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适用于: Windows Server (半年通道) ,Windows Server 2019,Windows Server 2016,Windows Server 2012 R2,Windows Server 2012Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

显示域中 TAPI 应用程序目录分区的名称和位置。Displays the names and locations of the TAPI application directory partitions in the domain.


tapicfg show [/defaultonly] [/domain:<domainname>]


参数Parameter 说明Description
仅/默认27000/default only 显示域中默认 TAPI 应用程序目录分区的名称和位置。Displays the names and locations of only the default TAPI application directory partition in the domain.
/domain <domainname>/domain: <domainname> 指定显示 TAPI 应用程序目录分区的域的 DNS 名称。Specifies the DNS name of the domain for which the TAPI application directory partitions are displayed. 如果未指定域名,则使用本地域的名称。If the domain name isn't specified, the name of the local domain is used.
/?/? 在命令提示符下显示帮助。Displays help at the command prompt.


  • 此命令行工具可在作为域成员的任何计算机上运行。This command-line tool can be run on any computer that is a member of the domain.

  • 如果安装了适当的字体和语言支持,用户提供的文本 (例如 TAPI 应用程序目录分区、服务器和域) 具有国际或 Unicode 字符的名称将会正确显示。User-supplied text (such as the names of TAPI application directory partitions, servers, and domains) with International or Unicode characters are only displayed correctly if appropriate fonts and language support are installed.

  • 你仍可以在组织中使用 Internet 定位符服务 (ILS) 服务器,如果需要使用 ILS 来支持某些应用程序,因为运行 Windows XP 或 Windows Server 2003 操作系统的 TAPI 客户端可以查询 ILS 服务器或 TAPI 应用程序目录分区。You can still use Internet Locator Service (ILS) servers in your organization, if ILS is needed to support certain applications, because TAPI clients running Windows XP or a Windows Server 2003 operating system can query either ILS servers or TAPI application directory partitions.

  • 你可以使用 tapicfg 来创建或删除服务连接点。You can use tapicfg to create or remove service connection points. 如果出于任何原因重命名了 TAPI 应用程序目录分区 (例如,如果你重命名它所在的域) ,则必须删除现有的服务连接点,并创建新的服务连接点,其中包含要发布的 TAPI 应用程序目录分区的新 DNS 名称。If the TAPI application directory partition is renamed for any reason (for example, if you rename the domain in which it resides), you must remove the existing service connection point and create a new one that contains the new DNS name of the TAPI application directory partition to be published. 否则,TAPI 客户端将无法找到和访问 TAPI 应用程序目录分区。Otherwise, TAPI clients are unable to locate and access the TAPI application directory partition. 你还可以删除服务连接点,以便进行维护或安全目的 (例如,如果你不希望在特定的 TAPI 应用程序目录分区上公开 TAPI 数据) 。You can also remove a service connection point for maintenance or security purposes (for example, if you do not want to expose TAPI data on a specific TAPI application directory partition).


若要显示新域的默认 TAPI 应用程序目录分区的名称,请键入:To display the name of the default TAPI application directory partition for the new domain, type:

tapicfg show /defaultonly

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