AD DS 设计和规划AD DS Design and Planning

适用于:Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows Server 2012Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

通过在你的环境中部署 Windows Server Active Directory 域服务 (AD DS) ,你可以利用 (提供的集中、委派的管理模型和单一登录) SSO AD DS 功能。By deploying Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in your environment, you can take advantage of the centralized, delegated administrative model and single sign-on (SSO) capability that AD DS provides. 确定组织的部署任务和当前环境后,可以创建满足组织需求的 AD DS 部署策略。After you identify the deployment tasks and current environment for your organization, you can create the AD DS deployment strategy that meets your organization's needs.

关于本指南About this guide

本指南提供了一些建议,以帮助你基于你的组织的需求和你想要创建的特定设计来开发 AD DS 部署策略。This guide provides recommendations to help you develop an AD DS deployment strategy based on the requirements of your organization and the particular design that you want to create. 本指南旨在供基础结构专家或系统架构师使用。This guide is intended for use by infrastructure specialists or system architects. 阅读本指南之前,应充分了解 AD DS 在功能级别上的工作方式。Before you read this guide, you should have a good understanding of how AD DS works on a functional level. 你还应充分了解将反映在你的 AD DS 部署策略中的组织要求。You should also have a good understanding of the organizational requirements that will be reflected in your AD DS deployment strategy.

本指南介绍了 Windows Server 2008 AD DS 部署的几个可能的起点的任务集。This guide describes sets of tasks for several possible starting points of a Windows Server 2008 AD DS deployment. 本指南有助于为环境确定最合适的部署策略。The guide helps you determine the most appropriate deployment strategy for your environment.

尽管本指南中所述的策略适用于几乎所有服务器操作系统部署,但它们已专门针对包含少于100000个用户和少于1000个站点的环境进行测试和验证,其网络连接的网络连接最低为每秒 28.8 kbps (Kbps) 。Although the strategies that are presented in this guide are appropriate for almost all server operating system deployments, they have been tested and validated specifically for environments that contain fewer than 100,000 users and fewer than 1,000 sites, with network connections of a minimum of 28.8 kilobits per second (Kbps). 如果你的环境不满足这些条件,请考虑使用在更复杂的环境中部署 AD DS 的咨询公司。If your environment does not meet these criteria, consider using a consulting firm that has experience deploying AD DS in more complex environments.

有关测试 AD DS 部署过程的详细信息,请参阅 测试和验证部署过程一文。For more information about testing the AD DS deployment process, see the article Testing and Verifying the Deployment Process.

本指南包含的内容In this guide

了解 AD DS 设计Understanding AD DS Design

识别 AD DS 设计和部署要求Identifying Your AD DS Design and Deployment Requirements

将要求映射到 AD DS 部署策略Mapping Your Requirements to an AD DS Deployment Strategy

设计 Windows Server 2008 AD DS 的逻辑结构Designing the Logical Structure for Windows Server 2008 AD DS

设计 Windows Server 2008 AD DS 的站点拓扑Designing the Site Topology for Windows Server 2008 AD DS

为 AD DS 启用高级功能Enabling Advanced Features for AD DS

评估 AD DS 部署策略示例Evaluating AD DS Deployment Strategy Examples

附录 A:查看关键的 AD DS 条款Appendix A: Reviewing Key AD DS Terms