Microsoft Stream 的第三方视频传递提供程序服务信息Third-party video delivery providers service information for Microsoft Stream

在使用视频传递提供商的企业内容传递网络之前 (eCDN) 在 Microsoft Stream 中,必须首先许可并设置所选的 eCDN 提供商。Before using a video delivery provider's enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) in Microsoft Stream you must first license and set up your chosen eCDN provider. 视频传递提供商拥有自己的单独服务条款和隐私策略,可控制其解决方案的使用。Video delivery providers have their own separate terms of service and privacy policies that govern the use of their solutions. 您对 eCDN 提供商的解决方案的使用将不受 Microsoft 批量许可条款或在线服务条款的制约。Your use of an eCDN provider’s solution will not be subject to the Microsoft volume licensing terms or Online Service Terms. 如果您不同意第三方 eCDN 提供商的条款,则不要在 Microsoft Stream 中启用 eCDN 解决方案。If you don't agree to the third-party eCDN provider’s terms, then don't enable the eCDN solution in Microsoft Stream.

您可以通过访问其网站(不归 Microsoft 所有)或通过查看其服务条款和隐私声明的链接来了解在 Microsoft Stream 中可能启用的以下 eCDN 解决方案的详细信息。You can learn more about the following eCDN solutions that may be enabled in Microsoft Stream by accessing their websites, which are not owned or controlled by Microsoft, or by reviewing the following links to their terms of service and privacy statements.




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