Wellbeing 的最佳实践Best practices for wellbeing

在中断期间或允许您 wander 时,有超过40% 的创造性创意发生。More than 40 percent of creative ideas occur during breaks or when allowing your mind to wander. 员工 burnout 占公司年度员工营业额成本的20% 到50%。Employee burnout accounts for 20 to 50 percent of a company's annual employee turnover costs.

为什么重要Why it matters

根据 为什么从工作中拔出的工作与我们认为帮助团队实现工作寿命平衡 的工作方式的不同之处来看,即使您无法使用文章,员工也需要拔掉以下信息:Based on research presented in the Why unplugging from work is more work than we think and Help your team achieve work-life balance — even when you can't articles, employees need to unplug:

  • "新的研究以及我们对人为行为的越来越多的理解告诉我们这两个问题:拔掉比以往更必要,并且真正的拨出不是一个操作,而是社会协议,这是员工和公司必须共同创建的文化轮换。"New research and our growing understanding about human behavior tell us two things for certain: that unplugging is more necessary than ever, and that true unplugging is not a single action but a social agreement — a culture shift that employees and companies must create together."
  • "[87] HR 领导人的百分比被引用改进了保留项,在接下来的五年中是一个关键或高的优先级,但20% 表示他们的优先级过多,侧重于解决本年度的问题。""[87] percent of HR leaders cited improved retention as a critical or high priority over the next five years, but 20 percent said they had too many competing priorities to focus on fixing the problem this year."
  • 根据最近对1400工作人员的研究,几乎半数的被调查者说,在工作时间之外思考工作会对其工作寿命余额产生负面影响。"According to the recent study of 1,400 workers, nearly half of respondents said that thinking about work outside of work hours regularly has a negative impact on their work-life balance."

最佳做法Best practices

  • 要求员工使用 MyAnalytics wellbeing 数据 ,了解在下班后的活动并鼓励他们断开连接。Ask employees to use MyAnalytics wellbeing data about after-hours activity and encourage them to disconnect.
  • 要求员工使用 Outlook 中的内嵌建议 自动延迟电子邮件传递,以与同事配置的工作时间保持一致。Ask employees to use the Inline suggestions in Outlook to automatically delay email delivery to align with coworkers' configured working hours.
  • 替换全球会议的时间,以使其更具包容性并最大限度地减少时间后协作。Alternate the time of global meetings to become more inclusive and minimize after-hours collaboration.
  • 提醒员工组织的成功是基于 marathon 而不是冲刺(sprint)。Remind employees that the organization's success is based on a marathon, not a sprint.
  • 鼓励团队轮流休息时间。Encourage team to take turns taking time off. 这加强了信任、协作、提高效率,从而带来更好的工作满意度。This reinforces trust, collaboration, efficiency which can lead to better work satisfaction.
  • 设置和保持边界的做法。Practice setting and keeping boundaries. 边界可导致更好的总体团队成果。Boundaries can result in better overall team outcomes.

更改 catalyst:定义并共享工作时间Change catalyst: Define and share working hours

将工作时间添加到 Outlook 电子邮件签名 中,并鼓励团队执行相同操作,以帮助管理其他人的期望。Add your working hours to your Outlook email signature and encourage your team to do the same to help manage the expectations of others. 以下是电子邮件签名示例:The following is an email signature example:

Cora Thomas
Program Manager
Redmond, Washington
My working hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT

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