促进创新Foster innovation

共享信息、确定学习优先级和保护深入思考时间的员工会生成在快速变化市场中取得成功所需的新想法。Employees who share information, prioritize learning, and protect time for deep thinking generate the new ideas needed for success in rapidly evolving markets. 列出的每个行为都显示你的组织如何根据行业研究和你的特定组织数据与其他组织进行比较。Each of the behaviors listed show how your organization compares with others based on industry research and your specific organizational data.



以下是百分比见解及其基础指标,以及一些有关用于它们的计算。The following are the percentage insights, their underlying metrics, and a little about the calculations used for them.


行为Behavior 百分比见解Percentage insight 指标Metrics 计算Calculations
启用深入工作Enable deep work 每周深度工作少于 20 小时的员工百分比Percentage of employees have less than 20 hours for deep work each week 总专注时间Total focus hours 每周工作时间少于 20 小时的员工的百分比。The percentage of employees who have less than 20 hours available to focus each week. 按周计算,并按时间段计算平均值。Calculated weekly and averaged over the time period.
利用影响者Utilize influencers 影响者很少的组织百分比Percentage of organizations who have few influencers 影响力Influence 影响者是基于其协作模式与整个公司人员建立最佳连接的员工。Influencers are employees with the best connections to people across the company based on their collaboration patterns. 此见解重点介绍了根据公司和组织规模,它们没有足够的代表性的组织。This insight highlights the organizations that don't have sufficient representation of them, based on company and organization size.

下面定义了视觉行为见解中显示的组织数据。The following defines the organizational data shown in the visual behavioral insights.


行为Behavior 视觉见解Visual insight 计算Calculations
启用深入工作Enable deep work 深入工作的时间分布Distribution of time for deep work 按专注时间分组的员工 百分比Percentage of employees grouped by their focus time. 这些组分为 0 到 10 小时、10 到 20 小时、20 小时和 40 小时以及 40 小时以上专注时间的人。The groups are divided into those who spend between 0 and 10 hours, 10 and 20 hours, 20 and 40 hours, and more than 40 hours focusing. 百分比每周计算一次,并在整个时段内进行平均值计算。The percentages are calculated weekly and averaged over the entire time period.
利用影响者Utilize influencers 具有有限影响力的组织Organizations with limited influencers 根据公司规模,影响者没有足够代表性的百分比组织。Percentage organizations that don't have sufficient representation of influencers, based on company size. 这将使用 影响 指标。This uses the influence metric.

采取措施Take action

可以选择" 查看见解" 以查看可推动创新的方法。You can select See your insights to see ways you can drive innovation. 根据你的角色,除"采取操作"中的建议外,还提供以下选项。Depending on your role, the following are available in addition to the recommendations within Take action.

  • 机会组- 列出受影响最大且从这些基于组织数据和行业研究的建议最佳做法或计划中获益最多的 组。Opportunity groups - Lists the groups who are most affected and would benefit the most from these recommended best practices or Plans, which are based on your organizational data and industry research.

  • 浏览统计数据– 以下建议链接,指向有关组织的团队合作或 内部网络的更深入数据Explore the stats – The following recommendations link to more in-depth data about your organization's teamwork or internal networks. 以下每个 行为的"采取操作"部分中,选择 "查看你的 见解" > 浏览统计数据 以访问它们:In the Take action section for each of the following behaviors, select See your insights > Explore the stats to access them:

    行为Behavior 建议Recommendation 浏览统计信息Explore the stats
    启用深入工作Enable deep work 为深入工作提供时间Make time for deep work TeamworkTeamwork
    利用影响者Utilize influencers 激活影响者以驱动创新Activate influencers to drive innovation 内部网络Internal networks
  • 在 Power BI 中浏览 - 如果可用,则指向 Power BI 报告的链接,以对一个或多个建议进行更高级分析。Explore in Power BI - If available, links to Power BI reports for more advanced analysis for one or more of the recommendations.

  • 计划 - 打开一 个新 计划,你可以设置与一个或多个建议相关的计划。Plans - Opens a new Plan you can set up relating to one or more of the recommendations.

最佳做法Best practices

本节介绍以下每个行为为什么很重要,以及有助于促进创新的最佳方案。This section describes why each of the following behaviors matter and the top best practices that can help foster innovation.

启用深入工作Enable deep work

没有会议、电子邮件和聊天的时间使员工有机会完成具有挑战性的工作、进行创造性思考并产生创新想法。Time without meetings, emails and chats provides employees with the opportunity to complete challenging work, think creatively and generate innovative ideas.

如何每周建立 一个无会议日说明了"目标是不间断地专注"时间,以"处理需要专注和高级别思考的项目..."支持专注时间的方法:How to establish a meeting-free day each week explains the "goal is uninterrupted focus" time to work "on projects that require focus and high-level thinking..." Ways to support focus time:

  • 按照团队规范,不要向已安排专注时间或在 Microsoft Teams 中显示专注状态的团队成员发送聊天。Follow a team norm to not send chats to team members who have scheduled focus time or have the focusing status showing in Microsoft Teams.
  • 使用 MyAnalytics 焦点计划 可自动预定专注时间、通过聊天的保持时间保护此时间,并跟踪每周进度。Use a MyAnalytics Focus plan to automatically book focus time, protect this time by silencing chats, and track weekly progress.

有关建立"无会议"时间段的更多最佳做法和方式,请参阅 专注时间最佳做法For more best practices and ways to establish a 'no meeting' period, see Best practices for focus time.

利用影响者Utilize influencers

影响者是组织中关系良好的人员,他们可以通过与他人高效共享信息来推动创新。Influencers are people within an organization who are well connected and can drive innovation by efficiently sharing information with others.

衡量员工不可见 的影响形式》文章指出,"传统的组织报告结构限制经理了解员工如何影响其他团队和为其他团队做贡献。The Measuring your employees’ invisible forms of influence article says that "traditional organizational reporting structures limit managers’ visibility into how their employees are influencing and contributing to other teams. 需要新的工作场所指标来帮助领导更完整地了解这一点。"New workplace metrics are needed to help leaders get a more complete picture of this." 利用影响者的方法:Ways to leverage influencers:

  • 使用 "见解 和网络 " 页面查看连接、顶级协作者,以及有关如何改善连接和影响的建议。Use Insights and the Network page to see connections, top collaborators, and suggestions on how to improve connections and cultivate influence.
  • 使用 Microsoft Teams 频道 进行跨职能团队协作和推动对话。Use Microsoft Teams channels for cross-functional team collaboration and to drive conversations.

有关更多最佳做法以及如何识别和利用影响者,请参阅 影响者最佳做法For more best practices and how to identify and utilize influencers, see Best practices for influencers.