PowerApps 中的区域概述Regions overview in PowerApps

如何确定我的应用的部署位置?How do I find out where my app is deployed?

应用部署在可托管环境的区域内。Your app is deployed in the region that hosts the environment. 例如,如果环境是在欧洲区域内创建,那么应用会部署在欧洲数据中心内。For example, if your environment is created in the Europe region, then your app is deployed in Europe data centers.

如果你是管理员,可以在 PowerApps 管理中心内确定每个环境的托管区域。If you're an administrator, you can determine the region of each environment in the PowerApps admin center.

  • 转到“管理中心”,然后使用工作帐户登录。Go to the admin center, and sign in with your work account.

    在管理中心内,现有的所有环境都列在“环境”选项卡中。此列表显示了应用的部署区域In the admin center, all existing environments are listed on the Environments tab. This list shows the Region where your app is deployed:


可用区域有哪些?What regions are available?

  • 美国United States
  • 加拿大Canada
  • 欧洲Europe
  • 亚洲Asia
  • 澳大利亚Australia
  • 印度India
  • 日本Japan

给定区域的专属功能有哪些?What features are specific to a given region?

可以在各个区域内创建环境,然后将其绑定到相应的地理位置。Environments can be created in different regions, and are bound to that geographic location. 在环境中创建应用后,此应用就会部署到此地理位置的数据中心内。When you create an app in an environment, that app is deployed in datacenters in that geographic location. 这适用于在此环境中创建的任何项,包括 Common Data Service 中的数据库、应用、连接、网关和自定义连接器。This applies to any items you create in that environment, including databases in the Common Data Service, apps, connections, gateways, and custom connectors.

为获得最理想的效果,如果用户位于欧洲,请在欧洲区域创建并使用此环境。For optimal performance, if your users are in Europe, create and use the environment in the Europe region. 如果用户位于美国,请在美国创建并使用此环境。If your users are in the United States, create and use the environment in the U.S.


本地数据网关不适用于印度区域或自定义环境。On-premises data gateways aren't available in the India region or in custom environments. 必须在默认环境中创建网关。You must create gateways in the default environment.