Prepare label-based measure group data

更新: 2009-04-30

This topic provides instructions for using stored procedures to create label-based tables and then convert them back to ID-based tables. This process can help you prepare measure group data for loading.

For each manual process, data administrators must use their existing tool set. This includes the use of Transact-SQL scripts, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages, or custom code to populate the staging area database.

The following procedure helps you prepare label-based data.

To prepare and load measure group data that have labels

  1. Create a label-based table

  2. Populate label-based measure group tables with data from the source database or system. This is a manual step.

  3. Validate label-based measure group tables and correct any errors by using the bsp_DI_ValidateLabelTable stored procedure.

  4. Repeat step 3 as required until all label-based data is valid.

  5. Convert a label-based measure group table to a MemberID-based table