Azure Stack Hub 更新活動檢查清單Azure Stack Hub update activity checklist

請檢閱這份檢查清單,以便準備 Azure Stack Hub 更新。Review this checklist in order to prepare for an Azure Stack Hub update. 本文包含可供 Azure Stack Hub 操作員使用的更新相關活動檢查清單。This article contains a checklist of update-related activities for Azure Stack Hub operators.

準備進行 Azure Stack Hub 更新Prepare for Azure Stack Hub update

                      活動                                            Activity                       詳細資料Details
檢閱已知問題Review known issues 已知問題清單List of known issues.
檢閱安全性更新Review security updates 安全性更新清單List of security updates.
檢閱附加元件資源提供者更新Review add-on resource provider updates App ServiceApp Service
事件中樞Event Hubs
套用最新的 OEM 套件Apply latest OEM package 請洽詢您的 OEM,以確保您的系統符合系統所要更新之 Azure Stack Hub 版本的最低 OEM 套件需求。Contact your OEM to ensure your system meets the minimum OEM package requirements for the Azure Stack Hub version your system is being updated to. 確定您的 OEM 套件與您要更新至的 Azure Stack Hub 版本相容。Ensure your OEM package is compatible with the Azure Stack Hub version you are updating to. 如果您的 OEM 套件與您要更新至的 Azure Stack Hub 版本不相容,則必須在執行 Azure Stack Hub 更新之前,先執行 OEM 套件更新。If your OEM package is not compatible with the Azure Stack Hub version you are updating to, you will need to perform an OEM package update before running an Azure Stack Hub update. 如需相關資訊,請參閱「套用 Azure Stack Hub 原始設備製造商 (OEM) 更新」。For instructions, see "Apply Azure Stack Hub original equipment manufacturer (OEM) updates."
選擇性:設定自動收集記錄Optional: Configure automatic log collection 建議您在 Azure Stack Hub 環境上設定自動記錄收集,以便在您需要開啟支援票證的事件中,簡化系統記錄的收集程序。It is recommended that you configure automatic log collection on your Azure Stack Hub environment to streamline the process of collecting system logs in the event that you need to open a support ticket. 若要設定自動收集記錄,請參閱 主動傳送記錄檔中的指示。To configure automatic log collection, see the instructions in Send logs proactively.
套用最新的 HotfixApply latest hotfixes 套用適用於目前已安裝版本的最新 Hotfix。Apply the latest hotfixes that apply to the currently installed release. 如需最新的 Hotfix 清單,請參閱版本資訊 Hotfix 一節。For a list of the latest hotfixes, see the release notes Hotfixes section.
執行容量規劃工具Run capacity planner tool 請務必使用最新版的 Azure Stack Hub 容量規劃工具來規劃您的工作負載並調整其大小。Make sure to use the latest version of the Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner tool to perform your workload planning and sizing. 最新版本包含錯誤 (Bug) 修正,並提供隨每個 Azure Stack Hub 更新發行的新功能。The latest version contains bug fixes and provides new features that are released with each Azure Stack Hub update.
執行 Test-AzureStackRun Test-AzureStack 執行 Test-AzureStack -Group UpdateReadiness 以識別操作上的問題。Run Test-AzureStack -Group UpdateReadiness to identify operational issues. 此 Cmdlet 可透過特殊權限端點工作階段 (PEP) 來存取。The cmdlet is accessible through the Privileged Endpoint Session (PEP). 如需詳細資訊,請參閱驗證 Azure Stack Hub 系統狀態For more information, see Validate Azure Stack Hub system state.
解決問題Resolve issues 解決 Test-AzureStack 找出的任何操作問題。Resolve any operational issues identified by Test-AzureStack.
可用的更新Update available Azure Stack Hub 部署會定期檢查受保護的端點,並在有您雲端適用的更新時自動通知您,但僅限於已連線的情況下。In connected scenarios only, Azure Stack Hub deployments periodically check a secured endpoint and automatically notify you if an update is available for your cloud. 已中斷連線的客戶則可使用此處所述的程序下載並匯入新的套件。Disconnected customers can download and import new packages using the process described here.
排程維護時段並通知您的使用者Schedule a maintenance window and notify your users 您應向使用者通知任何維護工作,並且盡可能將一般的維護期間安排在非上班時間。You should notify users of any maintenance operations, and schedule normal maintenance windows during non-business hours if possible. 維護作業會影響現有的租用戶工作負載,並且會導致新的租使用者作業 (例如,建立、重新設定或刪除 VM) 失敗,不論是從入口網站起始或是以程式設計方式從 Azure Resource Manager API 起始的作業。Maintenance operations can affect existing tenant workloads and cause new tenants operations (for example, creating, reconfiguring, or deleting VMs) to fail - whether the operation is initiated from the portal or programmatically from the Azure Resource Manager API. 在更新完成之前,其他作業 (例如備份) 可能也無法使用。Other operations such as backup may also be unavailable until the update is complete. 針對 Azure Stack Hub 快速和完整更新,您可以參閱版本資訊,以了解對於您所套用版本預期的更新時間預測。For Azure Stack Hub express and full updates, you can check the release notes for a forecast of how long the update is expected to take for the version you are applying.

在 Azure Stack Hub 更新期間During Azure Stack Hub update

活動Activity 詳細資料Details
管理更新Manage the update 使用操作員入口網站管理 Azure Stack Hub 中的更新Manage updates in Azure Stack Hub using the operator portal.
監視更新Monitor the update 如果操作員入口網站無法存取請使用具有特殊權限的端點來監視 Azure Stack Hub 中的更新If the operator portal is unavailable, monitor updates in Azure Stack Hub using the privileged endpoint.
恢復更新Resume updates 修復失敗的更新後,繼續使用具有特殊權限的端點在 Azure Stack Hub 中恢復更新After remediating a failed update, resume updates in Azure Stack Hub using the privileged endpoint.


請勿在更新期間執行 測試 AzureStack ,因為這會導致更新停止。Do not run Test-AzureStack during an update, as this causes the update to stall.

無論狀態為何,都不會在更新期間執行節點修復。Do not run node repair during an update regardless of its state. 如果在更新期間需要節點修復,請聯絡 Microsoft 支援服務。Please contact Microsoft Support if node repair is needed during update.

在 Azure Stack Hub 更新之後After Azure Stack Hub update

活動Activity 詳細資料Details
套用最新的 HotfixApply latest hotfixes 套用適用於更新版本的最新 Hotfix。Apply the latest hotfixes applicable to the updated version.
取出加密金鑰Retrieve encryption keys 擷取待用資料加密金鑰,並將它們安全地儲存在 Azure Stack Hub 部署外部。Retrieve the data at rest encryption keys and securely store them outside of your Azure Stack Hub deployment. 請依照有關如何擷取金鑰的指示進行操作。Follow the instructions on how to retrieve the keys.
重新啟用多租用戶Re-enable multi-tenancy 如果是多租用戶 Azure Stack Hub,請在更新成功後確實設定所有來賓目錄租用戶In case of a multi-tenanted Azure Stack Hub, make sure you configure all guest directory tenants after a successful update.

後續步驟Next steps