powerapps.com 简介Introduction to powerapps.com

PowerApps 团队将会重新引入 powerapps.com 作为应用创建者的新门户。The PowerApps team is re-introducing powerapps.com as the new home for app creators. 我们已将页面重新设计为主站点,让创建者轻松着手创建应用,使用 Microsoft Common Data Service,以及在一个位置管理他们的应用。We've re-designed the page as the primary site for creators to easily get started on creating apps, use the Microsoft Common Data Service, and manage their apps all in one location. 本文逐步讲解以下内容:In this article, I will walk you through the following:

  • 标题the header
  • 主页the homepage
  • “应用”页the Apps page

注册后首次登录到 powerapps.com 时,可以看到该站点的新标题。When you sign up and first sign in to powerapps.com, you will notice the site's new header. 标题左边缘的附近是 Office 堆积圆点图标。Near the left edge of the header is the Office waffle. 可通过此图标快速访问其他所有 Office 产品,例如 PowerPoint、OneNote 和 Word,以及 Microsoft Flow 和 Dynamics 365。This is a quick place for you to access all other Office products such as PowerPoint, OneNote, and Word, as well as Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365.

标题 - 堆积圆点图标

在标题右边缘的附近,首先看到的是环境下拉菜单,可在其中快速切换环境。Near the right edge of the header, you'll first see an environment dropdown, where you can quickly switch between environments. 默认情况下,可能已选中“默认环境”。Default environment is likely selected by default. 详细了解环境Learn more about environments.

标题 - 环境

在环境下拉菜单的旁边,可以看到一个下载图标。Next to the environment dropdown, you will see a download icon. 单击或点击此图标会显示一个对话框,其中包含用于下载 PowerApps Mobile(适用于 iOS 或 Android)或 PowerApps Studio for Windows 的链接。Click or tap this icon to display a dialog box with links to download PowerApps Mobile (for iOS or Android) or PowerApps Studio for Windows.

标题 - 下载

在下载图标的旁边,可以看到一个齿轮图标(设置)。Next to the download icon, you will see a gear icon for settings. 单击或点击此图标会显示连接、网关和管理中心的链接。Click or tap this icon to display links for connections, gateways, and the admin center.

标题 - 设置

在设置的旁边,可以看到一个问号图标(帮助)。Next to settings, you will see a question-mark icon for help. 单击或点击此图标会显示引导式学习、文档、支持、社区、博客以及法律和隐私声明的链接。Click or tap this icon to display links to Guided learning, Documentation, Support, Community, Blogs, Legal and Privacy.

标题 - 帮助


登录 powerapps.com 后,默认会登陆到主页。After you sign in to powerapps.com, you'll land on the homepage by default. 我们已更改主页的布局,帮助你快速开始操作,不管你是要创建应用还是要探索 Common Data Service。We have changed the layout of this homepage to help you get started quickly, whether you're creating apps or want to explore the Common Data Service.

如果你以前已登录到 PowerApps 并且运行或创建了一些应用,主页的第一个部分将显示“最近使用的应用”列表。If you've signed in to PowerApps before and run or created some apps, the first section you will see on your homepage is a list of Recent apps. 应用已按照最近打开的日期排序。They are sorted by the date on which they were most recently opened.


在右上角的附近有一个标有“应用”的箭头,单击该箭头会直接链接到“应用”页,方便你查看所有应用。Near the upper-right corner, an arrow is labeled Apps and links to the Apps page directly so you can see all of your apps.

如果你以前从未登录、创建应用或运行应用,则看到的不是“最近使用的应用”部分,If you've never signed in, created an app, or run an app before, you won't see the Recent apps section. 而是横幅“创建应用”。Instead you'll see the banner Create an app.


单击或点击此横幅中的“开始”会显示用于通过 PowerApps Studio for WindowsPowerApps Studio for Web 创建应用的选项。Click or tap Get started on this banner to display options for creating an app using PowerApps Studio for Windows or PowerApps Studio for the web.


在“开始”的旁边,可以看到教程视频的链接,其中演示了如何基于数据快速创建应用(在 SharePoint 或 PowerApps 中),然后共享该应用。Next to Get started, you can find links to our tutorial videos on how to quickly create an app from data (in either SharePoint or PowerApps) and then share the app. 单击“了解详情”箭头链接可转到有关如何基于现有数据创建应用的主题。The Learn more arrow link will take you to a topic about how to create an app from existing data.

“创建应用”横幅的下面是“使用 Microsoft Common Data Service”横幅。Below the Create an app banner is the Use the Microsoft Common Data Service banner.

Microsoft Common Data Service

“Common Data Service”下面根据你的许可证或权限显示不同的按钮。Under Common Data Service, a different button will appear, depending on your license or permission.

  • 如果显示“开始试用”按钮,则表示你没有 PowerApps P2 许可证,而 Common Data Service 需要该许可证。If the Start trial button appears, you don't have a PowerApps P2 license, which the Common Data Service requires. 单击或点击此按钮会打开一个页面,可在其中注册此许可证的 90 天免费试用版。Click or tap this button to open the page where you can sign up for a free, 90-day trial of this license. 详细了解 PowerApps 许可证Learn more about PowerApps licenses.
  • 如果显示“开始”按钮,则表示你所在的环境没有 Common Data Service 数据库,或者你无权访问该数据库。If the Get started button appears, you're in an environment that doesn't have a Common Data Service database or you don't have access to it. 单击或点击此按钮可立即创建环境和数据库,以便可以开始将 Common Data Service 用于你的应用。Click or tap this button to create an environment and database at once, so you can start to use Common Data Services for your apps. 详细了解如何创建环境Learn more about creating environments.


    如果你不想要创建环境,始终可以切换到有权访问的环境。If you don't want to create an environment, you can always switch to an environment to which you have access.

  • 如果显示“创建数据库”按钮,则表示你所在的环境没有 Common Data Service 数据库,但你有权创建一个数据库。If the Create database button appears, you're in an environment that doesn't have a Common Data Service database but you have permission to create one.


    单击或点击此按钮将为此环境预配数据库。Clicking or tapping this button will provision a database for this environment.


  • 如果显示“浏览实体”按钮,则表示你所在的环境中已预配了一个 Common Data Service 数据库,并且你有权访问该数据库。If the Browse entities button appears, you're in an environment that has a Common Data Service database provisioned already and you have access to it. 单击或点击该按钮会打开“实体”页。Click or tap that button to open the Entities page.


在“使用 Microsoft Common Data Service”横幅的下面,可以看到一组示例应用,以及我们创建供你使用的连接的示例应用。Below the Use the Microsoft Common Data Service banner, you'll see a set of sample apps and connected sample apps that we created for you to use.

  • 示例应用 - 示例应用是针对采用手机或平板电脑布局的不同业务方案构建的。Sample apps - Sample apps were built for different business scenarios in either phone or tablet layout. 单击某个应用可以快速查看该应用的用途说明、该应用适用的布局,以及该应用展示的功能,例如相机、GPS 或收音机。You can click an app to quickly view a description of what the app does, what layout the app was built for, and what capabilities the app showcases such as camera, GPS, or radio buttons. 新用户可以通过示例应用快速了解 PowerApps 的功能。可以使用模板在 PowerApps Studio for Windows 中创建相同的应用。It's a quick way for new users to learn capabilities of PowerApps, and you can use a template to create an identical app in PowerApps Studio for Windows.


  • 连接的示例应用 - 这些应用将通过数据连接(如 Office 365、Salesforce、Trello 和 Wunderlist)连接到你的数据。Connected sample apps - These apps connect to your data via a data connection such as Office 365, Salesforce, Trello, and Wunderlist. 这一组应用不同于上面所述的示例应用。This set of apps is different from the sample apps above. 单击或点击某个连接的示例应用时,实际上会预配该应用的新实例(可将它视为模板)。When you click or tap a connected sample app, you actually provision a new instance of the app (think of it as a template). 系统将提示你输入凭据来连接数据。It will prompt you to enter your credentials to connect to your data. 连接的示例应用带来的便利是现成地预配了一个实例,可以在 PowerApps Studio 中打开该实例,了解相应应用的构建方式。The beautiful thing about a connected sample app is that an instance is provisioned for you right here, and you can open it in PowerApps Studio to learn how the corresponding app was built. 缺点是可能需要花费相当长的时间(最多一分钟)来创建该实例。The downside is that it can take pretty long (up to a minute) to create. 因此,单击或点击连接的示例应用后,请耐心等待浏览器打开。So please be patient and let the browser open when you click or tap a connected sample app.


“新建应用”页New Apps page

可以通过 powerapps.com 上的左侧导航栏访问“应用”页。You can access the Apps page via the left navigation bar on powerapps.com.


以前,“应用”页允许在磁贴视图与列表视图之间切换。The Apps page previously allowed you to switch between tile view and list view. 但在 2016 年 10 月 26 日后,它仅支持列表视图。After October 26, 2016, it supports only list view.


请注意,列表视图仅显示选定环境中的应用。Please note that the list view shows only apps in the selected environment. 若要查看某个不同环境中的应用,请使用标题中的环境切换器切换到该环境。To view apps in a different environment, switch to it by using the environment switcher in the header. 详细了解如何切换环境Learn more about switching environments.

新功能What's new?

  • 单击或点击某个应用会立即在 PowerApps Studio for Web 的新标签页中打开该应用。Clicking or tapping an app now opens it in PowerApps Studio for web in a new tab.
  • 默认情况下,“应用”页显示你有权编辑的所有应用。By default, the Apps page shows all apps that you have permission to edit. 若要查看“所有应用”(包括你只能使用的应用),请选择“所有应用”筛选器。To view All apps (including apps you can only use), select the All apps filter.


该页面还包含:We also have:

  • 我可以使用的应用:列出与你共享的、提供“用户”权限的所有应用(只能运行这些应用)。Apps I can use, which lists all apps that have been shared with you with User permission (can only run the app). 请注意,也可以在 Dynamics 365 中获取这些应用。Please note that you can also acquire these apps in Dynamics 365.
  • 我拥有的应用:列出你创作的所有应用。Apps I own, which lists all apps you have authored.
  • 我参与的应用:列出与你共享的、提供“参与者”权限的所有应用。Apps I contribute to, which lists all apps that have been shared with you with Contributor permission.
  • 示例应用:列出所有示例应用(未连接的示例应用)。Sample apps, which lists all sample apps (not connected sample apps).

如果单击或点击信息圆圈,将打开应用详细信息页。If you click or tap the information circle, the app details page opens.


如果单击应用旁边的省略号,将显示“播放”、“编辑”、“共享”和“详细信息”等选项。If you click the ellipsis for an app, options such as Play, Edit, Share, and Details appear.


这就是 powerapps.com 上专门为应用创作者设计的主要新功能。That is mainly what's new on powerapps.com, which is geared toward app makers. 希望这些功能为你带来帮助。We hope this is helpful to you. 请留言告诉我们你喜欢哪些功能,以及希望增加哪些功能。Please leave comments on what you like so far and would like to see. 我们很乐意倾听你的反馈!We'd love to hear your feedback!