Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 发行说明 Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 Release Notes


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有关 Team Foundation Server 2017 的详细信息,请参阅 Team Foundation Server 要求和兼容性 页。To learn more about Team Foundation Server 2017, see the Team Foundation Server Requirements and Compatibility page.

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 发行日期:2018 年 2 月 28 日Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 Release Date: February 28, 2018

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 的新增功能What's New in Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1

此更新修复了潜在的跨站点脚本 (XSS) 和其他安全漏洞。This update fixes potential cross site scripting (XSS) and other security vulnerabilities. 请参阅博客文章以获取详细信息。See the blog post for more information. 它已完全升级,因此可以直接升级到 TFS 2017 Update 3.1。It is a full upgrade, so you can upgrade directly to TFS 2017 Update 3.1.


我们期待你的宝贵意见和建议!We’d love to hear from you! 可以通过开发者社区门户报告并跟踪问题,并能在 Stack Overflow 上了解相关建议。You can report a problem and track it through Developer Community and get advice on Stack Overflow. 和以往一样,若要向我们提供反馈意见,告诉我们要优先开展哪些工作,请前往 UserVoice,添加反馈意见或为现有反馈意见投上一票。As always, if you have ideas on things you’d like to see us prioritize, head over to UserVoice to add your idea or vote for an existing one.

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3 发行日期:2017 年11 月 6 日Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3 Release Date: November 6, 2017

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3 的新增功能What's New in Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3

这是 Team Foundation Server 2017 的更新,其中包括自 Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 2 以来的 bug 修复。This is an update for Team Foundation Server 2017 that includes bug fixes since Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 2.


  • 导出包含 ASCII 字符代码 >127 的模板不具有 WebLayout,并且包含错误的文件名。Exporting a template with ASCII character code >127 does not have WebLayout and includes incorrect file names.
  • 板和卡设置不能处理工作项类型重命名。Board and Card Settings does not handle Work Item Type rename.
  • 土耳其语看板卡重新排序应根据堆栈级别。Kanban board card reordering in Turkish should be by stack rank.
  • 对于搜素,REST API WorkItemSearchConditionalFaultIn 应触发 NotSupportedException。REST API WorkItemSearchConditionalFaultIn should throw NotSupportedException for Search.
  • 未为 WIT 激发 StructureChangeNotification 事件。StructureChangeNotification event not firing for WIT.
  • 超出最大链接数限制时添加详细信息链接。Add link to more info when exceeding max links limit.
  • 优化工作项字段数据迁移执行计划,以提高升级性能。Optimize work item field data migration execution plan to improve upgrade performance.
  • “分配到”上下文菜单应使用组合字符串(而不是显示名称)来消除歧义。Assigned To context menu should use combo string instead of display name to disambiguate.


  • Maven:现在会生成代码覆盖率Maven: Code coverage will now be generated.
  • 在新的浏览器中,HTML 文件不再会默认设置为“预览”模式。HTML files will no longer default to Preview mode in the new Explorer.
  • 查看变更集时添加了滚动条We have added a scroll bar when viewing changesets.
  • 修复了 Web 中的垂直滚动(包括“代码”->“变更集”和“文件”),现在 IE 11/Chrome 中都可正常使用此功能We fixed the vertical scrolling in Web (both Code->Changesets as Files) will now work in IE 11/Chrome.
  • 在源浏览器 (IE/Edge) 中滚动功能有效Scrolling now works in Source Explorer (IE/Edge).
  • 现在可以为离开项目的用户筛选变更集You can now filter changesets for users who have left the project.
  • 现可选择文件,然后在余留树的根目录再次选择,并始终使用全屏模式。You are now able to select a file, then select back in the root directory, of the left tree, and remain in full screen mode.
  • 如果有大量存储库,搜索 URL 超过默认支持的长度时不再会引发异常。The search URL will no longer throw an exception when it exceeds the defaulted supported length if there are a large number of repositories.
  • 如果 Git 存储库中没有默认分支,不再会配置文件夹。File folders will no longer be configured if there is no default branch in the Git Repository.
  • 扩展安装与先前的扩展卸载操作作业不再会出现冲突。Extension installs will not conflict with the jobs of previous extension uninstall operations.
  • 修复了搜索功能,现在即使作业失败,它也将正常工作。We fixed Search and it now works despite job failures.
  • 如果 Accountfaultin 作业运行多次,ReindexingStatus 不再会持续处于 Inprogress 状态。ReindexingStatus will no longer remain in an Inprogress state if the Accountfaultin job is run more than once.
  • TFVC 爬网将不再因版本控制 (VC) 权限问题而出现故障。TFVC crawl will no longer fail due to version control (VC) permission issues.
  • 在日本版中,搜索功能可正常发布升级到 TFS 2017 Update 2。The Search function will no longer fail post upgrade to TFS 2017 Update 2 in the Japanese build.
  • 从 TFS Update 1 升级到 TFS Update 2 时,搜索功能不会再出现故障。The Search function will no longer fail as it did when upgrading from TFS Update 1 to TFS Update 2.
  • 作业结果消息现在会提供更多索引见解。The Job Result message will now give more insights into the indexing.
  • 减少了修补操作失败计数。We have reduced the Patch operation failure count.
  • 无论作业执行时间限制如何,时间范围爬网程序现将至少抓取一个批。TimeBoxed Crawler will now crawl at least one batch irrespective of job execution time limit.
  • 解决了修补操作的 KPI,失败的文件若将与搜索日志保持一致。We fixed patch operation KPIs for failed files to be consistent with logs for Search.
  • 在用于 Windows 的 Git 中改进了对 SSH 协议版本的支持。We improved the support for SSH protocol version in Git for Windows.


  • 尝试注册身份验证生成代理时出现错误:“堆栈不足,无法继续安全执行此程序”。Error while attempting to register build agent: Authentication - "Insufficient stack to continue executing the program safely."
  • 更新 vsts-agent 以携带新版本的 gitUpdate vsts-agent to carry new version of git.
  • 启用 NuGet 工具安装程序任务,以便在生成内容中包含 NuGet.exe 4.3.0 以与 .NET 兼容。Enable NuGet Tool Installer task in order to allow for NuGet.exe 4.3.0 to be included in builds for compatibility with .NET.
  • 未设置计划的 XAML 生成的 RequestedFor 字段。RequestedFor field of scheduled XAML build is not set.


  • 从 TFS 2017 升级不能将基于 Azure 的连接服务迁移到服务终结点。Upgrade from TFS 2017 failing migration of Azure-based connected service to service endpoint.


  • 对于 Win7-SP1 计算机,“部署测试代理”任务出现多个问题。Deploy Test Agent task has multiple issues on Win7-SP1 machine.
  • 如果测试代理路径错误,它不会被记录为错误,而是仅出现在调试中。If Test Agent path is wrong it is not logged as error but appears only in debug.
  • 如果未能上传附件,测试运行/任务不应失败。Test run/task shouldn’t fail if we failed to upload attachment.
  • GetTestPlatform API 将根据配置查找探测目录中的 testplatform.config 文件。GetTestPlatform API will look for a testplatform.config file in the probing directory based on configuration.
  • 在 dbo.tbl_TestResult 上放置索引,以显著提高升级性能。Drop indexes on dbo.tbl_TestResult to significantly improve upgrade performance.
  • 提高测试结果迁移维护步骤的性能,以显著提高升级性能。Improve performance of test results migration servicing step to significantly improve upgrade performance.


  • RDL 燃尽报表现将显示正确的已删除任务时间。The RDL Burndown Reports will now show the correct amount of time for deleted tasks.


  • 用户页面公用 URL 应与调用 URL 匹配,例如涉及负载均衡器时。Users page Public URL should match the calling URL such as when a load balancer is involved.

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