经理 connectedness 的最佳实践Best practices for manager connectedness

作为经理,您可以帮助您在整个公司中共享想法和专业知识。As a manager, you can help share ideas and expertise across the company. 这种跨部门协作有助于充分利用分散的资源,推动不断创新,并提前掌握竞争对手。This cross-unit collaboration helps to leverage scattered resources, drive continual innovation, and keep ahead of the competition.

在组织中具有不同相关的经理通常被视为更有效,并帮助其员工构建强大的网络。Managers who have diverse ties across an organization are typically considered more effective and help their employees build strong networks.

为什么重要Why it matters

如何确保敏捷团队可以协同工作文章介绍了如何在完成工作中进行重要的跨组协作:The How to Make Sure Agile Teams Can Work Together article explains how important cross-group collaboration is in getting work done:

  • 通过在通常不镜像正式报告结构或标准工作流程的关系网络中进行协作,可实现工作。“Work occurs through collaboration in networks of relationships that often do not mirror formal reporting structures or standard work processes."
  • "直观地来说,我们知道工作的协作强度已 skyrocketed,并且协作是灵活性的中心。"Intuitively, we know that the collaborative intensity of work has skyrocketed, and that collaborations are central to agility."
  • "然而大多数组织不会高效地管理内部协作,并假定技术或正式的组织结构图可以产生灵活性。"Yet most organizations don’t manage internal collaboration productively, and assume that technology or formal org charts can yield agility.”

根据 水平协作和跨思洛接层 的文章,开发和部署文化经纪人非常重要:According to the Horizontal collaboration and cross-silo leadership article, it's important to develop and deploy cultural brokers:

  • "区域性代理通过以下两种方式之一来提升交叉边界工作:充当网桥或作为粘性。""Cultural brokers promote cross-boundary work in one of two ways: by acting as a bridge or as an adhesive."
  • "水平协作的值被广泛识别。"“The value of horizontal collaboration is widely recognized."
  • 可以在其思洛外找到同事的员工查找具有补充专业知识的同事了解详细信息、销售更多内容,并更快地获得技能。"Employees who can reach outside their silos to find colleagues with complementary expertise learn more, sell more, and gain skills faster.”

最佳做法Best practices

  • 为具有类似兴趣的人员创建跨团队社区,以共享想法、知识和资源。Create cross-team communities for people with similar interests to share ideas, knowledge, and resources. 这也可以通过使用 团队频道来实现。This can also be done by using Teams channels.
  • 启用并使用 Insights Outlook 外接程序MyAnalytics 网络 将同事添加到 " 重要人员 " 列表中,接收对电子邮件的会议和提醒的建议,并为这些联系人完成任务。Enable and use the Insights Outlook add-in and MyAnalytics Network to add colleagues to your Important people list, receive suggestions to meet, reminders to respond to email, and complete tasks for these contacts. 并强烈让你的团队执行相同操作。And urge your team to do the same.
  • 主机非正式 gatherings,例如,您的团队的虚拟机会与非工作活动的绑定并形成新的连接。Host informal gatherings, such as virtual opportunities for your team to bond over non-work activities and form new connections. 创建带有有趣对话提示和活动的议程,如在线 trivia 游戏。Create agendas with fun conversation prompts and activities, such as online trivia games.
  • 加强与组通信和聊天的 团队频道 的连接。Strengthen connections with a Teams channel for group communications and chats.
  • 鼓励和培训工作人员以提出正确的问题。Encourage and train workers to ask the right questions. 通过提出开放式问题来最大限度地减少 preconceptions。Minimize preconceptions by asking open-ended questions.
  • 通过整理仔细结构化、面对面、跨思洛接程序对话,让用户了解他人眼中的东西。Get people to see things through others’ eyes by organizing carefully structured, face-to-face, cross-silo dialogues.
  • 强烈员工浏览远距离网络。Urge employees to explore distant networks. 员工需要推送到公司外部的专业知识,甚至在行业之外。Employees need to be pushed to tap into expertise outside the company and even outside the industry.
  • 确定具有强大的人际技能的员工以及在不同的功能和地理位置之间建立关系和协作的增长思维方式。Identify employees with strong interpersonal skills and a growth mindset to build relationships and collaborate across different functions and geographies.
  • 确定应涉及的组,如支持、服务和工程。Identify the groups that should be involved, such as Support, Services, and Engineering.
  • 在中心人参与的不同团队之间映射相互依赖关系,以了解并规划潜在风险。Map the interdependencies between different teams where central players contribute, to understand and plan for potential risks. 制定一个备份计划来涵盖此类紧急情况。Have a back-up plan to cover such emergencies.
  • 通过人员配备或辅导对 newcomers 和网络影响因素进行配对。Pair newcomers and network influencers through staffing or mentoring. 这种简单实践三 newcomer 连接与未获得此体验的人员相比。This simple practice triples newcomer connectivity compared to those who do not get this experience.
  • 创建包含和信任环境以促进敏捷协作。Create inclusive and trusting environments to facilitate agile collaboration. 当员工不能安全地与想法一起使用时,会有恐惧的文化,而在这种情况下,他们可能对所做的贡献不太有把握。A culture of fear exists when employees do not feel safe to come forward with ideas, and those on the fringe may be less confident about contributing.
  • 设置 "实践社区" 或业务开发计划,以帮助共享专业技能或资源。Set up “communities of practice” or business development initiatives to help share expertise or resources.
  • 设置具体目标并奖励敏捷协作。Set specific goals and reward agile collaboration. 对等反馈有助于确定正式的绩效考核可能以其他方式忽略的人员。Peer feedback helps to identify people whom the formal performance reviews might otherwise overlook.

更改策略Change strategies

将你的网络打开到你的团队Open your network to your team

如果您有大型网络,也可以帮助您拓宽团队的网络。If you have a large network, you can help broaden your team's networks as well. 首先查看关键联系人,并确定与团队成员的兴趣和技能相匹配的连接。Start by reviewing your key contacts and identifying connections that match the interests and skills of your team members. 以下内容可帮助您入门:The following can help you get started:

  • 使用 " MyAnalytics"、" LinkedIn" 和 "联系人" 列表查看您的网络。Use MyAnalytics, LinkedIn, and your contacts list to review your network.
  • 为网络中的这些主题分类专业知识。Categorize topics of expertise for those in your network.
  • 查看团队中这些人员的职业目标和技能。Review the career goals and skills of those on your team.
  • 创建联系人列表并将其存储在一个中心位置,以便在加入新的团队成员时进行访问。Create a contact list and store it in a central location to access when onboarding new team members.
  • 在相关联系人和团队成员之间进行介绍。Make introductions between relevant contacts and your team members.

跨团队或部门创建目标Create goals across teams or departments

您可以协调和分配联络角色,以跨团队和其他部门进行通信,以帮助避免隔离和确保信息流。You can coordinate and assign liaison roles to communicate across teams and with other departments to help avoid isolation and ensure information flow. 例如,以下是提高客户满意度的几个目标:For example, the following are a few goals for improving customer satisfaction:

  • 确定提高客户满意度的跨团队目标。Identify a cross-team goal of improving customer satisfaction.
  • 确定应涉及的组,如支持、服务和工程。Identify the groups that should be involved, such as Support, Services, and Engineering.
  • 在初始项目和平台(如 "团队频道")上进行对齐,以快速查找并响应客户事件。Align on an initial project and a platform, such as a Teams channel, to quickly find and respond to customer incidents.
  • 创建一个用于共享想法的平台,如团队渠道和月度签入会议。Create a platform to share ideas, such as a Teams channel and a monthly check-in meeting.

与团队建立强大的连接Build strong connections with Teams

根据感兴趣的主题或跨不同的团队,使用 团队频道 与他人进行交互。Use Teams channels to interact with others based on topics of interest or across different teams. 试用内置的 Microsoft 提示和资源以加快采用。Try out the built-in Microsoft tips and resources to accelerate adoption.

启用 MyAnalytics 网络见解Enable MyAnalytics network insights

通过鼓励用户利用 MyAnalytics 网络见解 了解其网络和首要协作者来帮助您的团队构建连接,并查看如何改进这些关系的建议。Help your team build connections by encouraging them to leverage MyAnalytics network insights about their network and top collaborators, and see suggestions for how they can improve these relationships.

工作场所分析最佳实践Workplace Analytics best practices