MSIX SDK 是一个开放源代码项目,允许开发人员在所有平台上普遍使用 MSIX 包格式。The MSIX SDK is an open source project that allows developers to use the MSIX package format universally on all platforms. 这允许开发人员在所有平台上生成一致的体验,为其用户和分发使用同一个包的体验。This allows developers to build consistent experiences for their users on all platforms and distribute the experiences using the same package. SDK 提供了开发人员可以将其应用程序内容打包并生成应用包清单,它可以针对所选的平台的方式的指南。The SDK provides guidance for developers to package their app content and build an app package manifest in a way that it can target the platforms of their choice. 这使开发人员能够一次而不是让其应用程序内容打包到为每个平台的包。This enables developers to package their app content once instead of having to package for each platform.

SDK 提供了 Api 所需验证,验证,然后将包内容从 MSIX 包解压缩。The SDK provides the APIs required to verify, validate and unpack the package contents from the MSIX package. 使用项目,应用程序开发人员无需担心如何,包是否已被篡改或如果它可以是受信任。Using the project, app developers don't have to worry about whether the package has been tampered with or if it can be trusted. 应用内容可解包之前,它将执行防篡改保护和签名验证检查。It will perform tamper protection and signature validation checks before the app contents are unpacked.

可由任何跨平台客户端应用程序,允许第三方生成插件或扩展 SDK。The SDK can be used by any cross platform client app that allows for third parties to build plugins or extensions. 客户端应用程序开发人员可以使用可在 Windows 10 平台的应用程序扩展模型,并在非 Windows 10 平台上使用 MSIX SDK。The client app developers can use the app extension model that is available on Windows 10 platform and use the MSIX SDK on the non-Windows 10 platforms. 使用 SDK 的帮助,第三方开发人员构建应用扩展和客户端应用程序的插件不需要生成每个平台的特定包。With the help of the SDK, third party developers building app extensions and plugins for the client app do not have to build a specific package for each platform. 相反,他们构建 Windows 10 受支持的一个程序包和所有其他平台。Instead, they build one package that is supported on Windows 10 and all the other platforms. 使用 SDK,应用程序开发人员可以选择特定的平台支持。With the SDK, app developers can choose specific platforms to support.

MSIX 包的主要差异之一是清单文件。One of the key differentiators of the MSIX package is the manifest file. 清单文件包含有关包的所有元数据,并指定客户端应用程序可以访问以便做出适当的选择,如适用性或可支持性的所有密钥信息。The manifest file contains all the metadata regarding the package and specifies all the key information that the client app can access to make appropriate choices like applicability or supportability. 清单文件允许客户端应用程序开发人员和第三方开发人员更多的选项和灵活地进行通信的要求、 可用性和支持等特征。The manifest file allows client app developers and third party developers more options and flexibility to communicate characteristics such as requirements, availability, and support.

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MSIX sdk GitHub 上的开放源代码项目MSIX SDK is an open source project on GitHub. GitHub 存储库包含的完整源代码和有关如何生成每个平台的二进制文件的说明。The GitHub repo includes the full source and instructions for how to build the binaries for each platform.

如果有任何反馈,请将其提交上MSIX 技术社区站点If you have feedback, please submit it on the MSIX tech community site. 如果有问题或标识 SDK 中的 bug,您可以发布到问题页MSIX SDK GitHub 存储库。If there are issues or bugs that identified in the SDK, you can post them to the issues page for the MSIX SDK GitHub repo.