Microsoft Store 应用的营销指导原则Microsoft Store marketing guidelines for apps

了解如何在 Microsoft Store 中升级应用和内容。Learn how to promote your apps and content in the Microsoft Store. 这些指南涉及如何使用可用资源以及有关在打印、电视、社交媒体和数字广告中推广应用的建议。These guidelines cover how to use the assets that are available to you, along with recommendations for promoting your apps in print, TV, social media and digital advertising.

应用商店锁屏提醒Store badges

我们创建了特殊的促销徽章,帮助你将更多客户加入到 Microsoft Store 中的应用列表。We’ve created special promotional badges to help you drive more customers to your app's listing in the Microsoft Store. 这些锁屏提醒在 44 种语言中可用。These badges are available in 44 languages. 请记住,使用这些图像时需要遵循一些要求;这些要求以及使用示例和指南将以 PDF 文件形式提供。Keep in mind that there are certain requirements you need to follow when using these images; these requirements, along with usage examples and guidelines, are available in a PDF file.

 下载按钮 **MICROSOFT STORE 徽章准则 (PDF、英语) **Download button Microsoft Store Badge Guidelines (PDF, English)

锁屏提醒生成器和图像Badge generator and images

你可以使用锁屏提醒生成器生成显示(使用所选语言)应用商店锁屏提醒的 HTML 和直接指向应用的应用商店列表的链接。You can use our badge generator to generate HTML that displays the Store badge (in the language of your choice) and links directly to your app's Store listing.

你也可以从以下链接中下载完整的锁屏提醒图像集(格式为 PNG 和 PDF)。You can also download the complete set of badge images (in PNG and PDF format) from the link below.

[  下载按钮](所有徽章图像[Download button]( All badge images

设备图像Device images

若要推广应用,你可能会想展示其在 Windows 设备上运行时的外观。To promote your app, you may want to show how it looks when running on a Windows device. 我们提供了各种设备底盘图像供你选择,包括手机、平板电脑、笔记本电脑和 PC。We have a variety of device chassis images for you to select from, including phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. 有关如何使用这些映像的最佳实践和技术规范,请参阅 Microsoft Store 营销指导原则Best practices and technical specifications for how to use these images can be found in the Microsoft Store Marketing Guidelines.

 下载按钮 Windows 设备艺术Download button Windows device art

Microsoft 商标授权License to Microsoft Marks

Microsoft 标记是指标记生成器页面上所述的microsoft 徽章Microsoft Marks means the Microsoft badge described on the badge generator page. 若要使用这些锁屏提醒,必须满足以下条件:To use these badges, you must:

  • 让你的应用或其他内容可在 Microsoft Store 中使用,或者是 Microsoft 关联计划的一部分。Have your app or other content available in the Microsoft Store, or be part of the Microsoft Affiliate Program.

  • 如果已在合作伙伴中心注册为应用开发人员,请遵守应用开发人员协议的 "Microsoft 马克的许可" 部分。If you are registered as an app developer in Partner Center, comply with the “License to Microsoft Marks” section of the App Developer Agreement.

  • 如果你未在合作伙伴中心注册为应用开发人员,Microsoft 将向你授予全球范围内非专用的 nontransferable、免费许可,以仅根据 Microsoft Store 徽章准则中所述来使用徽章。If you are not registered as an app developer in Partner Center, Microsoft grants you a worldwide, nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free license to use the badges solely as described in the Microsoft Store Badge Guidelines. Microsoft 可能会更改这些指南,如果要更改,Microsoft 会通过合理的方式将你重定向到任何发布这些规范的新 URL。Microsoft may change these guidelines, but if it does, Microsoft will use reasonable means to redirect you to any new URLs where these specifications are posted. Microsoft 保留此处未明确授予的所有权利。Microsoft reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

  • 按照 Microsoft Store 徽章指导原则中所述的徽标使用规范。Follow the logo usage specifications described in the Microsoft Store Badge Guidelines.

Microsoft 是 Microsoft 标志及相关商誉的唯一所有者,也是使用 Microsoft 标志获得的有关商誉的唯一受益公司。Microsoft is the sole owner of the Microsoft Marks and associated goodwill, and the sole beneficiary of the goodwill associated with your use of the Microsoft Marks. Microsoft 可能会随时自行撤销此许可证。Microsoft may revoke this license at any time and at its sole discretion.