Workplace Analytics 中的 Power BI 模板Power BI templates in Workplace Analytics

工作区分析提供了 Power BI 模板,分析师可使用这些模板直观地分析工作区模式和趋势。Workplace Analytics provides Power BI templates that analysts can use to visually analyze workplace patterns and trends. Power BI 模板预填充自定义工作区分析查询,并选择适用的 Power BI 图表以显示这些查询中的结果。A Power BI template pre-populates a custom Workplace Analytics query and selects the applicable Power BI charts to show results from these queries.

工作区分析查询有许多预定义的查询模板可用。Workplace Analytics Queries has a number of predefined query templates available. 在查询的 "预先选定的筛选器和指标" 部分中,可以通过模板右上角的 Power BI 徽标标识 Power BI 模板:In the preselected filters and metrics section in Queries, you can identify the Power BI templates by the Power BI logo in the upper-right corner of the template:

查询卡中的 power BI 徽标

工作区分析包括以下可在 Power BI 中使用以直观方式分析数据的仪表板。Workplace Analytics includes the following dashboards that you can use in Power BI to visually analyze data. 选择一个以查看更多有关它的详细信息,并查看交互式演示,了解如何使用它获取有关组织的类似数据。Select one to see more details about it and to view an interactive demonstration on how you can use it to get similar data about your organization.

业务通信图标 业务连续性Business continuity
演示如何在远程工作发生变化时对业务产生影响的示例。Shows example insights into how shifting to remote work has impacted business.
协作评估图标 协作评估Collaboration assessment
展示了在您的组织中查看当前协作行为和文化以及在员工 wellbeing 和接洽中的洞察力的快速而简单的方法。Shows a quick and easy way to see current collaboration behaviors and culture and insights into employee wellbeing and engagement in your organization.
协作重载图标 协作重载Collaboration overload
显示组织中的总体协作模式、时间分段或会议质量的改进。Shows where overall collaboration patterns, time fragmentation, or meeting quality could be improved in your organization.
协作跟踪器图标 协作跟踪程序Collaboration tracker
演示如何跟踪行为更改和目标机会以改进员工 wellbeing、会议文化和经理的有效性。Shows how you can track behavior change and target opportunities to improve employee wellbeing, meeting culture, and manager effectiveness.
影响者图标 影响见解Influence insights
演示如何了解您的影响者,并充分利用其传播信息和有效推动更改的能力。Shows how you can learn who your influencers are and leverage their ability to disseminate information and effectively drive change.
经理影响图标 管理器影响Manager impact
按组织和行业专家建议的最佳实践显示有关主要领导行为的见解,以维护或改进领导工作模式。Shows insights about key leadership behaviors by organization and best practices recommended by industry experts to either maintain or improve leadership work patterns.
Microsoft 团队见解图标 Microsoft 团队见解Microsoft Teams insights
展示了如何采用 Microsoft 团队来影响组织中的协作和工作效率。Shows how adopting Microsoft Teams can affect collaboration and productivity in your organization.
快速入门图标 快速入门概述Quickstart overview
显示关键组织指标的高级视图,以快速了解组织的协作方式,以及确定可能需要进行其他分析的潜在领域的方法。Shows a high-level view of key organizational metrics to get a quick perspective on how the organization is collaborating and a way to identify potential areas that might require additional analysis.
返回工作图标 返回到 worksitesReturn to worksites
演示如何规划返回工作的人员、何时、在何处以及它们在不同工作地点的工作方式。Shows how to plan who returns to work, and when, where, and how they do for the different work locations.
销售业务连续性图标 销售业务连续性Sales business continuity
显示深入了解远程工作的变化对销售组织产生的影响。Shows insights into how shifting to remote work has impacted your sales organization.