IDSFDevice::Inserted Property

The Inserted property describes whether a simulated device appears to be physically present in a system.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_Inserted(
  [in]           VARIANT_BOOL fvarInserted

HRESULT get_Inserted(
  [out, retval]  VARIANT_BOOL *pfvarInserted

Property Value

A Boolean value that designates whether the simulated device appears physically present in the system.

Error Codes

Inserted returns one of the following values:

Name Meaning

The operation succeeded.


The pfvarInserted parameter was not a valid pointer.


The fvarInserted parameter is not a valid VARIANT_BOOL value.


The following VBScript code example shows how to set and get the Inserted property.

` Create a USB device
Dim USBDevice : Set USBDevice = CreateObject("SOFTUSB.SoftUSBDevice")

` Get the DSFDevice object from the USB device
Dim DSFDevice : Set DSFDevice = USBDevice.DSFDevice

` Get the device's Inserted property
Dim Inserted
Inserted = DSFDevice.Inserted

` If the device is not inserted, insert it
If Inserted <> TRUE Then
 DSFDevice.Inserted = TRUE;
End If

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