IDSFDevice::Children Property

The Children property gets a collection of devices that are children of the device.

This property is read-only.


HRESULT get_Children(
  [out, retval]  DSFDevices *ppDSFDevices

Property Value

Caller-allocated space to hold the collection of children devices.

Error Codes

Children returns S_OK if the operation succeeds or E_POINTER if the ppDSFDevices parameter is not a valid pointer.


The Children property is typically used only for bus devices to represent devices that are attached to the bus.


The following VBScript code example shows how to search the Children property for a known object.

Private Function FindChildDevice(DSFDevice, SearchObjectGUID)

    Dim DevSought   : Set DevSought = Nothing
    Dim Dev         : Set Dev = Nothing

    For Each Dev in DSFDevice.Children
        If Dev.HasObject(SearchObjectGUID) Then
            Set DevSought = Dev
        End If

    Set FindChildDevice = DevSought

End Function

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