(DB2ToSQL) 保存元数据Save Metadata (DB2ToSQL)

保存 元数据 对话框会提示您在保存之前将元数据加载到 SSMA 项目中。The Save Metadata dialog box prompts you to load metadata into your SSMA project before saving it. 这样,你就可以拥有一个完整的项目文件,你可以脱机使用该文件并将其发送给其他人,例如技术支持人员。This lets you have a complete project file that you can use offline and send to other people, such as technical support personnel.

若要访问 " 保存元数据 " 对话框,请保存该项目。To access the Save Metadata dialog box, save the project. 如果缺少任何元数据,SSMA 将显示 " 保存元数据 " 对话框。If any metadata is missing, SSMA will display the Save Metadata dialog box.


项目中每个数据库的名称。The name of each database in the project.

指示元数据是否已加载到 SSMA 项目中,或元数据是否缺失。Indicates if metadata is loaded into the SSMA project, or if metadata is missing.

SSMA 根据需要将元数据加载到项目中。SSMA loads metadata into the project as necessary. 浏览元数据和转换架构时,会自动加载元数据。Metadata is loaded automatically when you browse metadata and convert schemas.

全选Select All
选择所有列出的数据库。Selects all listed databases.

清除缺少元数据的所有数据库的复选框。Clears the check box for all databases with missing metadata. 如果已加载元数据,则不能清除此复选框。You cannot clear the check box if a metadata has been loaded.

保存项目,为缺少元数据的所选数据库加载元数据。Saves the project, loading metadata for selected databases that have missing metadata.

取消保存操作。Cancels the save operation. 缺少元数据不会加载到项目中。Missing metadata is not loaded into the project.