dxgi1_6.h header

This header is used by DXGI. For more information, see:

  • DXGI dxgi1_6.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IDXGIAdapter4 This interface represents a display subsystem, and extends this family of interfaces to expose a method to check for an adapter's compatibility with Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG).
IDXGIFactory6 This interface enables a single method that enumerates graphics adapters based on a given GPU preference.
IDXGIFactory7 This interface enables registration for notifications to detect adapter enumeration state changes.
IDXGIOutput6 Represents an adapter output (such as a monitor). The IDXGIOutput6 interface exposes methods to provide specific monitor capabilities.


Title Description
DXGIDeclareAdapterRemovalSupport Allows a process to indicate that it's resilient to any of its graphics devices being removed.


Title Description
DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC3 Describes an adapter (or video card) that uses Microsoft DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI) 1.6.
DXGI_OUTPUT_DESC1 Describes an output or physical connection between the adapter (video card) and a device, including additional information about color capabilities and connection type.


Title Description
DXGI_ADAPTER_FLAG3 Identifies the type of DXGI adapter.
DXGI_GPU_PREFERENCE The preference of GPU for the app to run on.
DXGI_HARDWARE_COMPOSITION_SUPPORT_FLAGS Describes which levels of hardware composition are supported.