PowerApps 中的辅助功能属性Accessibility properties in PowerApps


采用替代方法帮助视觉障碍用户与控件进行交互的属性的配置。Configuration of properties that aid alternative ways of interaction with controls suitable for visually impaired users.


Tooltip:用户将鼠标悬停在控件上时显示的解释性文本。Tooltip – Explanatory text that appears when the user hovers over a control. 辅助屏幕阅读器的 Aria 标签使用此文本。Text is used by Aria labels that aid screen readers.

TabIndex:在运行时自定义控件的 Tab 键顺序。TabIndex – Customizes the tab order of controls at runtime.

默认值零根据控件的 XY 坐标指定默认 Tab 键顺序。Default value of zero specifies default tab order, based on control's XY coordinate. 如果将值设置为大于零,则会将该控件的 Tab 键顺序移到所有采用默认值的控件的前面。Setting a value higher than zero will move the control's tab order ahead of all controls with the default values. 使用 Tab 键时,TabIndex 值为 2 的控件优先于 TabIndex 值大于等于 3 的控件。A control with TabIndex value of 2 will precede one with TabIndex of 3 or higher when tabbed.

请注意,窗体控件和库控件等容器始终先用 Tab 键访问其所有元素,然后才会访问容器外部的控件。Note that containers such as Form and Gallery controls will always tab through all elements of the container before proceeding to controls outside of the container. 容器的 Tab 键顺序从具有最小 TabIndex 值的子控件开始。The container's tab order is that of the lowest value TabIndex of a child control.

将 TabIndex 设置为 -1 将禁止使用 tab 访问控件;图像、图标和形状也将对屏幕阅读器不可见。Setting TabIndex to -1 will disable tab access to the control; in case of Images, Icons and Shapes, they will also be invisible to the screen reader.