向仪表板添加图像、文本、视频等Add image, text, video, and more to your dashboard

添加磁贴Add tile

利用“添加磁贴”控件,可以直接向仪表板添加图像、文本框、视频、流数据或 Web 代码。The Add tile control lets you directly add an image, text box, video, streaming data, or web code to your dashboard.

  1. 从顶部菜单栏选择“添加磁贴”。Select Add tile from the top menu bar. 鉴于空间限制,你可能只能看到加号 加号 符号。Depending on space limitations, you may see only the plus plus sign sign.


  2. 选择要添加的磁贴类型:“图像”、“文本框”、“视频”、“Web 内容”或“自定义流数据”。Select which type of tile to add: Image, Text box, Video, Web content, or Custom streaming data.


添加图像Add an image

假设你希望仪表板上有公司的徽标或其他图像。Say you want your company logo on your dashboard, or some other image. 将需要在线保存图像文件并链接到该文件。You'll need to save the image file online and link to it. 请确保访问该图像文件无需特殊凭据。Make sure special credentials aren't required to access the image file. 例如,OneDrive 和 SharePoint 需要身份验证,因此存储在该处的图像将无法按此种方式添加到仪表板。For example, OneDrive and SharePoint require authentication, so images stored there can't be added to a dashboard this way.

  1. 选择“图像” > “下一步”。Select Image > Next.
  2. 将图像信息添加到“添加图像磁贴”窗口。Add image information to the Add image tile window.


    • 若要在图像上方显示标题,请选择显示标题和副标题,并键入标题和/或副标题。to display a title above the image, select Display title and subtitle and type a title and/or subtitle.
    • 输入图像 URLenter the image URL
    • 若要将磁贴设置为超链接,请选择设置自定义链接,并输入 URL。to make the tile a hyperlink, select Set custom link and enter the URL. 同事单击此图像或标题时,便会前往此 URL。When colleagues click this image or title, they'll be taken to this URL.
    • 选择应用Select Apply. 在仪表板上,根据需要重设图像大小和移动图像。On the dashboard, resize and move the image as needed.


添加文本框或仪表板标题Add a text box or dashboard heading

  1. 选择“文本框”>“下一步”。Select Text box > Next.

    注意:若要添加仪表板标题,请在文本框中键入标题并增大字体。NOTE: To add a dashboard heading, type your heading in the text box and increase the font.

  2. 设置文本框格式:Format the text box:

    • 若要在文本框上方显示标题,请选择显示标题和副标题,并键入标题和/或副标题。to display a title above the text box, select Display title and subtitle and type a title and/or subtitle.
    • 输入并格式化文本框的内容。enter and format content for the text box.
    • (可选)设置标题的自定义链接。Optionally, set a custom link for the title. 自定义链接可以是外部站点,或工作区中的仪表板或报表。A custom link can be an external site or a dashboard or report in your workspace. 不过在本示例中,我们已经在文本框内添加了超链接,因此请保持“设置自定义链接”的未选中状态。However, in this example we've added hyperlinks within the text box itself, so will leave Set custom link unchecked.


  3. 选择应用Select Apply. 在仪表板上,根据需要重设文本框大小和移动文本框。On the dashboard, resize and move the text box as needed.


添加视频Add a video

向仪表板添加 YouTube 或 Vimeo 视频磁贴之后,该视频会直接在仪表板上播放。When you add a YouTube or Vimeo video tile to your dashboard, the video plays right on your dashboard.

  1. 选择“视频”>“下一步”。Select Video > Next.
  2. 将视频信息添加到“添加视频磁贴”窗格。Add video information to the Add video tile pane.


    • 若要在视频磁贴顶部显示标题和副标题,请选择显示标题和副标题,并键入标题和/或副标题。to display a title and subtitle at the top of the video tile, select Display title and subtitle and type a title and/or subtitle. 在本示例中,我们将添加副标题,然后将其设置成返回 YouTube 完整播放列表的超链接。In this example, we'll add a subtitle and then turn it into a hyperlink back to the entire playlist on YouTube.
    • 输入视频 URLenter the URL for the video
    • 为标题和副标题添加超链接。Add a hyperlink for the title and subtitle. 你可能希望,同事在观看内嵌视频后能够查看 YouTube 上的完整播放列表;你可以在此添加播放列表的链接。Perhaps after your colleagues watch the embedded video you'd like them to view the entire playlist on YouTube -- add a link to your playlist here.
    • 选择应用Select Apply. 在仪表板上,根据需要重设视频磁贴大小和移动视频磁贴。On the dashboard, resize and move the video tile as needed.


  3. 选择用于播放视频的视频磁贴。Select the video tile to play the video.
  4. 选择副标题以访问 YouTube 上的播放列表。Select the subtitle to visit the playlist on YouTube.

添加流数据Add streaming data

添加 Web 内容Add web content

粘贴或键入任何 HTML 内容。Paste or type in any HTML content. Power BI 会把它当成磁贴添加到仪表板中。Power BI adds it, as a tile, to your dashboard. 手动输入嵌入代码,或从 Twitter、YouTube、embed.ly 等站点复制/粘贴。Enter the embed code by hand or copy/paste from sites such as Twitter, YouTube, embed.ly, and more.

  1. 选择“Web 内容”>“下一步”。Select Web content > Next.
  2. 将信息添加到“添加 Web 内容磁贴”窗格。Add information to the Add web content tile pane.

    添加 Web 内容磁贴窗口

    • 若要在磁贴上方显示标题,请选择显示标题和副标题,并键入标题和/或副标题。to display a title above the tile, select Display title and subtitle and type a title and/or subtitle.
    • 输入嵌入代码。enter the embed code. 在本示例中,我们会复制并粘贴 Twitter 源。In this example we're copying and pasting a Twitter feed.
  3. 选择应用Select Apply. 在仪表板上,根据需要重设 Web 内容磁贴大小和移动 Web 内容磁贴。On the dashboard, resize and move the web content tile as needed.

    包含 4 个磁贴的仪表板

嵌入 Web 内容的提示Tips for embedding web content

  • 若为 iframe,请使用安全的源。For iframes, use a secure source. 如果输入 iframe 嵌入代码却得到空白磁贴,请查看 iframe 源是否使用了 httpIf you enter your iframe embed code and get a blank tile, check to see if you're using http for the iframe source. 如果是,请更改为 httpsIf so, change it to https.

    <iframe src="https://xyz.com">
  • 编辑宽度和高度信息。Edit width and height information. 此嵌入代码会嵌入视频,并将视频播放器设置为 560 x 315 像素。This embed code embeds a video and sets the video player to 560 x 315 pixels. 当你重设磁贴大小时,这个大小不会更改。This size will not change as you resize the tile.

    <iframe width="560" height="315"
    src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Cle_rKBpZ28" frameborder="0"

    如果希望播放器重设大小以适应磁贴大小,请将宽度和高度设为 100%。If you'd like the player to resize to fit the tile size, set width and height to 100%.

    <iframe width="100%" height="100%"
    src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Cle_rKBpZ28" frameborder="0"
  • 此代码会嵌入推文,并以独立链接的方式在仪表板上保留 AFK 播客、@GuyInACube 的 Twitter 页面关注#analytics回复转推喜欢的链接。This code embeds a tweet and retains, as separate links on the dashboard, links for the AFK podcast, @GuyInACube's Twitter page, Follow, #analytics, reply, retweet, and like. 选择磁贴本身会带你前往 Twitter 的播客。Selecting the tile itself takes you to the podcast on Twitter.

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck">
    <p lang="en" dir="ltr">Listen to
    <a href="https://twitter.com/GuyInACube">@GuyInACube</a> talk to
    us about making videos about Microsoft Business Intelligence
    <a href="https://t.co/TmRgalz7tv">https://t.co/TmRgalz7tv </a>
    <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/analytics?src=hash">
    #analytics</a></p>&mdash; AFTK Podcast (@aftkpodcast) <a
    January 30, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

编辑磁贴Edit a tile

若要更改磁贴...To make changes to a tile...

  1. 将鼠标悬停在磁贴右上角并选择省略号。Hover over the top right corner of the tile and select the ellipses.


  2. 选择编辑图标,以便重新打开磁贴详细信息窗格并进行更改。Select the edit icon to re-open the Tile details pane and make changes.


注意事项和疑难解答Considerations and troubleshooting

  • 若要更轻松地在仪表板上移动磁贴,请添加标题和/或副标题。To make it easier to move the tile on your dashboard, add a title and/or subtitle.
  • 如果想要嵌入网站的某些内容,但网站未提供可供复制和粘贴的嵌入代码,请签出 embed.ly 以便生成嵌入代码。If you'd like to embed some content from a website, but the website doesn't give you embed code to copy and paste, check out embed.ly for help generating the embed code.

后续步骤Next steps

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