关于此设计指南About this design guidance


大家好,欢迎使用混合现实的设计指南。Hello, and welcome to your design guidance for mixed reality.

本指南由 Microsoft 设计人员、开发人员、项目经理和研究人员编写。This guidance is written by Microsoft designers, developers, program managers, and researchers. 我们编写人员的工作涵盖全息设备,包括 HoloLens、沉浸式设备、andAcer 和 HP Windows Mixed Reality 耳机。Work from our writers spans holographic devices, including HoloLens, immersive devices, andAcer, and HP Windows Mixed Reality headsets. 建议将本文视为适用于 Windows head 装载设计的一组主题。We recommend thinking about this article as a set of topics for Windows head-mounted design.

我们正在与你一起输入一种极激动人心的新计算时代。We're entering a tremendously exciting new era of computing right along with you. 打印头突破的显示屏、空间音效、传感器、环境感知、输入和三维图形主管,并为我们定义新的体验。Breakthroughs in head-mounted displays, spatial sound, sensors, environmental awareness, input, and 3D graphics lead and challenge us to define new types of experiences. 新边界大大增加了个人、直观、沉浸和上下文。The new frontier is dramatically more personal, intuitive, immersive, and contextual.

只要有可能,我们就会在 GitHub 上提供具有相关代码的可操作的设计指南。Wherever possible, we'll offer actionable design guidance with related code on GitHub. 这说,因为我们是与你一起学习的,所以我们无法在此提供特定的可操作指南。That said, because we're learning right along with you, we can't always offer specific, actionable guidance here. 我们共享的部分内容将是 "我们已学到的经验" 的精神,并 "避免出现此路径"。Some of what we share will be in the spirit of ‘lessons we’ve learned’ and ‘avoid going down that path’.

我们知道,很大的设计社区将生成许多创新。And we know, many innovations will be generated by the larger design community. 接下来,我们期待你的反馈,从你那里学习,并与你密切合作。So, we look forward to hearing from you, learning from you, and working closely with you. 我们将尽最大努力分享我们的见解,即使它们是探索性和初期。We’ll do our best to share our insights, even if they're exploratory and early. 我们的目标是为开发人员和设计人员提供其设计思想、最佳做法以及可直接在自己的工作中使用的相关开源控件、模式和示例应用。Our goal is to help developers and designers with their design thinking, best practices, and the related open-source controls, patterns, and sample apps that you can use directly in your own work.


下面是有关此设计指南的组织方式的简要概述:Here’s a quick overview of how this design guidance is organized:

  • 概述 -了解要考虑的设计过程、核心概念和交互因素。Overview - Learn about the design process, core concepts, and interaction factors to consider.
  • 核心概念 -了解舒适、全息帧、空间映射和其他要考虑的核心概念。Core concepts - Learn about comfort, holographic frame, spatial mapping, and other core concepts to consider.
  • 交互模型 -本指南围绕三个主要交互模型进行了构造。Interaction models - This guidance is structured around three primary interaction models.
  • UX 元素 -使用控件和行为作为构建基块,创建自己的应用程序体验。UX elements - Use controls and behaviors as building blocks to create your own application experience.
  • 资源 -通过设计工具和原型制作选项快速启动你的项目。Resources - Jump-start your project with design tools and prototyping options.

对于上述所有,我们旨在提供文本、插图和视频的适当组合。For all the above, we aim to deliver the right mix of text, illustrations, and videos. 你将看到我们试验不同的格式和技术,并提供所需的目的。You’ll see us experimenting with different formats and techniques, all with the intent of delivering what you need. 在前面的几个月中,我们将扩展此分类以包含一组更广泛的设计主题。And in the months ahead, we’ll expand this taxonomy to include a broader set of design topics. 如果可能,我们会提供有关接下来要做的事情,以便继续回顾。Whenever possible, we’ll give you a heads-up about what is coming next, so keep checking back.


下面简要介绍了一些高级目标,这些目标会指导这项工作,以便您可以了解我们所处的位置Here’s a quick look at some high-level objectives that are guiding this work so you can understand where we’re coming from

帮助解决客户面临的难题Help solve customer challenges


我们 wrestle 了很多相同的问题,我们了解你的工作的挑战。We wrestle with many of the same issues that you do, and we understand how challenging your work is. 探索和定义新的边界非常激动人心 .。。It’s exciting to explore and define a new frontier… 这也可能会让人头疼。and it can also be daunting. 旧的模式和实践正在 rethought,客户需要全新的体验,而且有很多创新。Old paradigms and practices are being rethought, customers need new experiences, and there's so much potential for innovation. 由于我们希望此工作尽可能全面,因此在样式指南之上的发展工作非常好。Given that we want this work to be as comprehensive as possible, moving well beyond a style guide. 我们旨在提供一套全面的设计指南,涵盖混合现实交互、命令性、导航、输入和样式,所有这些都在人为行为和方案中都是接地。We aim to deliver a comprehensive set of design guidance that covers mixed reality interaction, commanding, navigation, input, and style – all grounded in human behavior and scenarios.

指向一种新的、更有人力的计算方法Point the way towards a new, more human way of computing


尽管关注具体的客户问题很重要,但我们也希望自行推送以提供更多内容。While it's important to focus on specific customer problems, we also want to push ourselves to deliver more. 我们相信,优秀的设计并不是 "只是" 解决问题,同时也是有意义地激活人工进化的一种方法。We believe great design isn't “just” problem-solving, but also a way to meaningfully activate human evolution. 新的人为行为、工作人员关系、活动和环境的方式,以及我们的创新。New ways of human behavior, interpersonal relationships, activities, and environments fuel our innovation. 我们希望我们的指导也能体现出所有这些更启发性的思考方式。We want our guidance to reflect all these more aspirational ways of thinking too.

满足他们的创建者Meet creators where they are


我们希望很多受众都能找到这一指导。We hope many audiences find this guidance to be helpful. 你有不同的技能集 (开始、中级、高级) 、使用不同的工具 (Unity、DirectX、c + +、c #、其他) 、熟悉各种平台 (Windows、iOS、Android) 、从不同的背景 (移动、企业、游戏) ,以及在不同大小的团队( (单点、小型、中型、大型) )上工作。You have different skillsets (beginning, intermediate, advanced), use different tools (Unity, DirectX, C++, C#, other), are familiar with various platforms (Windows, iOS, Android), come from different backgrounds (mobile, enterprise, gaming), and are working on different size teams (solo, small, medium, large). 因此,可以通过不同的视角和需求来查看此指南。So, this guidance can be viewed with different perspectives and needs. 如果可能,我们会尽量记住这种多样性,并尽可能多地使我们的指导尽可能多。Whenever possible, we'll try to keep this diversity in mind, and make our guidance as relevant as possible to as many people as possible. 我们知道,你们中的许多人都已在 GitHub 上。We know that many of you're already on GitHub. 那么,我们将直接链接到 GitHub 存储库和论坛,以满足你的需要。So, we'll directly link to GitHub repos and forums to meet you where you already are.

从实验到显式共享尽可能多的内容Share as much as possible, from experimental to explicit


在这个新的三维媒体中提供设计指南的一个挑战是,我们并不总是有明确的指导。One of the challenges of offering design guidance in this new 3D medium is that we don’t always have definitive guidance to offer. 就像您一样,我们将学习、试验、原型制作、解决问题,并在遇到障碍时进行调整。Just like you, we're learning, experimenting, prototyping, problem-solving, and adjusting as we hit obstacles. 我们的目标是让我们的 mythical,而不是等待一些未来的时间,而是因为这不是最终的。Rather than wait for some mythical future moment when we've it all figured out, we aim to share our thinking with you in real time, even if it isn't conclusive. 我们的最终目标是在任何时候都是权威性的,提供与开源代码关联的清晰、灵活的设计指南,并可在 Microsoft 开发和设计工具中操作。Our end goal is to be definitive wherever we can, providing clear, flexible design guidance tied to open-source code, and actionable in Microsoft development and design tools. 但对于这种情况,需要多次迭代和学习。But getting to that point takes many rounds of iteration and learning. 我们想要与你联系,并与你一起学习。We want to engage with you, and learn with you, along the way. 我们将尽最大努力分享我们的内容,即使是实验性的内容。We'll do our best to share as we go, even with our stuff that is experimental.

全局和本地设计的适当平衡The right balance of global and local design


我们将提供两个级别的设计指南:全局和本地。We’ll offer two levels of design guidance: global and local. 我们的 "全局" 设计指南包含在 熟知的设计系统中。Our 'global' design guidance is included in the Fluent Design System. 深入了解我们如何在所有 Microsoft 设计(我们的设备、产品、工具和服务)中考虑有关轻型、深度、动作、材料和规模的基础知识。Fluent details how we think about fundamentals like light, depth, motion, material, and scale across all Microsoft design--our devices, products, tools, and services. 这就是,此大系统存在设备特定的重要差异。That said, significant device-specific differences exist across this larger system. 因此,在安装了 head 的情况下,"本地" 设计指南介绍了设计适用于全息和沉浸式设备的操作,这些设备通常具有不同的输入和输出方法和不同的用户需求和方案。So, our 'local' design guidance for head-mounted displays describes designing for holographic and immersive devices that often have different input and output methods and different user needs and scenarios. 本地设计指南介绍了 HMDs 独有的主题。Local design guidance covers topics unique to HMDs. 例如:3D 环境和对象;共享环境;使用传感器、目视跟踪和空间映射;以及空间音频的机会。For example: 3D environments and objects; shared environments; the use of sensors, eye tracking, and spatial mapping; and the opportunities of spatial audio. 在本指南中,你可能会看到这两个全局和本地方面。Throughout our guidance, you'll likely see us refer to both these global and the local aspects. 但愿这将有助于您在更大的设计基础上构建工作,同时利用特定设备之间的设计差异。Hopefully this will help you ground your work in a larger foundation of design while taking advantage of the design differences between specific devices.

有讨论Have a discussion


最重要的是,我们想要与你(全息和沉浸式设计人员和开发人员的社区)合作来定义这个激动人心的新设计时代。Most importantly, we want to engage with you, the community of holographic and immersive designers and developers, to define this exciting new era of design. 如前所述,我们知道我们没有全部答案。As mentioned above, we know we don’t have all the answers. 这就是我们相信您会提供很多激动人心的解决方案和创新的原因。That's why we believe many exciting solutions and innovations will come from you. 我们的目标是开放的,并可以听到这些问题,并与你在线和活动一起讨论,并添加值。We aim to be open and available to hear about them, and discuss with you online and at events, and add value wherever we can. 我们很高兴成为这一精彩设计社区的一部分,着手在一起。We are excited to be a part of this amazing design community, embarking on an adventure together.

深入了解Dive in

我们希望本文介绍了一些有意义的内容,如您浏览设计指南所述。We hope this introductory article provides some meaningful context as you explore our design guidance. 深入了解,并告诉我们你在 GitHub 论坛中的想法,你会在我们的文章中或在 TwitterFacebook上进行 Microsoft 设计。Dive in, and let us know your thoughts in the GitHub forums you'll find linked in our articles, or at Microsoft Design on Twitter and Facebook. 让我们共同设计未来!Let's co-design the future together!