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如何在 Intune 门户中添加 Stream 移动应用以将移动应用管理 (MAM) 策略?How do I add the Stream mobile app in the Intune portal to apply mobile app management (MAM) policies?

有关如何针对 Intune 门户中的流移动应用程序进行目标的步骤,请参阅 管理针对流移动应用的 Intune 策略See Manage Intune policies for Stream mobile apps for steps on how to target Stream mobile apps in the Intune portal.

尝试登录到 Stream 应用程序时,如何解决 BROKER_AUTHENTICATOR_NOT_RESPONDING 错误?How do I resolve the BROKER_AUTHENTICATOR_NOT_RESPONDING error when I try to log into the Stream app?

有关代理身份验证错误的解决方法,请参阅 本文See this article for the workaround to the broker authentication error.

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通过晃动你的设备或转到设置 > 帮助和反馈 > 共享反馈来使用反馈工具。Use the feedback tool by shaking your device or by going to Settings > Help and Feedback > Share feedback.


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