经理的工作场所分析计划Workplace Analytics plans for managers

通过将工作区分析和 MyAnalytics 的功能结合在一起,计划可以帮助您将从工作区分析的见解转换为整个团队中的目标更改计划。By combining the capabilities of Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics, plans can help you transform insights from Workplace Analytics into targeted change plans across your team. 以下目标更改计划可用于减少会议负载、增加焦点时间和维护工作寿命余额,以及其他目标。The following targeted change plans are available for reducing meeting load, increasing focus time, and maintaining work-life balance, among other goals.

  • 焦点 -帮助工作组成员获取更多时间来执行深入工作,并为最重要的工作回收其日历。Focus - Help team members get more time to do deep work and reclaim their calendar for work that matters most.
  • 协作 -帮助工作组成员减少小组安排的超额会议的数量。Collaboration - Help team members reduce the number of excess meetings that the group schedules.
  • Wellbeing -帮助工作组成员通过断开连接的时间来展开和保护其个人时间。Wellbeing - Help team members unwind and protect their personal time by disconnecting in their off hours.

您可以使用计划执行以下操作:You can do the following with plans:

  1. 为通过MyAnalytics体验计划的已确定组启动计划Launch a plan for the identified group, who experience the plan through MyAnalytics.
  2. 管理和跟踪正在进行的计划进度 ,以及计划结束后的投资回报。Manage and track a plan's progress while it is underway, and the ROI of the plan after it ends.

启动计划Launch a plan

  1. 在适用的洞察力中,例如 -小时长、大型会议焦点见解,选择 " 查看建议的计划"。In an applicable insight, such as After-hours, Long and Large meetings, or Focus Insights, select View recommended plan.

  2. 如果出现提示,请选择 " 验证 " 以确认团队满足最小组大小。If prompted, select Validate to confirm the team meets the minimum group size.

  3. (可选)您可以选择 "规划名称"、"计划持续时间" 和 "规划目标" 旁边的 "编辑 (铅笔) " 图标,以更改此计划的详细信息。Optionally, you can select the Edit (pencil) icon next to Plan name, Plan duration, and Plan target to change the details for this plan.

  4. 选择 " 创建计划 " 以启动选定计划。Select Create plan to start the selected plan. 或者,您可以选择 " 另存为草稿 " 在以后开始计划。Or you can select Save as draft to start the plan at a later date. 下面显示了一个协作计划示例。The following shows an example Collaboration plan.


管理和跟踪计划Manage and track plans

在 "计划 > 管理" 中,您可以选择查看草稿活动已完成的计划。In Plans > Manage, you can select to view Drafts, Active, or Completed plans. 然后,您可以执行以下操作:You can then:

  • 删除或编辑草稿计划。Delete or edit draft plans.
  • 跟踪或结束活动计划。Track or end active plans.
  • 删除或跟踪已完成的计划。Delete or track completed plans.

在 "计划 > 跟踪 > 进度" 中,可以选择活动或已完成的计划,以衡量计划的目标目标或投资回报的进度。In Plans > Track > Progress for, you can select an active or a completed plan to measure progress of a target goal or ROI for the plan.


规划参与者的体验Plan participants' experience

实际的更改工作是由您的团队通过 MyAnalytics 完成的。The actual work of change is done by your team through MyAnalytics. 包含在计划中的组或团队有机会更好地更改工作地点习惯。The group or team who you are included in a plan have the opportunity to change workplace habits for the better.

在计划过程中,这些参与者会收到或查看以下项。During a plan, these participants receive or can view the following items.

MyAnalytics 仪表板MyAnalytics dashboard

MyAnalytics 仪表板是 MyAnalytics 用户的一个持续使用的资源。The MyAnalytics dashboard is a constantly available resource for MyAnalytics users. 除了其标准内容之外,仪表板还会在计划过程中包含一个新的参与者节。In addition to its standard content, the dashboard also includes a new participant section during a plan. 本节包含一些信息,如建议的习惯和参与者对计划目标的进度,类似于以下内容:This section contains information such as recommended habits and the participant's progress against the plan goals, similar to the following:



所有 MyAnalytics 用户都会收到每周 摘要All MyAnalytics users receive a weekly digest. 除了其标准内容之外,参与者的摘要还包括一节,该内容汇总了计划中的进度,如下所示:In addition to its standard content, their digest for participants also includes a section that summarizes their progress in the plan, similar to the following:


MyAnalytics 内联建议MyAnalytics inline suggestions

Outlook 中的 MyAnalytics 内嵌建议是在阅读或撰写电子邮件或会议邀请时在 Outlook 中显示的简短、数据和 AI 驱动的通知。MyAnalytics inline suggestions in Outlook are brief, data- and AI-driven notifications that appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation. 不同的内嵌建议适用于不同的情况。Different inline suggestions apply to different situations. 例如,如果您有未完成的待办任务,则内嵌建议可能会询问是否要对其进行审阅。For example, if you have outstanding to-do tasks, an inline suggestion might ask whether you want to review them.

Inline 建议Inline suggestions

某些内嵌建议仅适用于活动计划的参与者。Some inline suggestion apply only to participants of an active plan. 例如,"改进 wellbeing 建议" 仅适用于活动 Wellbeing 计划中的参与者。For example, the Improve wellbeing suggestion applies only to participants in an active Wellbeing plan. 下表中的其余建议适用于组织中的所有 MyAnalytics 用户,无论他们是否参与活动的计划。The remaining suggestions in the following table are available to all MyAnalytics users in your organization, whether they are participating in an active plan or not.

内嵌建议Inline suggestion 显示位置Where it shows up 所说的内容What it says 如何帮助How it helps
改进 wellbeingImprove wellbeing 会议邀请) 的阅读窗格 (Reading pane (meeting invitation) 此会议似乎不在正常工作时间内。Looks like this meeting is outside your typical working hours. 以下是适用于每个人的一些备用时间。Here are some alternate times that work for everyone. 查看建议时间See suggested times 建议您要求组织者在工作时间内将会议移动到适用于所有与会者的时间。Suggests that you ask the organizer to move the meeting to a time during working hours that works for all attendees.
获取更多时间重点Get more time to focus 会议邀请) 的阅读窗格 (Reading pane (meeting invitation)
  • 看起来你在此/下一周有大量会议。Looks like you have a lot of meetings this/next week. 是否要保留一段时间以实现重点工作?Would you like to reserve some time for focused work? 查看可用时间See available times
  • 此会议与计划的焦点时间冲突。This meeting conflicts with your scheduled focus time. 是否要移动你的焦点块?Do you want to move your focus block? 查看可用时间See available times
  • 提醒您 (具有较大会议负载的会议与会者) 为重点工作的预订时间。Reminds you (the meeting attendee who has a heavy meeting load) to book time for focused work.
  • 通过建议在会议请求与会议请求冲突时将其移动到另一时刻,帮助保护焦点时间块。Helps protect a focus time block by suggesting that you move a booked focus session to another time when a meeting request conflicts with it.
保持最新的重要关系Stay up-to-date with important relationships (电子邮件) 的阅读窗格Reading pane (email) 您可能已为发件人提供了未完成的任务。You may have outstanding tasks for sender. 是否要立即查看?Would you like to review now? 查看我的任务See my tasks 提醒您可能存在发件人的未完成任务项。Reminds you that there might be outstanding task items for the sender.
减少工作时间和团队影响Reduce after-hours work and team impact 电子邮件撰写Email compose 你的工作时间内有一些开启的时间来追赶电子邮件。There are some open times during your working hours to catch up on email. 预订时间Book time 建议您在一天中的时间来执行电子邮件,而不是在几小时内追赶。Suggests that you book time during the day to do email instead of catching up after hours.
构建更好的协作习惯Build better collaboration habits 会议撰写Meeting compose 此会议是否可以为45分钟?Could this meeting be 45 minutes? 在一些缓冲时间内构建,并节省与会者的时间。Build in some buffer time and save attendees time. 缩短会议Shorten meeting 建议您缩短长达45分钟的会议数。Suggests that you shorten hour-long meetings to 45 minutes.