Windows 终端的 PowerShell 主题中的 PowerlinePowerline in PowerShell theme for Windows Terminal

该提示使用 Powerline 进行样式化,并使用 Cascadia Code PL 可从 Cascadia 代码 GitHub 版本页下载的字体。The prompt is styled using Powerline and is using the Cascadia Code PL font, which can be downloaded from the Cascadia Code GitHub releases page.

Windows 终端 Powerline PowerShell

        "theme": "dark",
        "profiles": [
                "name" : "Powershell",
                "source" : "Windows.Terminal.PowershellCore",
                "acrylicOpacity" : 0.7,
                "colorScheme" : "Campbell",
                "cursorColor" : "#FFFFFD",
                "fontFace" : "Cascadia Code PL",
                "useAcrylic" : true