SignatureUpdateInterval 指定检查定义更新的时间间隔。SignatureUpdateInterval specifies the interval at which to check for definition updates.



指定 < 时间 > 作为数字,表示定义更新检查之间的小时数。Specifies <time> as a number that represents the number of hours between definition update checks. 有效值范围介于 1(每小时)和 24(每天一次)之间。Valid values range from 1 (every hour) to 24 (once per day).

默认值为每日 24 (一次) 。The default value is 24 (once per day).

有效的配置阶段Valid Configuration Passes




父层次结构Parent Hierarchy

安全性-恶意软件-Windows-Defender | SignatureUpdateIntervalSecurity-Malware-Windows-Defender | SignatureUpdateInterval

适用于Applies To

对于 Windows Windows Server 2016 版,Microsoft Defender 随操作系统一起安装。For Windows Windows Server 2016 editions, Microsoft Defender is installed with the operating system.

对于 Windows Server 2012、Windows Server 2008 R2 和 Windows Server 2008,Microsoft Defender 随桌面体验包一起安装。For Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Defender is installed with the Desktop Experience Pack.

有关此组件支持的 Windows 版本和体系结构的完整列表,请参阅 安全-恶意软件-Windows DefenderFor a full list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Security-Malware-Windows-Defender.

XML 示例XML Example

以下 XML 输出显示了如何指定 Microsoft Defender 每11小时检查一次新的更新定义文件。The following XML output shows how to specify that Microsoft Defender will check for a new update definition file every 11 hours.