iOS 客户端中的新增功能What's new in the iOS client

我们会定期更新适用于 iOS 的远程桌面客户端,添加新功能并修复问题。We regularly update the Remote Desktop client for iOS, adding new features and fixing issues. 可在下面找到最新更新。Here's where you'll find the latest updates.

远程桌面 iOS Beta 客户端Remote Desktop iOS Beta client

发布日期:2019 年 2 月 20 日Date published: 02/20/2019

远程桌面 iOS Beta 客户端现已在 TestFlight 上推出。The Remote Desktop iOS Beta client is now available on TestFlight. 在测试 iOS Beta 客户端时,请记住,这是新 iOS 客户端的预发布版本,不保证它与生产版本一样稳定。While testing the iOS Beta client, please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version of the new iOS client and it is not guaranteed to be as stable as production releases. 我们将继续定期更新此客户端的新功能和修补程序。We will continue to update this client regularly with new features and fixes. 下面重点介绍了 iOS Beta 客户端的若干功能:Several features of the iOS Beta client are highlighted below:

  • 改善了最新 iOS 设备上的体验。Improved experience on the latest iOS devices.
  • 支持 Swiftpoint GT 和 ProPoint 物理鼠标。Support for the Swiftpoint GT and ProPoint physical mice. 请参阅 iOS Beta 客户端的受支持的输入设备列表See the list of supported input devices for the iOS Beta client.
  • 支持 Windows 虚拟桌面Support for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • 麦克风和 iPhone 存储重定向。Microphone and iPhone storage redirection.
  • AVC420 和 AVC444 支持。AVC420 and AVC444 support.
  • 裸机硬件加速支持。Metal HW acceleration support.

针对版本 8.1.42 的更新Updates for version 8.1.42

发布日期:2018 年 6 月 20 日Date published: 06/20/2018

  • Bug 修复和性能改进。Bug fixes and performance improvements.

针对版本 8.1.41 的更新Updates for version 8.1.41

发布日期:2018 年 3 月 28 日Date published: 03/28/2018

  • 用于解决 CVE-2018-0886 中所述的 CredSSP 加密 Oracle 修正的更新。Updates to address CredSSP encryption oracle remediation described in CVE-2018-0886.