Prepare label-based data for dimensions

This topic provides a procedure for how to create a label-based dimension table and then convert it back to an ID-based table. This process can help you load data from one or many business data sources into the staging database.

The assumption in the following procedure is that the dimension has been synchronized from the application to the staging database.

To prepare data for label-based tables for dimensions

  1. Create a label-based table for a specified dimension by using the bsp_DI_CreateLabelTableForDimension stored procedure.

  2. Populate the label-based dimension tables with data from the source database or system. This is a manual step.

  3. Repeat step 2 as required until all label-based data is valid.

  4. Convert a specified label-based dimension table to an ID-based table by using the bsp_DI_ConvertLabelColumnToMemberIdForDimension stored procedure.

  5. Repeat step 4 as required until rows that have members that belong to all model sites are validated and converted.

  6. Follow the steps in Step 5: Loading data from staging to application database to load measure group data.