创建和发布 Power BI 组织内容包(教程)Create and publish a Power BI organizational content pack (tutorial)


你知道新 应用 吗?Have you heard about the new apps yet? 应用是在 Power BI 中将内容分发给大型受众的新方法。Apps are the new way to distribute content to large audiences in Power BI. 建议使用应用,而不使用组织内容包或只读工作区。We recommend using apps instead of organizational content packs or read-only workspaces. 了解有关应用的详细信息Learn more about apps.

本教程介绍了如何创建组织内容包,授予对特定组的访问权限,并将组织内容包发布到你在 Power BI 上的组织内容包库。In this tutorial you create an organizational content pack, give access to a specific group, and publish it to your organization's content pack library on Power BI.

创建内容包不同于共享仪表板,也不同于在组中针对这些包开展协作。Creating content packs is different from sharing dashboards or collaborating on them in a group. 阅读应如何针对仪表板及报表开展协作并进行共享?以决定具体情况的最佳选项。Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? to decide on the best option for your situation.


你和你的同事需要具有 Power BI Pro 帐户才能创建组织内容包。Creating an organizational content pack requires a Power BI Pro account for you and your colleagues.

假设你是 Contoso 的发布经理,准备推出新产品。Imagine you're the Release Manager at Contoso and you're getting ready for a new product launch. 你通过报表创建了仪表板,想要与其他管理发布的员工共享。You've created a dashboard with reports that you'd like to share with the other employees managing the launch. 你想要对仪表板和报表进行打包的方法,使其作为你的同事使用的解决方案。You want a way to package up the dashboard and reports as a solution for your colleagues to use.

想要跟着做吗?Want to follow along? Power BI 服务中,依次转到“获取数据”>“示例”>“机会分析示例” > “连接”,获取自己的副本。In the Power BI service, go to Get Data > Samples > Opportunity Analysis Sample > Connect to get your own copy.

  1. 在左侧导航窗格中选择机会分析示例仪表板。In the left navigation pane, select the Opportunity Analysis Sample dashboard.
  2. 从顶部导航栏中,选择齿轮图标 > “创建内容包”。From the top navigation bar, select the cog icon > Create content pack.
  3. 创建内容包窗口中,输入以下信息。In the Create Content Pack window, enter the following information.

    请记住,你组织的内容包库最终可能会得到数百个为组织或组发布的内容包。Keep in mind that your organization's content pack library could end up with hundreds of content packs published for the organization or for groups. 花点时间为内容包指定有意义的名称、添加合理的说明并选择合适的受众。Take time to give your content pack a meaningful name, to add a good description, and to select the right audience. 使用的单词要使你的内容包可通过搜索轻松查找。Use words that will make your content pack easy to find via search.

    1. 选择特定组,输入个人、Office 365 组、通讯组或安全组的完整电子邮件地址。Select Specific Groups and enter the full email addresses for individuals, Office 365 groups, distribution groups, or security groups. 例如:For example:

      salesmgrs@contoso.com; sales@contoso.comsalesmgrs@contoso.com; sales@contoso.com

      针对本教程,尝试使用自己或组的电子邮件地址。For this tutorial, try using your own or your group's email address.

    2. 将内容包命名为销售机会Name the content pack Sales Opportunities.


      请考虑将仪表板名称包含在内容包名称中。Consider including the name of the dashboard in the name of the content pack. 这样一来,你的同事连接到你的内容包后将更轻松地找到仪表板。That way, your colleagues will find the dashboard more easily after they connect to your content pack.

    3. 推荐:添加说明Recommended: Add a description. 这有助于同事更轻松地找到所需的内容包。This helps coworkers more easily find the content packs that they need. 除了说明外,还请添加你的同事在搜索此内容包时可能输入的关键字。Besides a description, add keywords your coworkers might use to search for this content pack. 添加联系人信息,方便同事有疑问或需要帮助时使用。Include contact information in case your coworkers have a question or need help.

    4. 上载图像或徽标,方便组成员更轻松地查找内容包,因为浏览图像比浏览文本更快。Upload an image or logo to make it easier for group members to find the content pack — it's faster to scan for an image than it is to find text. 在下面的屏幕截图中,我们使用了机会计数百分比堆积柱形图磁贴的图像。We used an image of the Opportunity Count 100% column chart tile in the screen shot below.

    5. 选择机会分析示例仪表板,将其添加到内容包。Select the Opportunity Analysis Sample dashboard to add it to the content pack. Power BI 会自动添加相关联的报表和数据集。Power BI automatically adds the associated report and dataset. 可以根据需要添加其他内容。You can add others, if you want.


      只列出了可编辑的仪表板、报表、数据集和工作簿。Only the dashboards, reports, datasets, and workbooks that you can edit are listed. 因此,与你共享的任何内容未在列表中。Thus, any that were shared with you aren't in the list.

    6. 如果你有 Excel 工作簿,可在“报表”下查看它们,带有 Excel 图标。If you have Excel workbooks, you see them under Reports, with an Excel icon. 也可将它们添加到内容包。You can add them to the content pack, too.


      如果组成员不能查看 Excel 工作簿,可能需要在 OneDrive for Business 中共享工作簿If members of the group can't view the Excel workbook, you may need to share the workbook with them in OneDrive for Business.

  4. 选择发布将该内容包添加到组的组织内容包库。Select Publish to add the content pack to the group's organizational content pack library.

    如果成功地发布,你将看到一条成功消息。You see a success message when it publishes successfully.

  5. 当组成员转到获取数据 > 我的组织时,在搜索框中点击并键入“销售机会”。When members of your group go to Get Data > My Organization, they tap in the search box and type "Sales Opportunities".

  6. 他们将看到你的内容包。They see your content pack.


    你的浏览器中显示的 URL 是此内容包的唯一地址。The URL displayed in your browser is an unique address for this content pack. 想要告诉同事有关此新内容包的信息?Want to tell your coworkers about this new content pack? 将 URL 粘贴到电子邮件中。Paste the URL into an email.

  7. 他们选择连接,现在则可查看和使用你的内容包They select Connect, and now they can view and work with your content pack.

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