在 Windows®安装程序的 specialize 配置阶段中,应用映像的计算机特定信息。During the specialize configuration pass of Windows® Setup, computer-specific information for the image is applied. 例如,可以配置网络设置、区域设置以及域信息。For example, you can configure network settings, international settings, and domain information.

Specialize 配置阶段与 通用化配置阶段一起使用。The specialize configuration pass is used together with the generalize configuration pass. generalize 阶段用于创建可以在整个组织内使用的 Windows 参考映像。The generalize pass is used to create a Windows reference image that can be used throughout an organization. 通过此基本 Windows 参考映像,你可以添加适用于组织中不同部门或不同 Windows 安装的其他自定义项。From this basic Windows reference image, you can add additional customizations that apply to different divisions in an organization or to different installations of Windows. 将 Windows 映像移动或复制到新计算机的任何方法都必须使用 sysprep/generalize 命令进行准备。Any method of moving or copying a Windows image to a new computer must be prepared with the sysprep /generalize command. 有关详细信息,请参阅 sysprep (系统准备) 概述Sysprep Command-Line 选项For more information, see Sysprep (System Preparation) Overview and Sysprep Command-Line Options.

下图演示了如何使用 specialize 配置阶段来应用这些特定的自定义。The following diagram illustrates how the specialize configuration pass is used to apply these specific customizations.

specialize 配置阶段

例如,在 specialize 配置阶段中,可以在 Internet Explorer 中为业务中的不同部门或分支指定不同的主页®。For example, during the specialize configuration pass, you can specify different home pages in Internet Explorer® for different departments or branches in your business. 此设置将重写默认主页。This setting will then override the default home page.

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