PSTN 使用报告PSTN usage report

新的"Skype for Business 管理中心 报告 "区域显示你的组织中通话和音频会议活动。The new Skype for Business Admin Center Reports area shows you calling and audio conferencing activity in your organization. 它使你能够钻取到报表,从而更细致地了解每个用户的活动。It enables you to drill into reports to give you more granular insight about the activities of each user. 例如,你可以使用 Skype for Business PSTN 使用详细信息 报告查看拨入/拨出呼叫的通话时长以及这些呼叫的费用。For example, you can use the Skype for Business PSTN usage details report to see the number of minutes spent in inbound/outbound calls and cost for these calls. 您可以查看音频会议 PSTN 使用详细信息,包括呼叫费用,以便了解使用情况和呼叫计费详细信息,以确定组织内部的使用情况。You can view Audio Conferencing PSTN usage details including the cost of the call so that you can understand your usage and call billing details to determine usage within your organization.

有关更多 可用报表, 请查看报表概述。Check out the Reports overview for more reports that are available.

此报告以及其他 Skype for Business 报告为你提供有关活动的详细信息,包括在整个组织中呼叫使用情况。This report, along with the other Skype for Business reports, gives you details on activity including calling usage across your organization. 当你为组织进行调查、规划和做出其他业务决策以及设置通信信用额度时,这些详细信息非常有用。These details are very helpful when you investigating, planning, and making other business decisions for your organization and for setting up Communications Credits.


以管理员角色登录到 Microsoft 365 管理中心时,可以看到所有 Skype for Business 报告。You can see all of the Skype for Business reports when you log on as an administrator to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

如何获取 Skype for Business PSTN 使用详细信息报告How to get to the Skype for Business PSTN usage details report

显示 Skype for Business 徽标的图标 使用 Skype for Business 管理中心An icon showing the Skype for Business logo Using the Skype for Business admin center

  • 转到管理中心或管理> Skype > for Business 管理中心 > 报告 > PSTN 使用情况详细信息Go to the admin center > Admin centers > Skype for Business admin center > Reports > PSTN usage details.


    根据你拥有的所有 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 订阅,你可能看不到此处显示的所有产品和报表。Depending on the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription you have, you might not see all the products and reports that are shown here.

解释 Skype for Business PSTN 使用情况报告Interpret the Skype for Business PSTN usage report

你可以通过查看显示的每一列了解用户的 Skype for Business PSTN 使用情况。You can get a view into your user's Skype for Business PSTN usage by looking at each of the columns that are displayed.

以下是此报告的外观。This is what the report looks like.

Skype for Business PSTN 使用情况报告 Skype for Business PSTN usage report

该表格显示了按用户细分的全部 PSTN 使用情况。The table shows you a breakdown of the all PSTN usage per user. 这将显示分配有 Skype for Business 的所有用户及其 PSTN 使用情况。This shows all users that have Skype for Business assigned to them and their PSTN usage. 你可以添加/删除表格的列。You can add/remove columns to the table.

  • 呼叫 ID 是呼叫的呼叫 ID。Call ID is the call ID for a call. 它是调用 Microsoft 服务支持时使用的调用标识符。It is an identifier for the call that is used when calling Microsoft service support.

  • " 用户 ID"是用户的登录名。User ID is the user's sign in name.

  • 电话号码是 接收入站呼叫呼叫的 Skype for Business 电话号码,或为出站呼叫拨打的号码。Phone number is the Skype for Business phone number that received the call for inbound calls or the number dialed for outbound calls.

  • 用户 位置是用户所在的国家/地区。User location is the country/region where the user is located.

  • 呼叫者 ID 是呼叫者的电话号码 (呼叫者 ID) ,即发起呼叫的号码或发起出站呼叫的 Skype for Business 号码。Caller ID is caller's telephone number (Caller ID) for inbound calls, the number from which the call originated or the Skype for Business number from which the call originated for outbound calls.

  • 呼叫 类型是呼叫是 PSTN 传出呼叫还是传入呼叫,以及呼叫类型,例如用户拨打的呼叫还是音频会议呼叫。Call type is whether the call was a PSTN outgoing or incoming call and the type of call such as a call placed by a user or an audio conference. 你可能会看到的调用类型包括:The call types you may see are:

    呼叫计划呼叫类型Calling Plan Call Types

    • user_in ( 收到入站 PSTN 呼叫) user_in (the user received an inbound PSTN call)
    • user_out ( 用户拨打了出站 PSTN 呼叫) user_out (the user placed an outbound PSTN call)
    • user_out_conf ( 向呼叫添加了 2 个或多个 PSTN 参与者,例如 3 路电话会议) user_out_conf (the user added 2 or more PSTN participants to the call such as a 3-way conference call)
    • user_out_transfer ( 将呼叫转接到 PSTN 号码) user_out_transfer (the user transferred the call to a PSTN number)
    • user_out_forwarding ( 将呼叫转发到 PSTN 号码) user_out_forwarding (the user forwarded the call to a PSTN number)

    音频会议呼叫类型Audio Conferencing Call Types

    • conf_in ( 音频会议网桥的入站) 。conf_in (an inbound call to the Audio Conferencing bridge). 对于此呼叫类型的记录,在"用户 ID" 列中指定的用户对应于会议的组织者。For records of this call type, the user specified in the User ID column corresponds to the organizer of the meeting.
    • conf_out ( 音频会议网桥拨打出站呼叫,通常将 PSTN 号码添加到会议) 。conf_out (an outbound call from the Audio Conferencing bridge, usually to add a PSTN number to the conference). 对于此呼叫类型的记录,在"用户 ID" 列中指定的用户对应于会议的组织者。For records of this call type, the user specified in the User ID column corresponds to the organizer of the meeting.

    UCAP (统一通信)Unified Communication Applications (UCAP)

    • ucap_in ( 向 UC 应用程序发送入站 PSTN 呼叫,例如自动助理或呼叫队列) ucap_in (an inbound PSTN call to the UC application such as auto attendant or call queue)
    • ucap_out ( UC 应用程序(例如自动助理或呼叫队列)拨打出站 PSTN) ucap_out (an outbound PSTN call from the UC application such as auto attendant or call queue) > [!NOTE] > 从 UC 应用程序(例如自动助理或呼叫队列)转接到用户的呼叫不会显示在 PSTN 使用情况报告中,因为这些呼叫段是对等的 (P2P) 音频呼叫。Calls that were transferred to a user from the UC application such as an auto attendant or call queue will not appear in the PSTN usage report as these call legs are peer to peer (P2P) audio calls. 您可以在 Skype for Business 管理中心的"工具 > Skype for Business 呼叫分析"下访问 P2P 呼叫,并按用户名或 SIP 地址搜索,按日期/时间和/或原始 CLID (呼叫行 ID) 关联呼叫。You may access the P2P calls in the Skype for Business Admin Center under "Tools > Skype for Business Call Analytics" and search by User Name or SIP address correlating the call by date/time and/or originating CLID (calling line ID).

    根据用户的位置,国内 / 国际会告知拨打的呼叫是国家/地区 (还是国家/地区) (外部的) 国内呼叫。Domestic/International tells you whether the call that was placed was considered domestic (within a country/region) or international (outside of a country/region) based on the user's location.

  • "目的地" 是拨打的国家/地区目的地的名称,例如法国、德国或美国 (美国) 。Destination dialed is the name of the country/region destination that is dialed such as France, Germany, or the United States (U.S.).

  • " 号码类型"是用户的电话号码、服务或免费电话号码中的电话号码类型。Number type is the type of phone number that is from a user's phone number, a service or toll-free number.

  • " 开始时间(UTC)"是开始或拨打呼叫的时间。Start Time (UTC) is the time that the call was started or placed.

  • " 持续时间"是接听呼叫的时间。Duration is how long the call was connected.

  • ConfID 是音频会议的会议 ID。ConfID is the conference ID of the audio conference.

  • " 费用"是向帐户收取的通话费用或金额。Charge is the amount of money or cost of the call that is being charged to your account.

  • 货币 是用于计算调用成本的货币类型。Currency is the type of currency that is used to calculate the cost of the call.

  • 功能 是用于调用的许可证。Capability is the license used for the call. 可能看到的许可证类型包括:The license types you may see are:

    • MCOPSTNPP - 通信信用额度MCOPSTNPP - Communications Credits
      MCOPSTN1 - 国内呼叫 (3000 分钟美国/1200 分钟欧盟套餐) MCOPSTN1 - Domestic Calling Plan (3000 min US / 1200 min EU plans)
    • MCOPSTN2 - 国际呼叫计划MCOPSTN2 - International Calling Plan
    • MCOPSTN5 - 国内呼叫计划 (120 分钟呼叫计划) MCOPSTN5 - Domestic Calling Plan (120 min calling plan)
    • MCOPSTN6 - 国内呼叫 (240 分钟呼叫计划) 注意:有限可用性MCOPSTN6 - Domestic Calling Plan (240 min calling plan) Note: Limited Availability
    • MCOMEETADD - 音频会议MCOMEETADD - Audio Conferencing
    • MCOMEETACPEA - 每分钟支付音频会议费用MCOMEETACPEA - Pay Per Minute Audio Conferencing


如果你希望运行报告以仅包括通话或会议订阅中不包括的每分钟付费呼叫,请筛选具有"MCOPSTNPP"功能的报告。If you would like to run a report to include only pay per minute calls that are not included in your calling or conferencing subscription, filter the report with capability "MCOPSTNPP". 这样做将提供所有每分钟付费通话的项目。Doing so will provide an itemization of all pay per minute calls. 对于按分钟付费的音频会议,按"MCOMEETACPEA"而不是"MCOPSTNPP"进行筛选。For pay per minute audio conferencing, filter by "MCOMEETACPEA" instead of "MCOPSTNPP".


在某些字段中,也可能看到"无数据"。You may also see "no data" in some fields. "无数据"表示字段不适用于调用类型或功能。"No data" means the field is not applicable to the call type or capability.


如果您有 Telstra 或 Softbank 呼叫计划,则 PSTN 使用报告中不会显示任何呼叫详细信息记录。If you have a Telstra or Softbank calling plan, you will not see any call detail records in the PSTN usage report. 有关报告需求,请联系 Telstra 或 Softbank。Please contact Telstra or Softbank for your reporting needs.

第二Number 2
如果你希望创建将一列或多列中的所有数据进行分组的视图,请单击某个列并将其拖动到" 若要按特定列进行分组,请将列标题拖至此处"。Click to drag a column to To group by a particular column, drag and drop the column header here if you want to create a view that groups all of the data in one or more columns.

导出 PSTN 使用情况报告Exporting PSTN usage report

单击或点击" 导出到 Excel" 按钮可下载 PSTN 使用情况报告。Clicking or tapping the Export to Excel button lets you to download the PSTN usage report. 除非国家/地区特定的法规禁止将数据保留 12 个月,否则可以导出自当前日期起最多一年的数据。You can export data up to one year from the current date unless country-specific regulations prohibit retention of the data for 12 months.

此操作会导出所有用户数据并允许你执行简单的排序和筛选以进行更详细的分析。This exports data of all users and enables you to do simple sorting and filtering for further analysis.

导出过程可能需要几秒钟到几分钟才能完成,具体取决于数据量。Export process can take from a few seconds to several minutes to complete, depending on the quantity of the data. 服务器完成导出后,将收到名为 "Calls.Export.[ ] 的 zip identifier 文件。zip",标识符是导出的唯一 ID,可用于故障排除。When the server completes the export, you will receive a zip file named "Calls.Export.[identifier].zip", with the identifier being an unique ID for the export, which can be used for troubleshooting.

如果同时具有"呼叫计划"和"直接路由",则导出的文件可能包含这两个产品的数据。If you have both Calling Plans and Direct Routing, the exported file may contain data for both products. PSTN 使用情况报告文件将具有文件名 "PSTN.calls.[ UTC date ]。csv".PSTN usage report file will have filename "PSTN.calls.[UTC date].csv". 除 PSTN 和直接路由文件外,存档还包含文件 "parameters.json", 以及选定的导出时间范围和功能 ((如果有) )。In addition to PSTN and Direct Routing files, the archive contains file "parameters.json", with the selected export time range and Capabilities (if any).

导出的文件是 CSV 文件 (逗号) 值,符合 RFC 4180 标准。Exported file is a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, compliant with RFC 4180 standard. 可以在 Excel 或其他任何符合标准的编辑器中打开该文件,而无需任何转换。The file can be opened in Excel or any other standards-compliant editor without requiring any transformations.

CSV 的第一行包含列名称。The first row of the CSV contains column names.

导出中的字段Fields in the export

导出的文件包含联机报告中不可用的其他字段。Exported file contains additional fields that are not available in the online report. 这些可用于故障排除和自动化工作流。These can be used for troubleshooting and automated workflows.

# 名称Name 数据类型 (SQL Server) Data type (SQL Server) 说明Description
00 UsageIdUsageId uniqueidentifier 唯一调用标识符Unique call identifier
11 呼叫 IDCall ID nvarchar(64) 调用标识符。Call identifier. 不保证唯一Not guaranteed to be unique
22 会议 IDConference ID nvarchar(64) 音频会议的 IDID of the audio conference
33 用户位置User Location nvarchar(2) 用户的国家/地区代码 ,ISO 3166-1 alpha-2Country code of the user, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
44 AAD ObjectIdAAD ObjectId uniqueidentifier 在 Azure Active Directory 中调用用户的 ID。Calling user's ID in Azure Active Directory.
对于机器人调用类型,此信息和其他用户信息将为 null/空 (ucap_in ucap_out) This and other user info will be null/empty for bot call types (ucap_in, ucap_out)
55 UPNUPN nvarchar(128) UserPrincipalName (Azure Active Directory) 登录名称。UserPrincipalName (sign in name) in Azure Active Directory.
这通常与用户的 SIP 地址相同,并且可以与用户的电子邮件地址相同This is usually the same as user's SIP Address, and can be same as user's e-mail address
66 用户显示名称User Display Name nvarchar(128) 用户的显示名称Display name of the user
77 来电显示Caller ID nvarchar(128) 接收入站呼叫呼叫的号码或为出站呼叫拨打的号码。Number that received the call for inbound calls or the number dialed for outbound calls. E.164 格式E.164 format
88 呼叫类型Call Type nvarchar(32) 呼叫是 PSTN 出站呼叫还是入站呼叫,以及呼叫类型,例如用户拨打的呼叫还是音频会议呼叫Whether the call was a PSTN outbound or inbound call and the type of call such as a call placed by a user or an audio conference
99 数字类型Number Type nvarchar(16) 用户的电话号码类型,例如免费电话号码的服务User's phone number type, such as a service of toll-free number
1010 国内/国际Domestic/International nvarchar(16) 该呼叫是 (国家/地区) 还是 (国家/地区) 或区域外部的国内和国际呼叫。Whether the call was domestic (within a country or region) or international (outside a country or region) based on the user's location
1111 目标已拨号Destination Dialed nvarchar(64) 拨打的"国家/地区"Country or region dialed
1212 目标号码Destination Number nvarchar(32) E.164 格式拨打的 号码Number dialed in E.164 format
1313 开始时间Start Time datetimeoffset 呼叫开始时间 (UTC,ISO 8601) Call start time (UTC, ISO 8601)
1414 结束时间End Time datetimeoffset 呼叫结束时间 (UTC、ISO 8601) Call end time (UTC, ISO 8601)
1515 持续时间秒数Duration Seconds int 呼叫已连接多久How long the call was connected
1616 连接费用Connection Fee numeric(16, 2) 连接费用价格Connection fee price
1717 费用Charge numeric(16, 2) 向您的帐户收取的呼叫金额或费用Amount of money or cost of the call that is charged to your account
1818 货币Currency nvarchar(3) 用于计算调用 ISO 4217 (费用的货币) Type of currency used to calculate the cost of the call (ISO 4217)
1919 功能Capability nvarchar(32) 用于呼叫的许可证The license used for the call

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