MSIX SDK 1.4 更新MSIX SDK 1.4 update

SDK 版本 (1.4) 中,我们会继续添加更多的功能和性能改进我们的 SDK。With the SDK release (1.4), we are continuing to add more functionality and make performance improvements to our SDK. 1.4 的发行版,开发人员可以使用 SDK 现在解包和提取应用程序捆绑包和平面捆绑包With the release of 1.4, developers can use the SDK to now unpack and extract app bundles and flat bundles.

捆绑包的支持下,客户端应用程序可以现在提取应用程序捆绑包和仅下载并提取适用绑定内部的包。With the support of bundles, client apps can now extract app bundles and only download and extract the packages inside the bundle that are applicable. 在此版本中,捆绑包支持扩展到也平面捆绑包。In this release, the bundle support extends to flat bundles as well. 这意味着,客户端应用程序使用该绑定可以访问绑定清单,并指定它想要提取的应用程序包留给开发人员选择和控制。This means that the client app that consuming the bundle can access the bundle manifest and specify the app packages that it wants to extract - leaving the choice and control to the developer. SDK 调用本机操作系统语言和区域设置的信息,并提供到客户端应用程序的可用于做出适当包捆绑包也选择该信息。The SDK calls the native OS for language and locale information and provides that info to the client app which it can use to make the choice of appropriate package from the bundle as well.

新的 sdk 中,我们添加了对 MSXML6 为 Windows 删除带框依赖关系并因此减少了二进制文件的大小,然后使用本机 XML 库的支持。With the new SDK, we added support for MSXML6 for Windows which removes the out of box dependency and thus reduces the size of the binary and use the native XML library.

我们还在 Windows 中删除依赖关系,以及删除对 zlib 的依赖关系 (第三方库) 和 MacOS、 iOS 和 Android(AOSP) 上使用内置实现。Along with removing dependency in Windows, we also removed the dependency on zlib (3rd party library) and use in-box implementations on MacOS, iOS and Android(AOSP). 此外,我们做了其他改进,减少在所有平台上的二进制大小。Additionally, we made other improvements to reduce the binary size on all platforms.

以及性能和功能的改进,我们还将包括更好的示例,开发人员可以使用若要开始使用 SDK。Along with the performance and feature improvements, we are also including better samples that developers can use to get started with the SDK. 使用示例,开发人员可以了解如何实现某些读取 msix 包所需的公共接口。Using the samples, developers can learn how to implement some of the public interfaces required to read the msix packages.

可以在 GitHub 上获取最新的 SDK。You can get the latest SDK on GitHub.