如果此每台计算机 系统策略 设置为1,则用户或管理员无法从计算机中删除修补程序。If this per-machine system policy is set to 1, patches cannot be removed from the computer by a user or an administrator. Windows Installer 仍可删除不再适用于产品的修补程序。The Windows Installer can still remove a patch that is no longer applicable to a product. 如果未设置此策略,则只有在用户已被授予删除修补程序的权限时,用户才可以从计算机中删除修补程序。If this policy is not set, a user can remove a patch from the computer only if the user has been granted privileges to remove the patch. 这取决于用户是否为管理员、是否设置了 DisableMsiAlwaysInstallElevated 策略设置,以及此修补程序是在每个用户管理的、每用户非托管的还是按计算机的上下文中安装的。This can depend on whether the user is an administrator, whether DisableMsi and AlwaysInstallElevated policy settings are set, and whether the patch was installed in a per-user managed, per-user unmanaged, or per-machine context.

注册表项Registry Key

HKEY _本地 _ 计算机 \ 软件 \ 策略 \ Microsoft \ Windows \ InstallerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer

数据类型Data Type


在 Windows Installer 2.0 及更早版本中不受支持Not Supported in Windows Installer 2.0 and earlier