客戶旅程圖Customer journey

本文說明從購買到部署後的 Azure Stack Hub 資料中心整合的端對端流程。This article describes the end-to-end process for Azure Stack Hub datacenter integration, from purchasing to post-deployment. 整合是客戶與 Microsoft 之間的共同作業專案。The integration is a collaborative project between the customer and Microsoft. 下列各節涵蓋專案時間軸的不同階段,以及專案成員的特定步驟。The following sections cover different phases for the project timeline and specific steps for project members.


下表描述部署的各個階段可能會發生的情況。The following table depicts what can be expected during the various phases of deployment.

訂購流程Order Process 預先部署Pre-Deployment 整合、驗證、傳輸Integration, Validation, Transport 現場部署Onsite Deployment 部署後Post-Deployment
MicrosoftMicrosoft -傳遞給美國位置的信號- Signal to delivery to US location
-Azure Stack Hub 耐用 = 10 天- Azure Stack Hub ruggedized = 10 Days
提供所需的工具和檔,以收集資料中心需求Provide required tooling and documentation to collect datacenter requirements -驗證設定構件並檢查驗證結果- Validate configuration artifacts and check validation results
-確定已提供硬體- Ensure hardware is delivered
-機架和堆疊- Rack and stack
-網路整合- Network integration
-Azure Stack Hub 部署- Azure Stack Hub deployment
-交給客戶- Hand off to customer
註冊和 Marketplace 摘要整合Registration and Marketplace syndication
客戶Customer 發出信號購買Signals purchase -在部署工作表中填寫網路詳細資料- Fills out network details in deployment worksheet
-收集憑證- Collects certificates
-取得 Azure AD 帳戶- Obtains Azure AD accounts
-執行任何提供的驗證工具- Runs any validation tooling provided
確定網站已準備好使用網路、電源、冷卻必要條件Ensure the site is ready with network, power, cooling prerequisites -使用部署設定構件進行準備- Be prepared with deployment configuration artifacts
-提供客戶的網路工程師- Customer’s network engineer available

訂購流程Order Process

您的組織會與 Microsoft 合作,為配置的系統數目下單。Your organization will work with Microsoft to place an order for an allocated number of systems. 在您下訂單之後,Microsoft 將會有10天的時間將 Azure Stack Hub 耐用至您的美國地區。Once you place the order, Microsoft will have 10 days to deliver the Azure Stack Hub ruggedized to your US location. Microsoft 將確保符合所有安全供應鏈需求。Microsoft will ensure that all secure supply chain requirements are met.


在硬體運送之後14天開始計費。Billing starts 14 days after the hardware has shipped.

若要建立 Azure Stack Hub 資源,請在 Azure 入口網站中執行下列步驟。To create an Azure Stack Hub resource, take the following steps in the Azure portal.

  1. 使用您的 Microsoft Azure 認證經由以下 URL 登入 Azure 入口網站:https://portal.azure.comUse your Microsoft Azure credentials to sign in to the Azure portal at this URL: https://portal.azure.com.

  2. 在左窗格中,選取 [+ 建立資源]。In the left-pane, select + Create a resource. 搜尋並選取 [ Azure Stack Hub 耐用]。Search for and select Azure Stack Hub ruggedized. 選取 [建立] 。Select Create.

  3. 挑選您要用於 Azure Stack Hub 裝置的訂用帳戶。Pick the subscription that you want to use for the Azure Stack Hub device. 選取您要寄送此實體裝置的國家/地區。Select the country to where you want to ship this physical device. 選取 [顯示裝置]。Select Show devices.

  4. 會顯示簡短形式。A short form is displayed. 填寫表單並選取 [提交]。Fill out the form and select Submit. Microsoft 將會啟用您的訂用帳戶。Microsoft will enable your subscription.

  5. 啟用訂用帳戶後,您應該能夠繼續建立資源。After the subscription is enabled, you should be able to able to proceed with the resource creation. 選取裝置類型 刀鋒視窗中,選擇 [選取]。In the Select device type blade, choose Select.

  6. 在 [基本概念] 索引標籤上,輸入或選取下列 [專案詳細資料] 。On the Basics tab, enter or select the following Project details.

    設定Setting Value
    訂用帳戶Subscription 這會根據您稍早的選取項目自動填入。This is automatically populated based on the earlier selection. 訂用帳戶會連結到您的帳單帳戶。Subscription is linked to your billing account.
    資源群組Resource group 選取現有的群組或建立新的群組。Select an existing group or create a new group.
  7. 輸入或選取下列 [執行個體詳細資料] 。Enter or select the following Instance details.

    設定Setting Value
    名稱Name 可識別資源的易記名稱。A friendly name to identify the resource.
    此名稱介於 2 到 50 個字元之間,並且可包含字母、數字和連字號。The name has between 2 and 50 characters containing letter, numbers, and hyphens.
    名稱必須以字母或數字為開頭或結尾。Name starts and ends with a letter or a number.
    區域Region 如需可用 Azure Stack Hub 資源之所有區域的清單,請參閱 依區域提供的 Azure 產品For a list of all the regions where the Azure Stack Hub resource is available, see Azure products available by region. 如果使用 Azure Government,如 Azure 區域所示的所有政府區域都適用。If using Azure Government, all the government regions are available as shown in the Azure regions.
    請選擇與您要部署裝置的地理區域最接近的位置。Choose a location closest to the geographical region where you want to deploy your device.
  8. 完成時,選取 [下一步:交貨地址]。Select Next: Shipping address.

    • 如果您已經有裝置,請選取 [ 我有 Azure Stack Hub 裝置 的下拉式方塊。If you already have a device, select the combo box for I have a Azure Stack Hub device.

    • 如果這是您所訂購的新裝置,請輸入連絡人姓名、公司、裝置交貨地址和連絡資訊。If this is the new device that you are ordering, enter the contact name, company, address to ship the device, and contact information.

  9. 完成時,選取 [下一步:檢閱 + 建立]。Select Next: Review + create.

  10. 在 [檢閱 + 建立] 索引標籤上,檢閱 [定價詳細資料]、[使用規定],以及您的資源詳細資料。On the Review + create tab, review the Pricing details, Terms of use, and the details for your resource. 選取 [我已檢閱隱私權條款] 的下拉式方塊。Select the combo box for I have reviewed the privacy terms.

  11. 選取 [建立]。Select Create.

建立資源需要幾分鐘的時間。The resource creation takes a few minutes. 順利建立及部署資源之後,您就會接獲通知。After the resource is successfully created and deployed, you're notified. 選取 [前往資源] 。Select Go to resource.

下單之後,Microsoft 會檢閱順訂單並與您接洽 (透過電子郵件) 交貨詳細資料。After the order is placed, Microsoft reviews the order and reaches out to you (via email) with shipping details.


您決定如何將 Azure Stack Hub 整合到您的資料中心。You decide how to integrate Azure Stack Hub into your datacenter. Microsoft 已發佈 部署工作表 ,引導您收集成功整合至資料中心所需的所有必要資訊。Microsoft has published a deployment worksheet that guides you through gathering all necessary information needed to integrate successfully into your datacenter. 此外,部署時也需要一組特定的憑證。In addition, a certain set of certificates are required at time of deployment. 為了協助您取得這些憑證,Microsoft 提供了一個稱為「 Azure Stack Hub 準備檢查」的工具。To help you obtain these certificates, Microsoft provides you a tool called the Azure Stack Hub Readiness Checker. 此工具可協助您建立憑證簽署要求 (Csr) 提供給您的內部 CA。This tool will help you create Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) to provide to your internal CA.


系統會驗證所有必要條件,以協助防止部署延遲。All prerequisites are validated to help prevent deployment delays. 驗證必要條件可能需要一些時間,且組織內的各部門需要進行協調並向其收集資料。Verifying prerequisites can take time and require coordination and data gathering from different departments within your organization.

您將選擇下列項目:You'll choose the following items:

  • Azure Stack Hub 連接模型和識別提供者。Azure Stack Hub connection model and identity provider. 您可以選擇部署 連線到網際網路 (和 Azure) 或已中斷連線的 Azure Stack Hub You can choose to deploy Azure Stack Hub either connected to the internet (and to Azure) or disconnected. 若要發揮 Azure Stack Hub 的最大功效,包括混合式情節,您可以讓部署連線至 Azure。To get the most benefit from Azure Stack Hub, including hybrid scenarios, you'd want to deploy connected to Azure. 選擇 Active Directory 同盟服務 (AD FS) 或 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 是您必須在部署期間進行的一次性決策。Choosing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a one-time decision that you must make at deployment time. 您稍後無法變更您的身分識別提供者,而不需要重新部署整個系統。You can't change your identity provider later without redeploying the entire system.
  • 網路整合。Network integration. 網路整合是部署、操作及管理 Azure Stack Hub 系統的重要項目。Network integration is crucial for deployment, operation, and management of Azure Stack Hub systems. 有許多考量可用來確保 Azure Stack Hub 解決方案具備復原性,且具有高可用性實體基礎結構來支援其作業。There are several considerations that go into ensuring the Azure Stack Hub solution is resilient and has a highly available physical infrastructure to support its operations.
  • 防火牆整合。Firewall integration. 建議您使用防火牆來協助保護 Azure Stack Hub 安全。It's recommended that you use a firewall to help secure Azure Stack Hub. 防火牆可以協助防止 DDOS 攻擊,並進行入侵偵測及內容檢查。Firewalls can help prevent DDOS attacks, intrusion detection, and content inspection. 不過,請注意,這可能會成為 Azure 儲存體服務的輸送量瓶頸。However, it should be noted that it can become a throughput bottleneck for Azure storage services.
  • 憑證需求。Certificate requirements. 務必在現場工程師抵達資料中心進行部署「之前」,準備好所有必要憑證It's critical that all required certificates are available before an onsite engineer arrives at your datacenter for deployment.

一旦透過部署工作表收集所有必要的資訊之後,Microsoft 就會確保我們確認所有的驗證工具都已執行,並協助您瞭解您可能會遇到的任何問題。Once all the pre-requisite information is gathered through the deployment worksheet, Microsoft will ensure that we verify all validation tools have been run and assist with any further questions that you may have.

硬體傳遞Hardware Delivery

Microsoft 會與您合作,以確保所有必要的硬體都會在指定的時間內抵達美國地點。Microsoft will work with you to ensure all required hardware arrives at the US Location within the allocated time given.

在現場 Microsoft deployment 工程師開始部署解決方案之前請務必 先鎖定所有必要條件資料並加以使用。It's crucial that all prerequisite data is locked and available before the onsite Microsoft deployment engineer arrives to deploy the solution.

  • 部署工作表已填寫所有資料。Deployment Worksheet has all data filled out.
  • 所有憑證都必須經過驗證並準備就緒。All certificates must be validated and ready.
  • 必須決定區域名稱。Region name must be decided on.
  • 所有網路整合參數都已完成。All network integration parameters are finalized.


如果這其中任何一項資訊已變更,請務必與您的內部組織合作,以確保在現場部署工程師抵達之前更新資訊。If any of this information has changed, make sure to work with your internal organization to ensure the information is updated prior to the arrival of the onsite deployment engineer. 這可防止部署程式中的任何延遲。This will prevent any delays in the deployment process.

現場部署Onsite Deployment

若要部署 Azure Stack Hub,則會有 Microsoft deployment 工程師開始部署。To deploy Azure Stack Hub, a Microsoft deployment engineer will be present to kick off the deployment. 我們要求您組織中的網路工程師也可在現場部署期間使用。We require that a Network Engineer from your organization also be available during the period of the onsite deployment.

以下是現場工程師應在部署體驗期間執行的檢查:The following checks are what you should expect from the onsite engineer during the deployment experience:

  • 取消清除和清查硬體Unboxing and inventory of hardware
  • 連接解決方案的電源和電源Connecting power and powering on the solution
  • 驗證實體硬體健全狀況Validating physical hardware health
  • 檢查所有纜線和邊界連線能力,以確保解決方案會正確地放在一起,並符合您的需求。Check all the cabling and border connectivity to ensure the solution is properly put together and meets your requirements.
  • 設定解決方案 HLH (硬體生命週期主機) 。Configure the solution HLH (Hardware Lifecycle Host).
  • 資料中心網路整合Datacenter network integration
  • 請檢查以確定所有實體硬體設定都正確。Check to make sure all physical hardware settings are correct.
  • 確定所有元件的韌體是解決方案所核准的最新版本。Make sure firmware for all components is at the latest approved version by the solution.
  • 開始部署。Start the deployment.

部署後Post Deployment

在將解決方案交給客戶之前,必須先執行幾個步驟。Several steps must be performed by the Microsoft deployment engineer before the solution is handed off to the customer. 在這個階段中,驗證是確保系統已正確部署和執行的重要部分。In this phase, validation is important to ensure the system is deployed and performing correctly.

Microsoft deployment 工程師應採取的動作:Actions that should be taken by the Microsoft deployment engineer:

後續步驟Next steps

深入瞭解 安裝和設定 Microsoft Azure Stack Hub 堅固的步驟Learn more about steps to install and configure Microsoft Azure Stack Hub Rugged.