Manager insights 推出Manager insights rollout

当您准备好将经理见解部署到您的组织时,请执行以下操作,以介绍如何使用此工具来更好地了解其团队协作习惯,并利用它们来更好地支持其团队。When you're ready to roll out the Manager insights to your organization, do the following to introduce and educate managers on how to use this tool to better understand their team collaboration habits and to leverage them to better support their teams.

  • 为关键领导者启用 -对关键领袖启用经理见解,以便他们可以了解他们的价值,并了解它们的价值。Enable for key leaders - Enable Manager insights for key leaders, so they can learn about them first hand and understand their value. 对于面向工作区分析的用户,您还可以共享 " 工作区分析" 视频简介For those who are new to Workplace Analytics, you can also share the Introduction to Workplace Analytics video.

  • 向经理介绍 -要求业务领导者将此新工具引入到其经理,并提供此 示例电子邮件Introduce to managers - Ask business leaders to introduce this new tool to their managers with this sample email. 经理一定要了解如何使用这些见解来最大限度地支持他们的团队。It's important that managers understand how to use these insights to best support their teams. 团队中已支持组织的招聘经理(如 IT、培训、公司通信和支持)允许他们了解并帮助其他人了解如何使用此新工具。Recruiting managers in teams that already support your organization, such as in IT, Training, Corporate communications, and Support, allows them to learn and then help others learn how to use this new tool.

  • 设置通信通道 -设置团队、Yammer 和/或电子邮件通讯组中的通信通道 (,) 让经理 evangelize 该工具并回答任何问题管理者可能会遇到的问题,包括组织的策略优先级,如培训1:1、会议降低或团队采用情况。Set up a communications channel - Set up a communications channel (in Teams, Yammer, and/or an email distribution group) with your managers to evangelize the tool and answer any questions managers might have, including strategic priorities for the organization, such as coaching 1:1, meeting reductions, or teams adoption.

有关如何正式向你的团队推出经理见解的全面指南,请参阅 Workplace Analytics Manager insights 推出指南For comprehensive guidance on how to formally roll out Manager insights to your team, see the Workplace Analytics Manager insights rollout guide.

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您可以使用以下示例内容向您的组织引入经理见解。You can use the following sample content to introduce Manager insights to your organization. 您可以对其进行自定义,以包含特定于贵公司的信息,如添加徽标或自定义页眉和页脚信息。You can customize these to include information specific to your company, such as adding a logo or custom header and footer information.