Windows 10 IoT Core 和 NXP i.MX SocWindow 10 IoT Core and NXP i.MX SoCs

NXP 已为 i.MX 6、i.MX 7 和 i.MX 8 分钟系列 Soc 提供了板支持包(Bsp),可用于商业用途。NXP has made the board support packages (BSPs) for the i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M family of SoCs available for commercial use. I.MX 应用程序平台上经过高度优化的 Windows 10 IoT Core Bsp 使你可以更轻松地从设备到云构建安全、可缩放的解决方案,其中包括预配到大规模管理和保护设备。The highly optimized Windows 10 IoT Core BSPs on i.MX applications platforms make it easier to build secure, scalable solutions from device to cloud, ranging from provisioning to managing and securing devices at scale. 设计人员可以轻松地运行云服务,从 IoT 设备获得见解。Designers can easily run cloud services and gain insights from IoT devices. I.MX 应用程序处理器上的 Windows 10 IoT Core 可以更快地投放市场,其中包含现成的许多用户界面和设备堆栈。Windows 10 IoT Core on i.MX applications Processors provides faster time to market with many included user interfaces and device stacks that works out of the box.

NXP 支持 Windows 10 IoT Core,通过 i.MX 应用程序处理器和精选开发板上的开源 Bsp。NXP supports the Windows 10 IoT Core through open source BSPs on i.MX applications Processors and featured development boards. 除了 NXP 设计的开发板外,NXP 硬件合作伙伴还使用开放源许可 I.MX 启用了多个 MX6、MX7 和8分钟 Bsp 单板计算机和系统模块解决方案。In addition to the NXP designed development boards, NXP hardware partners have enabled multiple i.MX6, i.MX7, and i.MX 8M single board computers and system on module solutions using the open source licensed BSPs. 现在,每个人都可以访问 i.MX 6、i.MX 7 和 i.MX 8 分钟产品系列的完整 BSP 内容,以及10年支持的 Windows 10 IoT 核心2018版。Now, everyone can access the complete BSP contents for the i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M product families for commercial use on their hardware along with the October 2018 release of Windows 10 IoT Core that is supported for 10 years.

BSP 访问BSP Access

如果你有兴趣为自己的 i/MX 硬件启用商业支持,请访问NXP 网站上的 BSP 源和文档。If you are interested to enable commercial support for your own i/MX hardware, please access the BSP source and documentation on NXP's website.

如果你有 NXP 硬件/BSP 报告相关问题或有关 BSP 如何更好地支持你的目标解决方案的信息,请将其发布到NXP 社区If you have NXP hardware/BSP releated questions or feedback on how the BSP can better support your targeted solution, please post to the NXP Community. 对于任何与 Windows 相关的问题,请使用Microsoft 社区For any Windows related questions, please use the Microsoft Community.

如果你需要超出用于 BSP 自定义和 integation i.MX 产品的社区论坛的其他支持,可通过 Pro-Support 获得支持。If you need additional support beyond the community forums for BSP customization and integation for i.MX products, support is available via Pro-Support 可以将查询发送到prosupport@nxp.comInquiries can be sent to 对于 Windows 10 IoT 付费服务和集成,请联系epsoinfo@microsoft.comFor Windows 10 IoT paid services and integration, please contact

生态系统资源Ecosystem Resources

一些 Microsoft 和 NXP 合作伙伴已在商业 i.MX 6、i.MX 7 和 i.MX 8 分钟设备上启用了 Windows 10 IoT Core。Several Microsoft and NXP partners have enabled Windows 10 IoT Core on commercial i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M devices. 请直接联系合作伙伴进行硬件访问。Please contact the partner directly for hardware access.

设备Device 联系人Contact
Aaeon PICO-IMX6Aaeon PICO-IMX6 David 挂起David Hung
Advantech RSB-4411Advantech RSB-4411
FS Eletronik 系统 armStone A9FS Eletronik Systme armStone A9
Geniatech SoM-iMX6Q-问题7Geniatech SoM-iMX6Q-Q7 Mike DeckerFang JijunMike Decker or Fang Jijun
Geniatech SoM-iMX7DGeniatech SoM-iMX7D Mike DeckerFang JijunMike Decker or Fang Jijun
Ka-Ro 电子 TX6UL、TX6S、TX6DL 和 TX6QKa-Ro Electronics TX6UL, TX6S, TX6DL, and TX6Q Uwe SteinkohlUwe Steinkohl
Keith & Koep pConXS WITH Trizeps VIIKeith & Koep pConXS with Trizeps VII
Kontron SMARC-sAMX6iKontron SMARC-sAMX6i 圣马丁 UnverdorbenMartin Unverdorben
Novtech MeerkatNovtech Meerkat
phyBOARD-i.MX 7 开发工具包phyBOARD-i.MX 7 Development Kit Fernando BenitezFernando Benitez
实心运行 Hummingboard 边缘Solid Run Hummingboard Edge Ilya VitenIlya Viten
VIA VAB-820VIA VAB-820 Michael Fox梦寐以求的 KuMichael Fox or Dream Ku
i. MX8M MaaXBoardi.MX8M MaaXBoard

注意:上述合作伙伴支持其硬件和其硬件的 BSP。Note: The partners above support their hardware and the BSP for their hardware. 它们可能无法帮助解决其他软件或配置问题。They may be unable to assist with other software or configuration issues.