI 示例”,然后选择一个角色,并浏览该角色的示例仪表板。Tap Power BI samples, then pick a role and explore the sample dashboard for that role.

    Power BI 示例


    并非所有功能均可在示例中使用。Not all features are available in the samples. 例如,你无法查看仪表板生成的示例报表。For example, you can't view the sample reports that underlie the dashboards.

Reporting Services 移动报表示例Reporting Services mobile report samples

  1. 点击左上角的Tap the global navigation button 全局导航按钮 ,然后点击“设置”图标in the upper-left corner, then tap the Settings icon 设置图标.
  2. 点击“Reporting Services 示例”,然后打开零售报表或销售报表文件夹以浏览 KPI 和移动报表。Tap Reporting Services samples, then open either the Retail Reports or the Sales Reports folder to explore their KPIs and mobile reports.

    Reporting Services 示例

在 Power BI 移动应用中查找内容Find your content in the Power BI mobile apps

仪表板和报表将存储在 Power BI 移动应用的不同位置,具体取决要于它们原来所在的位置。Your dashboards and reports are stored in different locations in the Power BI mobile apps, depending on where they came from. 了解如何在移动应用中查找内容Read about finding your content in the mobile apps. 此外,可以始终在 Power BI 移动应用中搜索你所拥有的内容。Plus you can always search for anything you have in the Power BI mobile apps.


搜索仪表板或报表Search for a dashboard or report

  • 点击右上角的放大镜Tap the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner 搜索图标,然后键入要查找的术语。, then type the term to find.


    默认情况下它将搜索所有仪表板和报表,但你可以仅搜索一个或另一个。By default it searches all dashboards and reports, but you can search just one or the other.

查看你收藏的仪表板、KPI 和报表View your favorite dashboards, KPIs, and reports

移动应用中的“收藏夹”页上显示了你收藏的所有 Power BI 仪表板,以及 Power BI 报表服务器/Reporting Services KPI 和报表。On the Favorites page in the mobile apps, you see all of your favorite Power BI dashboards, together with Power BI Report Server and Reporting Services KPIs and reports. 在 Power BI 移动应用中收藏某个仪表板后,可以从所有设备(包括浏览器中的 Power BI 服务)中访问该仪表板。When you make a dashboard a favorite in the Power BI mobile app, you can access it from all of your devices, including the Power BI service in your browser.

  • 点击收藏夹Tap Favorites.


    Power BI 收藏夹和报表服务器 Web 门户中的收藏夹全都显示在此页上。Your Power BI favorites and your favorites from the report server web portal are all on this page.


阅读有关 Power BI 移动应用中的收藏夹 的更多信息。Read more about favorites in the Power BI mobile apps.

Power BI 移动应用的企业支持Enterprise support for the Power BI mobile apps

组织可以使用 Microsoft Intune 管理设备和应用程序,包括适用于 Android 和 iOS 的 Power BI 移动应用。Organizations can use Microsoft Intune to manage devices and applications, including the Power BI mobile apps for Android and iOS.

使用 Microsoft Intune,组织可以控制各项事务,如要求提供访问 PIN、控制应用程序处理数据的方式,甚至是在未使用应用时加密应用程序数据。Microsoft Intune lets organizations control items like requiring an access pin, controlling how data is handled by the application, and even encrypting application data when the app isn't in use.


如果你在 iPad 上使用 Power BI 移动应用,并且组织已配置 Microsoft Intune MAM,则会关闭后台数据刷新。If you use the Power BI mobile app on your iPad and your organization has configured Microsoft Intune MAM, then background data refresh is turned off. 在你下次进入应用时,Power BI 会刷新 Power BI 服务 Web 数据。The next time you enter the app, Power BI refreshes the data from the Power BI service on the web.

详细了解如何使用 Microsoft Intune 配置 Power BI 移动应用Read more about configuring Power BI mobile apps with Microsoft Intune.

后续步骤Next steps

下面介绍了还可以在 iPad 应用中对 Power BI 仪表板和报表,以及对 Power BI 报表服务器/Reporting Services Web 门户中的报表和 KPI 执行哪些操作。Here are some other things you can do in the iPad app with dashboards and reports in Power BI, and reports and KPIs in the Power BI Report Server or Reporting Services web portal.

Power BI 仪表板和报表Power BI dashboards and reports

报表服务器 Web 门户上的报表和 KPIReports and KPIs on the report server web portals

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