Power BI 的 Azure SQL 数据库计划刷新中的故障排除Troubleshooting scheduled refresh for Azure SQL Databases in Power BI

有关设置计划刷新的详细步骤,请务必参阅刷新 Power BI 中的数据For detailed steps on setting up scheduled refresh, be sure to see Refresh data in Power BI.

设置 Azure SQL 数据库的计划刷新时,若在编辑凭据时收到含错误代码 400 的错误消息,尝试按照以下步骤设置正确的防火墙规则:While setting up scheduled refresh for Azure SQL Database, if you get an error with error code 400 during editing the credentials, try the following to set up the appropriate firewall rule:

  1. 登录到 Azure 管理门户Log into your Azure management portal
  2. 转到正在为其配置刷新的 Azure SQL 服务器Go to the Azure SQL server you are configuring refresh for
  3. 在允许的服务区域中开启“Windows Azure 服务”Turn on 'Windows Azure Services' in the allowed services section

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