IDSFDevice::Guid Property

The Guid property gets or sets the GUID for a device.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_Guid(
  [in]           BSTR bstrGuid

HRESULT get_Guid(
  [out, retval]  BSTR *pbstrGuid

Property Value

A new GUID for the device.

Error Codes

Guid returns one of the following values:

This property can also return other standard COM return values.

Name Meaning

The operation succeeded.


The pbstrGuid parameter was not a valid pointer.


Guid could not allocate space to hold the GUID.


The Guid property is reserved for future use and is included for completeness.


The following VBScript code example shows how to set and get the GUID property.

const LoopbackGUID       = "{ 438CB71F-ED63-42A1-B839-1543ABDAC796}"

' Create a USB device
Dim USBDevice : Set USBDevice = CreateObject("SOFTUSB.SoftUSBDevice")

' Get the DSFDevice object from the USB device
Dim DSFDevice : Set DSFDevice = USBDevice.DSFDevice

' Get the evice GUID
Dim DeviceGuid
DeviceGuid = DSFDevice.Guid

' If the device GUID is not LoopBackGUID, set it to LoopBackGUID
If DeviceGuid <> LoopBackGUID Then
 DSFDevice.Guid = LoopBackGUID
End If

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