DuplicateFile 表DuplicateFile Table

DuplicateFile 表包含要复制的文件的列表,这些文件将复制到原始文件所在的目录中,也可以包含在不同的目录中,但具有不同的名称。The DuplicateFile table contains a list of files that are to be duplicated, either to a different directory than the original file or to the same directory but with a different name. 原始文件必须是 InstallFiles 操作安装的文件。The original file must be a file installed by the InstallFiles action.

DuplicateFile 表包含以下列。The DuplicateFile table has the following columns.

Column 类型Type Key NullableNullable
FileKeyFileKey 标识符Identifier YY NN
组件_Component_ 标识符Identifier NN NN
文件_File_ 标识符Identifier NN NN
DestNameDestName FilenameFilename NN YY
DestFolderDestFolder 标识符Identifier NN YY



主键,非本地化标记,标识唯一的 DuplicateFile 记录。A primary key, a non-localized token, identifying a unique DuplicateFile record.


组件表的第一列的外部键。An external key to the first column of the Component table. 如果未选择要安装或删除的键所标识的组件,则不会对此 DuplicateFile 记录执行任何操作。If the component identified by the key is not selected for installation or removal, then no action is taken on this DuplicateFile record.


用于表示要复制的原始文件的 文件表 中的外键。Foreign key into the File table representing the original file that is to be duplicated.


要提供给重复文件的可本地化的名称。Localizable name to be given to the duplicate file. 如果此字段为空,则为目标文件指定与原始文件相同的名称。If this field is blank, then the destination file is given the same name as the original file.


属性的名称,该属性是要将重复文件复制到的位置的完整路径。Name of a property that is the full path to where the duplicate file is to be copied. 如果此目录与包含原始文件的目录相同,并且建议的重复文件的名称与原始文件的名称相同,则不会发生任何操作。If this directory is the same as the directory containing the original file and the name for the proposed duplicate file is the same as the original, then no action takes place.


该表由 DuplicateFiles 操作RemoveDuplicateFiles 操作处理。The table is processed by the DuplicateFiles action and the RemoveDuplicateFiles action.