SQLColumns(Paradox 驱动程序)SQLColumns (Paradox Driver)


本主题提供了特定于驱动程序的信息。This topic provides Paradox Driver-specific information. 有关此函数的常规信息,请参阅 ODBC API 参考中的相应主题。For general information about this function, see the appropriate topic under ODBC API Reference.

Column 注释Comments
TABLE_QUALIFIERTABLE_QUALIFIER 返回目录的路径。The path to a directory is returned.
TABLE_OWNERTABLE_OWNER 由于不支持所有者名称,因此在此列中返回 NULL。NULL is returned in this column because owner name is not supported.
NULLABLENULLABLE 对于参与主键或唯一索引的列,将返回 SQL_NO_NULLS。SQL_NO_NULLS is returned for columns that participate in a primary key or unique index.