Windows 10 版本 1809 中的新增功能What's new in Windows 10, version 1809

欢迎使用 Windows 10 版本 1809!Welcome to Windows 10, version 1809! 下面提供了一些资源,你可以使用它们来了解此版本的 Windows 10 中为 Windows 设备和驱动程序创建者引入的新增功能和更改。Here are some resources to get you acquainted with the new features and changes introduced for Windows device and driver creators in this version of Windows 10.

设计方面的新增功能New in design

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兼容性规范Compatibility specifications Windows 硬件兼容性计划设计用来帮助公司交付与 Windows 兼容且能在 Windows 10 和 Windows Server 上可靠运行的系统、软件和硬件产品。The Windows Hardware Compatibility Program is designed to help your company deliver systems, software, and hardware products that are compatible with Windows and run reliably on Windows 10 and Windows Server. Windows 10 和 Windows Server 有更新的规范和策略可供下载。Windows 10 and Windows Server have updated specifications and policies available for download.

驱动程序开发方面的新增功能New in driver development

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Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard 在硬件 API 方面,我们为开发人员、IHV 和 OEM 添加了新的和改进的功能,用以跟踪驱动程序包以及将其提交到 Windows 硬件仪表板。We added new and improved functionality in the way of Hardware APIs for developers, IHVs, and OEMs to track and submit driver packages to the Windows hardware dashboard.
开放发布Open publishing 在 Windows 驱动程序文档的许多页面上,你可以直接提出更改建议。On many pages of the Windows driver documentation, you can suggest changes directly. 可以在页面的右上角找到“参与”按钮。Look for the Contribute button in the upper right corner of a page.
Windows 调试工具Debugging tools for Windows 新增了调试器数据模型 API 并支持 IPV6。New Debugger Data Model API and support for IPV6.
设备和驱动程序安装Device and driver installation 驱动程序验证程序包括了新的驱动程序验证规则。Driver verifier includes new driver validation rules.
Windows 驱动程序框架 (WDF)Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF) Windows 驱动程序框架 (WDF) 包括内核模式驱动程序框架 (KMDF) 版本 1.27 和用户模式驱动程序框架版本 2.27The Windows Driver Framework (WDF) includes Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) version 1.27 and User-Mode Driver Framework version 2.27
WPP 软件跟踪WPP Software Tracing 引入了新功能:即时跟踪记录器Introducing new feature: Inflight Trace Recorder. 如果驱动程序启用了 WPP 跟踪和 WPP 记录器,则会自动启用跟踪日志记录,你不需要启动或停止跟踪会话便可轻松查看消息。If the driver enables WPP tracing and WPP Recorder, trace logging is turned on automatically and you can easily view messages without starting or stopping trace sessions.


若要深入了解,请参阅驱动程序开发方面的新增功能See What's new in Driver development for an in-depth look.

制造方面的新增功能New in manufacturing

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使用自动应用文件夹部署一键重置Deploy Push-button reset using Auto-apply folders 自动应用文件夹使得配置一键重置变得更加简单。Auto-apply folders make configuring Push-button reset easier.
Windows PE (WinPE)Windows PE (WinPE) WinPE 不再是 ADK 安装程序的一部分,它现在是作为 ADK 的加载项提供的。WinPE is no longer part of the ADK installer, and is now available as an add-on to the ADK
向 Windows 中添加语言Add languages to Windows 语言界面包 (LIP) 语言现在是作为 .appx 文件分发的。Language interface pack (LIP) languages are now distributed as .appx files. 请注意,LIP 语言不再支持 DISM /set-uilang 和 /set-allintl 选项。Note, the DISM /set-uilang and /set-allintl options are no longer supported for LIP languages.
可用的按需功能Available features on demand 提供了几项新的按需功能Several new Features on Demand are available
Windows 10 IoT 核心版设备制造Windows 10 IoT Core manufacturing 现在可以使用 PowerShell 创建 Windows IoT 核心版映像了。You can now create Windows IoT Core images using PowerShell.
恢复Recovery WinPE 不再是 ADK 安装程序的一部分,它现在是作为 ADK 的加载项提供的。WinPE is no longer part of the ADK installer, and is now available as an add-on to the ADK

新的自定义选项New customization options

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零售演示模式Retail Demo Mode RDX 3.0 将很快推出。RDX 3.0 will be available soon. 连接的设备将自动接收更新。Connected devices will receive the update automatically.
统一写入筛选器Unified Write Filter 在具有磁盘重叠的设备上,可以使用可用空间直通来访问驱动器的更多可用空间。On devices with a disk overlay, you can use freespace passthrough to access your drive's additional free space. 可以使用持久重叠来允许虚拟重叠中保存的数据在重启后仍然保留。You can use a persistent overlay to allow data saved in the virtual overlay to remain even after a reboot.
自适应亮度Adaptive Brightness 自适应亮度的新设置:ALRCurveVersion、DefaultSliderPosition 和 IsAutobrightnessEnabledByDefault。New settings for adaptive brightness: ALRCurveVersion, DefaultSliderPosition, and IsAutobrightnessEnabledByDefault. 自适应亮度根据环境光线更改监视器或显示器的亮度。Adaptive brightness changes the brightness of a monitor or display based on the ambient light.

Windows 10 版本 1809 中面向 IT 专业人员的新增功能What's new in Windows 10, version 1809 for IT Pros