反馈报告Feedback report


反馈报告弃用于2020年4月15日,此报表将在4月 15 2020 日之后不再受支持。Feedback report deprecation on April 15th 2020 This report will no longer be supported after April 15th 2020. 此日期之后,此报表上的数据将不会刷新,以后将不再通知您。Data on this report will not refresh after this date and the report will be removed in future without further notice. 你可以继续在反馈中心直接查看从客户收到的反馈。You can continue to view feedback received from your customers directly in the Feedback Hub.

通过合作伙伴中心的反馈报告,你可以查看 Windows 10 客户通过反馈中心提交的问题、建议和 upvotes。The Feedback report in Partner Center lets you see the problems, suggestions, and upvotes that your Windows 10 customers have submitted through Feedback Hub. 你可以在合作伙伴中心查看此数据,或将数据导出到脱机查看。You can view this data in Partner Center, or export the data to view offline.


还可以直接通过此报告回复反馈,让客户知道你正在听取他们的反馈。You can also respond to feedback directly from this report to let your customers know you're listening.

鼓励客户向你提供有关你的应用的反馈是了解对客户来说非常重要的问题和功能的绝佳方法。Encouraging your customers to give you feedback about your app is a great way to learn about the problems and features that are most important to them. 当客户知道他们可以直接向你发送反馈时,则不太可能在应用商店中留下负面评论的反馈。When your customers know they can send you feedback directly, they may be less likely to leave that feedback as a negative review in the Store.

可以使用 Microsoft Store Services SDK 中的反馈 API,以便允许客户直接从应用启动“反馈中心”You can use the Feedback API in the Microsoft Store Services SDK to let customers directly launch Feedback Hub from your app. 请记住,已在支持反馈中心的 Windows 10 设备上下载了你的应用的任何客户可以通过使用“反馈中心”应用来留下该应用的反馈。Keep in mind that any customer who has downloaded your app on a Windows 10 device that supports Feedback Hub has the ability to leave feedback for it by using the Feedback Hub app. 因此,即使你未在应用内特别要求提供反馈,你也可以在此报告中看到客户反馈。Because of this, you may see customer feedback in this report even if you have not specifically asked for feedback from within your app.

使用package 试验时,反馈还会有所帮助,因为反馈报告会显示每个客户在其设备上已安装在其设备上的特定包。Feedback can also be helpful when using package flighting, since the Feedback report shows you the specific package that each customer had installed on their device when they left the feedback.


若要快速查看过去30天内所有应用的评论、评级和用户反馈,请在左侧导航菜单中展开 "参与",然后选择 "评论和反馈"。For a quick look at the reviews, ratings, and user feedback across all of your apps in the last 30 days, expand Engage in the left navigation menu and select Reviews and feedback.

应用筛选器Apply filters

在页面顶部附近,可以选择希望显示数据的时间段。Near the top of the page, you can select the time period for which you want to show data. 默认选择为生命周期,但可以选择显示 30 天、3 个月、6 个月或 12 个月的数据。The default selection is Lifetime, but you can choose to show data for 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

还可以展开筛选器以按下列选项筛选此页面上的所有数据。You can also expand Filters to filter all of the data on this page by the following options.

  • 反馈类型:默认设置是“全部”。Feedback type: The default setting is All. 你可以选择“问题”或“建议”,以便仅显示该类型的反馈。You can select Problem or Suggestion to show only that type of feedback.
  • 设备类型:默认设置是所有设备Device type: The default setting is All devices. 如果希望此页面仅显示使用特定设备类型的客户留下的反馈,可以选择该设备类型。You can choose a specific device type if you want this page to only show feedback left by customers using that type of device.
  • 程序包版本:默认设置是“所有程序包”。Package version: The default setting is All packages. 你可以选择你的其中一个程序包,以便仅显示使用该特定程序包的客户留下的反馈。You can select one of your packages to show only feedback left from customers who were using that particular package when they left feedback.
  • 市场:默认设置为“所有市场”。Market: The default setting is All markets. 你可以选择一个特定市场,以便仅显示来自该市场中的客户的反馈。You can choose a specific to show only feedback from customers in that market.
  • :默认设置是“全部”。Group: The default setting is All. 你可以选择只查看 Windows 预览体验成员提交的反馈。You can choose to view only feedback submitted by Windows Insiders.


如果在该页面上未看到任何反馈,请检查以确保筛选器未排除所有反馈。If you don't see any feedback on the page, check to make sure your filters haven't excluded all of your feedback. 例如,如果按应用不支持的“设备类型”进行筛选,你将看不到任何反馈。For example, if you filter by a Device type that your app doesn't support, you won't see any feedback.

查看反馈详细信息Viewing feedback details

在此报告中,将看到客户留下的单个反馈。In this report, you’ll see the individual feedback left by your customers. 在每项反馈的反馈文本左侧,将看到其他客户通过“反馈中心”对该反馈的投票数。To the left of the feedback text for each item, you’ll see the number of times the feedback was upvoted by other customers in the Feedback Hub. 你可以采用以下三种方法对反馈进行分类:You can sort the feedback in three ways:

  • 投票(默认值):从收到的投票数最多的反馈开始,显示由其他客户投票的反馈。Upvoted (default): Shows feedback that has been upvoted by other customers, starting with the feedback which received the most upvotes.
  • 热门:从已获得最新活动的反馈开始,显示其他客户在最近七天内进行投票的反馈。Trending: Shows feedback that has been upvoted by other customers in the last seven days, starting with the feedback which has been getting the most recent activity.
  • 最近:从最近留下的反馈开始,显示所有反馈。Most recent: Shows all feedback, starting with the feedback most recently left.

在每个评论的旁边,你将看到留下反馈的日期和反馈类型。Next to each comment you’ll see the date on which the feedback was left, and the type of feedback. 如果客户提交反馈是 Windows 预览体验计划的成员,则你还会看到客户的市场、在他们离开反馈时所使用的设备上安装的特定包、设备的类型和Windows 内幕You’ll also see the customer’s market, the specific package that was installed on the device they were using when they left the feedback, the type of that device, and Windows Insider if the customer submitting the feedback is a member of the Windows Insider program.

还将在此看到回复反馈的选项。You'll also see an option here to respond to the feedback.

翻译反馈Translating feedback

默认情况下,不会为你翻译首选语言的反馈。By default, feedback that was not written in your preferred language is translated for you. 如果需要,可以在右上方取消选中翻译反馈复选框(页面筛选器旁边)来禁用反馈翻译。If you prefer, feedback translation can be disabled by unchecking the Translate feedback checkbox at the upper right, near the page filters.

请注意,反馈将由自动翻译系统翻译,所以翻译结果可能不一定是准确的。Please note that feedback is translated by an automatic translation system, and the resulting translation may not always be accurate. 如果你想要对照翻译或者通过其他方式进行翻译,会旧提供原始文本。The original text is provided if you wish to compare it to the translation, or translate it through some other means.

直接从应用启动“反馈中心”Launching Feedback Hub directly from your app

如上所述,我们建议直接将“反馈中心”的链接包含你的应用中,以便鼓励客户提供反馈。As noted above, we recommend incorporating a link to Feedback Hub directly in your app to encourage customers to provide feedback. 有关详细信息,请参阅从应用启动“反馈中心”For more info, see Launch Feedback Hub from your app.