Power BI 报表中的可视化效果Visualizations in Power BI reports

可视化效果(亦称为“视觉对象”)显示已发现的数据见解。Visualizations (aka visuals) display insights that have been discovered in the data. 在 Power BI 报表中,既可能一个页面上只有一个视觉对象,也可能页面上有大量视觉对象。A Power BI report might have a single page with one visual or it might have pages full of visuals. 在 Power BI 服务中,可以将视觉对象从报表固定到仪表板In Power BI service, visuals can be pinned from reports to dashboards.

请务必区分报表创建者和报表使用者。如果是报表的生成者或修改者,即为报表的创建者。It's important to make the distinction between report creators and report consumers If you are the person building or modifying the report, then you are a creator. 创建者拥有对报表及其基础数据集的编辑权限。Creators have edit permissions to the report and its underlying dataset. 在 Power BI Desktop 中,这意味着,可以在数据视图中打开数据集,并在报表视图中创建视觉对象。In Power BI Desktop, this means you can open the dataset in Data view and create visuals in Report view. 在 Power BI 服务中,这意味着,可以使用报表编辑器在编辑视图中打开数据集或报表。In Power BI service, this means you can open the dataset or report in the report editor in Editing view. 如果报表或仪表板已与自己共享,即为报表使用者。If a report or dashboard has been shared with you, you are a report consumer. 可以查看报表及其视觉对象并与之交互,但无法保存所做的更改。You'll be able to view and interact with the report and its visuals but you won't be able to save changes.

Power BI 的“可视化效果”窗格中还有其他许多视觉对象类型,可供直接使用。There are many different visual types available directly from the Power BI VISUALIZATIONS pane.

如需有更多选择,请访问 Microsoft AppSource 社区网站,查找并下载 Microsoft 和社区提供的自定义视觉对象And for even more choices, visit the Microsoft AppSource community site to find and download custom visuals provided by Microsoft and the community.

如果初次接触 Power BI 或需复习,请利用以下链接了解 Power BI 可视化效果的基础知识。If you're new to Power BI, or need a refresher, use the links below to learn the basics of Power BI visualizations. 也可使用(本文左侧的)目录查找更多有用信息。Alternately, use our Table of Contents (along the left side of this article) to find even more helpful information.

在 Power BI 中添加一个可视化效果Add a visualization in Power BI

在报表页上创建可视化效果Create visualizations on the pages of your reports. 浏览可用的可视化效果和可用的可视化效果教程的列表。Browse the list of available visualizations and available visualization tutorials.

上载自定义可视化效果并在 Power BI 中使用Upload a custom visualization and use it in Power BI

添加自己创建或在 Microsoft AppSource 社区网站中找到的自定义可视化效果。Add a custom visualization that you created yourself or that you found in the Microsoft AppSource community site. 有创造性的点子?Feeling creative? 请深入研究我们的源代码,并使用开发工具新建可视化效果类型,并与社区共享Dig into our source code and use our developer tools to create a new visualization type and share it with the community

更改可视化效果类型Change the visualization type

请尝试更改可视化效果的类型以查看哪种类型最适合你的数据。Try changing the type of visualization to see which works best with your data.

固定可视化效果Pin the visualization

在 Power BI 服务中,若有所需的可视化效果,可以将它作为磁贴固定到仪表板In Power BI service, when you have the visualization the way you want it, you can pin it to a dashboard as a tile. 如果在固定后更改报表中正在使用的可视化效果,仪表板上的磁贴并不会更改。也就是说,如果之前是折线图,即使在报表中将它更改为环形图,它也仍为折线图。If you change the visualization being used in the report after you pin it, the tile on the dashboard doesn't change -- if it was a line chart, it stays a line chart, even if you changed it to a Donut chart in the report.

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