Microsoft-Windows-WorkstationService 组件通过使用服务器消息块 (SMB) 协议来创建和维护与远程服务器的客户端网络连接。The Microsoft-Windows-WorkstationService component creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers, by using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

客户端系统使用 SMB 协议从服务器系统通过网络请求文件、打印和通信服务。Client systems use the SMB protocol to request file, print, and communications services from server systems over a network.

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设置Setting 说明Description
AllowInsecureGuestAuthAllowInsecureGuestAuth 指定 SMB 客户端是否允许不安全的来宾登录到 SMB 服务器。Specifies whether an SMB client allows insecure guest logons to an SMB server.
OtherDomainsOtherDomains 指定要为浏览而列出的 Microsoft LAN 管理器域。Specifies Microsoft LAN Manager domains to be listed for browsing.
SyncDomainWithMembershipSyncDomainWithMembership 指定在域成员身份更改时,主域名服务 (DNS) 后缀是否更改。Specifies whether the primary Domain Name Service (DNS) suffix changes when domain membership changes.

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若要确定某个组件是否适用于你在构建的映像,请将你的映像加载到 Windows SIM 中并搜索组件或设置名称。To determine whether a component applies to the image you’re building, load your image into Windows SIM and search for the component or setting name. 有关如何查看组件和设置的信息,请参阅 在答案文件中配置组件和设置For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File.