MSBuild 高级概念MSBuild advanced concepts

本部分中的文档介绍如何使用高级技术来改善使用 MSBuild 运行的版本。The documents in this section describe how to use advanced techniques to improve builds that you run by using MSBuild.

TitleTitle 描述Description
批处理Batching 介绍如何根据项元数据批处理生成目标和任务。Describes how to batch build targets and tasks based on item metadata.
转换Transforms 说明如何使用转换来启用依赖项分析。Explains how to use transforms to enable dependency analysis.
Visual Studio 集成Visual Studio integration 讨论在从 Visual Studio IDE 编译代码时如何使用 MSBuild 项目文件。Discusses how to use MSBuild project files when you compile code from the Visual Studio IDE.
并行生成多个项目Build multiple projects in parallel 介绍如何在有多个处理器或多核处理器的计算机上更快地生成多个项目。Describes how to build multiple projects faster on computers that have multiple processors or multicore processors.
多定向Multitargeting 介绍如何将应用程序编译为在若干 .NET Framework 版本的任意一个版本上运行。Describes how to compile an application to run on any one of several versions of the .NET Framework.
最佳做法Best practices 建议用于编写 MSBuild 脚本的最佳做法。Recommends best practices for writing MSBuild scripts.

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