Power BI 问答入门(教程)Get started with Power BI Q&A (Tutorial)

教程:通过零售分析示例使用 Power BI 问答Tutorial: use Power BI Q&A with the Retail Analysis sample

有时从你的数据中获得答案的最快方法是使用自然语言提问。Sometimes the fastest way to get an answer from your data is to ask a question using natural language. 在本教程中我们将考察创建相同的可视化效果的 2 种不同方法:在报表中构建和使用问答提问。In this tutorial we'll look at 2 different ways of creating the same visualization: building it in a report and asking a question with Q&A.

方法 1:使用报表编辑器Method 1: using the report editor

  1. 在 Power BI 工作区中,选择“获取数据” >“示例”>“零售分析示例” > “连接”。From your Power BI workspace, select Get Data > Samples > Retail Analysis Sample > Connect.

  2. 仪表板包含“上年度销售额和本年度销售额”的面积图磁贴。The dashboard contains an area chart tile for "Last Year Sales and This Year Sales." 选择此磁贴。Select this tile.

    • 如果此磁贴是使用问答创建的,选择该磁贴将打开 Q&A。If this tile was created with Q&A, selecting the tile will open Q&A.
    • 但是,此磁贴是在报表中创建的,因此将在包含此可视化效果的页中打开报表。But this tile was created in a report, so the report opens to the page that contains this visualization.
  3. 在编辑视图中打开报表,方法是选择编辑报表Open the report in Editing View by selecting Edit Report. 如果你不是报表的所有者,则无法在编辑视图中打开报表。If you are not an owner of a report, you will not have the option to open the report in Editing view.

  4. 选择此面积图,然后在字段窗格中检查设置。Select the area chart and review the settings in the Fields pane. 报表创建者通过选择这 3 个值(“时间”>“会计月份”、“销售额”>“本年度销售额”、“销售额”>“上年度销售额”>“值”),并且在“坐标轴”和“值”框中组织它们来生成此图表。The report creator built this chart by selecting these 3 values (Time > FiscalMonth, Sales > This Year Sales, Sales >Last Year Sales >Value) and organizing them in the Axis and Values wells.

方法 2:使用问题解答Method 2: using Q&A

我们将如何使用问答着手创建相同的折线图?How would we go about creating this same line chart using Q&A?

  1. 重新导航到“零售分析示例”仪表板。Navigate back to the Retail Analysis Sample dashboard.
  2. 使用自然语言,在问题框中键入类似如下内容:Using natural language, type something like this into the question box:

    本年度销售额和上一年度销售额按月以分区图显示是什么what were this year sales and last year sales by month as area chart

    当你键入问题时,Q&A 选择最佳的可视化效果显示你的回答;并且可视化效果会随着问题的修改而动态更改。As you type your question, Q&A picks the best visualization to display your answer; and the visualization changes dynamically as you modify the question. 此外,Q&A 还会通过建议、自动完成和拼写更正等功能来帮助你设置问题的格式。Also, Q&A helps you format your question with suggestions, auto-complete, and spelling corrections.

    键入你的问题之后,所得到的图表正是我们在报表中看到的同一图表。When you finish typing your question, the result is the exact same chart that we saw in the report. 但是使用该方式创建要快得多!But creating it this way was much faster!

  3. 类似于使用报表,在问答中你有权访问“可视化效果”、“筛选器”和“字段”窗格。Similar to working with reports, within Q&A you have access to the Visualizations, Filters and Fields panes. 打开这些窗格以进一步浏览和修改你的视觉对象。Open these panes to further explore and modify your visual.
  4. 要将图表固定到仪表板中,请选择固定图标 To pin the chart to your dashboard, select the pin icon .

后续步骤Next steps

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