加载项购置报告Add-on acquisitions report

外接程序收购中的报表合作伙伴中心允许您查看多少外接程序已销售,以及人数统计和平台的详细信息,客户可在 Windows 10 (显示转换信息包括 Xbox)。The Add-on acquisitions report in Partner Center lets you see how many add-ons you've sold, along with demographic and platform details, and shows conversion info for customers on Windows 10 (including Xbox). 您还可以查看近实时采集数据的最后一个小时或 70 两小时期间。You can also view near real-time acquisition data for the last hour or seventy-two hour period.

可以在合作伙伴中心,查看此数据或将报告下载要脱机查看。You can view this data in Partner Center, or download the report to view offline. 或者,也可以使用 Microsoft Store 分析 REST API 中的获取加载项购置方法以编程方式检索此数据。Alternatively, you can programmatically retrieve this data by using the get add-on acquisitions method in the Microsoft Store analytics REST API.

在此报告中,加载项购置意味着客户已向你购买了某个加载项(或者当你免费提供时免费获得)。In this report, an add-on acquisition means a customer has purchased an add-on from you (or acquired it without paying, if you offered it for free). 同一客户多次购买的同一易耗型加载项的操作计为单独的加载项购置。Multiple purchases of the same consumable add-on by the same customer are counted as separate add-on acquisitions.


外接程序收购报表不包含有关退款、 冲销、 存储容量使用情况等的数据。若要估算你的应用程序将继续,请访问付款摘要The Add-on acquisitions report does not include data about refunds, reversals, chargebacks, etc. To estimate your app proceeds, visit Payout summary. “预定” 部分中,单击 “下载预定交易” 链接。In the Reserved section, click the Download reserved transactions link.

应用筛选器Apply filters

在页面顶部附近,可以选择希望显示数据的时间段。Near the top of the page, you can select the time period for which you want to show data. 默认选择为 30D(30 天),但你可以选择要显示 3、6 或 12 个月的数据或指定的自定义数据范围的数据。The default selection is 30D (30 days), but you can choose to show data for 3, 6, or 12 months, or for a custom data range that you specify. 您还可以选择1 小时72 小时以显示采集数据以近乎实时的任一一小时或 70 两个小时; 这些时间段仅适用于外接程序每日选项卡外接程序收购图表并对其收购选项卡市场图表。You can also select 1H or 72H to show acquisition data in near real time for either one hour or seventy-two hours; these time periods only apply to the Add-on daily tab of the Add-on acquisitions chart and to the Acquisitions tab of the Markets chart.

你还可以展开筛选器,以按照特定加载项、市场和/或设备类型筛选该页面上的所有数据。You can also expand Filters to filter all of the data on this page by particular add-on(s), by market and/or by device type.

  • 外接程序:默认筛选器是所有外接程序,但可以限制到一个或多个应用程序的外接程序的数据。Add-on: The default filter is All add-ons, but you can limit the data to one or more of the app's add-ons.
  • 市场:默认筛选器是所有市场,但可以限制到一个或多个市场中获取的数据。Market: The default filter is All markets, but you can limit the data to acquisitions in one or more markets.
  • 设备类型:默认设置是的所有设备Device type: The default setting is All devices. 如果你希望仅显示来自某个特定设备类型(如电脑、控制台或平板电脑)的购置数据,可以在此处选择一台特定设备。If you want to show data for acquisitions from a certain device type only (such as PC, console, or tablet), you can choose a specific one here.

下面列出的所有图表中的信息将反映所选的日期范围和任何筛选器。The info in all of the charts listed below will reflect the date range and any filters you've selected. 某些部分还允许应用其他筛选器。Some sections also allow you to apply additional filters.

加载项购置数据Add-on acquisitions

“加载项购置” 图显示了选定时段内加载项的日购置数或周购置数。The Add-on acquisitions chart shows the number of daily or weekly acquisitions of your add-ons over the selected period of time. (当你使用应用筛选器显示更长时间段的数据时,购置数据将按周进行分组。)(When you use Apply filters to show data for a longer duration, the acquisition data will be grouped by week.)

你还可以通过选择加载项累计看到应用的终生购置数。You can also see the lifetime number of acquisitions for your app by selecting Add-on cumulative. 这将显示从首次发布应用起所有购置的累计总数。This shows the cumulative total of all acquisitions, starting from when your app was first published.

你可以选择按照加载项购置是否源于客户端或基于 Web 的应用商店和/或按照操作系统版本来筛选结果。You can optionally filter the results by whether the add-on acquisition originated from the client or web-based Store and/or by OS version.

客户统计Customer demographic

客户统计图表显示有关已购置加载项的用户的统计信息。The Customer demographic chart shows demographic info about the people who acquired your add-ons. 你可以看到按照特定年龄段内的人以及不同性别(在选定时段内)所进行的购置量。You can see how many acquisitions (over the selected period of time) were made by people in a certain age group and by which gender.


一些客户已选择不共享此信息。Some customers have opted not to share this info. 如果我们无法确定年龄段或性别,则购置将归类为 “未知”If we were unable to determine the age group or gender, the acquisition is categorized as Unknown.


市场图表显示了提供你的应用的每个市场在选定时段内的加载项购置的总数。The Markets chart shows the total number of add-on acquisitions over the selected period of time for each market in which your app is available.

可以在可视地图窗体中查看此数据,或切换设置以在表格窗体中查看。You can view this data in a visual Map form, or toggle the setting to view it in Table form. “表格”窗体一次显示五个市场,并且按字母顺序或最大/最小购置或安装次数排序。Table form will show five markets at a time, sorted either alphabetically or by highest/lowest number of acquisitions or installs. 还可以下载数据,以便一起查看所有市场的信息。You can also download the data to view info for all markets together.

按市场活动 ID 的加载项页面查看次数和转换数量Add-on page views and conversions by campaign ID

按市场活动 ID 的加载项页面查看次数和转换数量图表向你显示在选定时间段内每个市场活动 ID 所对应的加载项总转换次数(购置次数),从而帮助你跟踪每个自定义推广市场活动中 Windows 10(包括 Xbox)上的客户的转换数量和页面查看次数。The Add-on page views and conversions by campaign ID chart shows you the total number of add-on conversions (acquisitions) per campaign ID over the selected period of time, helping you track conversions and page views from customers on Windows 10 (including Xbox) for each of your custom promotion campaigns. 仅加载项转换显示在此图表中。Only add-on conversions are shown in this chart.


客户可以通过单击不是你创建的自定义市场活动找到你的应用一览。Customers could arrive at your app's listing by clicking on a custom campaign not created by you. 我们会为会话中的每次页面查看都加盖客户首次进入应用商店时的市场活动 ID 戳记。We stamp every page view within a session with the campaign ID from which the customer first entered the Store. 然后我们在 24 小时内将转换归因于所有购置的市场活动 ID。We then attribute conversions to that campaign ID for all acquisitions within 24 hours. 因此,你看到的总转换数可能比你的市场活动 ID 的总转换数多,并且你可能会有页面查看次数为零的转换或加载项转换。Because of this, you may see a higher number of total conversions than the total conversions for your campaign IDs, and you may have conversions or add-on conversions that have zero page views.

按市场活动 ID 的转换细分Conversions breakdown by campaign ID

你可以使用按市场活动 ID 的转换细分图表跟踪来自 Windows 10 上的客户对每个自定义推广市场活动的转换数量和页面查看次数。The Conversions breakdown by campaign ID chart lets you track conversions and page views from customers on Windows 10 for each of your custom promotion campaigns. 应用和加载项转换都按照市场活动 ID 进行显示。Both app and add-on conversions are shown per campaign ID.

在此图表中,页面查看是指某位客户查看了应用的应用商店一览。In this chart, a page view means that a customer viewed the app's Store listing. 转换是指客户最近获取了应用或加载项的许可证(无论你是否收费)。A conversion means that a customer has newly obtained a license for the app or add-on (whether you charged money or you've offered it for free).

请记住,这些页面查看次数和转换数量不是独特客户的计数。Keep in mind that these page views and conversion numbers are not counts of unique customers.

加载项排行榜Top add-ons

加载项排行榜图表显示选定时段内每个加载项的购置总数,所以你可以看到哪些加载项最受欢迎。The Top add-ons chart shows the total number of acquisitions for each of your add-ons over the selected period of time, so you can see which of your add-ons are the most popular.