Power BI 网关故障排除 - 个人Troubleshooting Power BI Gateway - Personal

以下介绍使用 Power BI 个人网关时可能遇到的一些常见问题。The following goes through some common issues you may encounter when using the Power BI Gateway - Personal.


最新版本的个人用网关为本地数据网关(个人版)The current version of the gateway for personal use is the On-premises data gateway (personal). 请更新安装以使用该版本。Please update your installation to use that version.

更新到最新版本Update to the latest version

网关版本过期后,可能会遇到很多问题。A lot of issues can surface when the gateway version is out of date. 好的常规做法是确保所使用的是最新版本。It is a good general practice to make sure you are on the latest version. 如果你已经一个月或更长时间没有升级网关,可能需要考虑安装网关最新版本,并检查此问题是否会重现。If you haven't updated the gateway for a month, or longer, you may want to consider installing the latest version of the gateway and see if you can reproduce the issue.


个人网关为 64 位 - 如果计算机为 32 位则不能安装个人网关。Personal gateway is 64bit - If your machine is 32bit, you will not be able to install the personal gateway. 操作系统必须是 64 位。Your operating system needs to be 64bit. 需安装 64 位版 Windows,或者在 64 位计算机上安装个人网关。You will need to install a 64bit version of Windows, or install the personal gateway on a 64bit machine.

个人网关无法作为一项服务安装,即使你是计算机的本地管理员 - 如果用户是计算机本地管理员组中的成员,但组策略不允许该用户名作为服务登录,安装可能会失败。Personal gateway fails to install as a service even though you are a local administrator for the computer - Installation can fail if the user is in the computer’s local Administrator group, but group policy does not allow that username to log on as a service. 目前,请确保组策略允许用户作为服务登录。At the moment, ensure the group policy allows a user to log on as a service. 我们正在努力修复此问题。We’re working on a fix for this issue. 了解详细信息Learn more

操作超时 - 如果要在其上安装个人网关的计算机(物理计算机或 VM)具有单核处理器,此问题很常见。Operation timed out - This is common if the computer (physical machine or VM) on which you’re installing the personal gateway has a single core processor. 关闭所有应用程序和任何不必要的进程并再次尝试安装。Close any applications and turn off any non-essential processes and try installing again.

数据管理网关或 Analysis Services 连接器不能与个人网关安装在同一台计算机上 - 如果你已经安装 Analysis Services 连接器或数据管理网关,必须先卸载该连接器或网关,然后尝试安装个人网关。Data Management Gateway or Analysis Services Connector cannot be installed on the same computer as personal gateway - If you already have an Analysis Services Connector or Data Management Gateway installed, you must first uninstall the Connector or the gateway and then try installing the personal gateway.


如果在安装期间遇到问题,安装日志会提供相关信息帮助你解决此问题。If you encounter an issue during installation, the setup logs could provide information to help you resolve the issue. 有关详细信息,请参阅安装程序日志See Setup Logs for more information.

代理服务器配置 如果你的环境需要使用代理服务器,可能会遇到与配置个人网关相关的问题。Proxy configuration You may encounter issues with configuring the personal gateway if your environment needs the use of a proxy. 若要了解有关如何配置代理服务器信息的详细信息,请参阅配置 Power BI 网关的代理服务器设置To learn more about how to configure proxy information, see Configuring proxy settings for the Power BI Gateways

计划刷新Schedule refresh

错误:云中存储的凭据丢失。Error: The credential stored in the cloud is missing.

如果你已计划刷新,然后卸载并重新安装个人网关,则在 <dataset> 的设置中会出现此错误。You could get this error in Settings for <dataset> if you have a scheduled refresh and then uninstalled and re-installed the personal gateway. 当你卸载个人网关时,针对刷新配置的数据集的数据源凭据将从 Power BI 服务中删除。When you uninstall a personal gateway, data source credentials for a dataset that has been configured for refresh are removed from the Power BI service.

解决方案:在 Power BI 中,转到数据集的刷新设置。Solution: In Power BI, go to the refresh settings for a dataset. 在“管理数据源”中,对于任何存在错误的数据源,单击“编辑凭据”并再次登录到数据源。In Manage Data Sources, for any data source with an error, click Edit credentials and sign in to the data source again.

错误:为数据集提供的凭据无效。请通过刷新更新凭据或在“数据源设置”对话框中更新凭据以继续执行操作。Error: The credentials provided for the dataset are invalid. Please update the credentials through a refresh or in the Data Source Settings dialog to continue.

解决方案:如果收到凭据消息,这可能意味着:Solution: If you get a credentials message, it could mean:

  • 请确保用于登录到数据源的用户名和密码是最新的。Make sure usernames and passwords used to sign into data sources are up to date. 在 Power BI 中,转到数据集的刷新设置。In Power BI, go to refresh settings for the dataset. 在“管理数据源”中,单击“编辑凭据”来更新数据源的凭据。In Manage Data Sources, click Edit credentials to update the credentials for the data source.
  • 在单个查询中,如果其中一个源正在使用 OAuth 进行身份验证,云源和的本地源之间的混合应用程序将无法在个人网关中刷新。Mashups between a cloud source and an on-premises source, in a single query, will fail to refresh in the personal gateway if one of the sources is using OAuth for authentication. 例如,CRM Online 和本地 SQL Server 之间的混合应用程序。An example of this is a mashup between CRM Online and a local SQL Server. 这将失败,因为 CRM Online 需要 OAuth。This will fail because CRM Online requires OAuth.

    这是一个已知问题,我们正在调查。This is a known issue, and being looked at. 若要解决此问题,为云源和本地源配备单独的查询,并使用合并或追加查询以将它们合并。To work around the problem, have a separate query for the cloud source and the on-premises source and use a merge or append query to combine them.

错误:数据源不受支持。Error: Unsupported data source.

解决方案:如果在计划刷新设置中出现数据源不受支持的消息,这可能意味着:Solution: If you get an unsupported data source message in Schedule Refresh settings, it could mean:

  • Power BI 中当前不支持数据源进行刷新。The data source is not currently supported for refresh in Power BI.
  • Excel 工作簿不包含数据模型,仅包含工作表数据。The Excel workbook does not contain a data model, only worksheet data. 如果已上载的 Excel 工作簿包含数据模型,Power BI 当前只支持刷新。Power BI currently only supports refresh if the uploaded Excel workbook contains a data model. 当在 Excel 中使用 Power Query 导入数据时,请务必选择此选项将数据加载到数据模型。When you import data using Power Query in Excel, be sure to choose the option to Load data to data model. 这可确保数据导入到数据模型。This ensures data is imported into a data model.

错误:[无法合并数据] <查询部分>/<…>/<…> 正在访问的数据源具有无法一起使用的隐私级别。请重新生成此数据组合。Error: [Unable to combine data] <query part>/<…>/<…> is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination.

解决方案:此错误是由于隐私级别限制和正在使用的数据源类型所导致。Solution: This error is due to the privacy level restrictions and the types of data sources you are using. 了解详细信息Learn more

错误:数据源错误:无法将值“[Table]”转换为 Table 类型。Error: Data source error: We cannot convert the value "[Table]" to type Table.

解决方案:此错误是由于隐私级别限制和正在使用的数据源类型所导致。Solution: This error is due to the privacy level restrictions and the types of data sources you are using. 了解详细信息Learn more

错误:对于此行没有足够的空间。Error: There is not enough space for this row.

如果有大于 4 MB 大小的单个行,则会出现此错误。This will occur if you have a single row greater than 4 MB in size. 需要从数据源确定行是什么,并尝试将其筛选出或减少该行的大小。You will need to determine what the row is from your data source and attempt to filter it out or reduce the size for that row.

数据源Data sources

缺少数据提供程序 – 个人网关只有 64 位版。Missing data provider – The personal gateway is 64-bit only. 它需要在已安装个人网关的同一台计算机上安装 64 位版本数据提供程序。It requires a 64-bit version of the data providers to be installed on the same computer where the personal gateway is installed. 例如,如果数据集中的数据源是 Microsoft Access,必须在已安装个人网关的同一台计算机上安装 64 位 ACE 提供程序。For example, if the data source in the dataset is Microsoft Access, you must install the 64-bit ACE provider on the same computer where you installed the personal gateway.


如果有 32 位 Excel,则无法在同一台计算机上安装 64 位 ACE 提供程序。If you have 32 bit Excel, you cannot install a 64-bit ACE provider on the same computer.

Access 数据库不支持 Windows 身份验证 - 对于 Access 数据库,Power BI 当前仅支持匿名访问。Windows authentication is not supported for Access database - Power BI currently only supports anonymous for Access database. 对于 Access 数据库,我们将启用 Windows 身份验证。We are working on enabling Windows authentication for Access database.

输入数据源凭据时出现登录错误 - 如果为数据源输入 Windows 凭据时遇到与此类似的错误,可能是因为你仍在使用旧版本的个人网关。Sign in error when entering credentials for a datasource - If you get an error similar to this when entering Windows credentials for a data source, you might still be on an older version of the personal gateway. 安装最新版本的 Power BI 网关 - 个人Install the latest version of Power BI Gateway - Personal.

错误:为使用 ACE OLEDB 的数据源选择 Windows 身份验证时出现登录错误 - 如果为使用 ACE OLEDB 提供程序的数据源输入数据源凭据时出现以下错误:Error: Sign in error when selecting Windows authentication for a data source using ACE OLEDB - If you get the following error when entering data source credentials for a data source using ACE OLEDB provider:

对于使用 ACE OLEDB 提供程序的数据源,Power BI 当前不支持 Windows 身份验证。Power BI does not currently support Windows authentication for a data source using ACE OLEDB provider.

解决方案:要解决此错误,可以选择匿名身份验证。Solution: To work around this error, you can select Anonymous authentication. 对于旧式 ACE OLEDB 提供程序,匿名凭据等效于 Windows 凭据。For legacy ACE OLEDB provider, Anonymous credentials are equivalent to Windows credentials.

磁贴刷新Tile refresh

如果接收到一个与仪表板磁贴刷新相关的错误,请参阅以下文章。If you are receiving an error with dashboard tiles refreshing, please refer to the following article.

磁贴错误故障排除Troubleshooting tile errors

用于故障排除的工具Tools for troubleshooting

刷新历史记录Refresh History

如果你需要创建一个支持请求,刷新历史记录可帮助你了解发生了什么错误,并提供有用的数据。Refresh History can help you see what errors have occurred, as well as provide useful data if you should need to create a support request. 可以查看计划刷新和按需刷新。You can view both scheduled, as well as on demand, refreshes. 下面是有关如何刷新历史记录的说明。Here is how you can get to the Refresh History.

  1. 在 Power BI 导航窗格中的数据集中,选择一个数据集>打开菜单>计划刷新In the Power BI navigation pane, in Datasets, select a dataset > Open Menu > Schedule Refresh.
  2. 设置...>计划刷新中,选择刷新历史记录In Settings for... > Schedule Refresh, select Refresh History.

事件日志Event logs

有几个事件日志可提供信息。There are several event logs that can provide information. 如果你是计算机管理员,则显示前两个,即数据管理网关PowerBIGatewayThe first two, Data Management Gateway and PowerBIGateway, are present if you are an admin on the machine. 如果你不是管理员,并且使用的是个人网关,将在应用程序日志中看到日志条目。If you are not an admin, and you are using the Personal Gateway, you will see the log entries within the Application log.

数据管理网关PowerBIGateway 日志显示在应用程序和服务日志下方。The Data Management Gateway and PowerBIGateway logs are present under Application and Services Logs.

Fiddler 跟踪Fiddler trace

Fiddler 是 Telerik 提供的一款用于监视 HTTP 流量的免费工具。Fiddler is a free tool from Telerik that monitors HTTP traffic. 可以从客户端计算机通过 Power BI 服务来回查看。You can see the back and forth with the Power BI service from the client machine. 这可能会显示错误和其他相关的信息。This may show errors and other related information.

安装程序日志Setup Logs

如果个人网关无法安装,将看到一个链接以显示安装程序日志。If the Personal Gateway, fails to install, you will see a link to show the setup log. 这可以显示有关故障的详细信息。This could show you details about the failure. 这些是 Windows 安装日志,也称作 MSI 日志。These are Windows Install logs, or also knows as MSI logs. 它们可能非常复杂且难以阅读。They can be fairly complex and hard to read. 通常在底部显示引发的错误,但确定错误原因并非易事。Typically the resulting error will be at the bottom, but determining the cause of the error is not trivial. 它可能是不同日志中错误的结果,或是较高的日志中错误的结果。It could be a result of errors in a different log, or be a result of an error higher up in the log.

或者,可以转到“Temp 文件夹”(%temp%) 并查找以 Power_BI_ 开头的文件。Alternatively, you can go to your Temp folder (%temp%) and look for files that start with Power_BI_.


转到 %temp% 可能将你带到 temp 的子文件夹。Power_BI_ 文件将位于 temp 目录的根目录中。Going to %temp% may take you to a subfolder of temp. The Power_BI_ files will be in the root of the temp directory. 可能需要转到上一个或上两个级别。You may need to go up a level or two.

后续步骤Next steps

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