Azure Load Balancer SKUAzure Load Balancer SKUs

Azure Load Balancer 有兩個 SKU。Azure Load Balancer has two SKUs.

SKU 比較SKU comparison

負載平衡器支援標準和基本 SKU。Load balancer supports both Standard and Basic SKUs. 這些 SKU 的案例規模、功能、價格各不相同。These SKUs differ in scenario scale, features, and pricing. 任何可在基本負載平衡器建立的案例,都可以使用標準負載平衡器來建立。Any scenario that's possible with Basic load balancer can be created with Standard load balancer.

若要比較並了解其中的差異,請參閱下表。To compare and understand the differences, see the following table. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure Standard Load Balancer 概觀For more information, see Azure Standard Load Balancer overview.


Microsoft 建議使用標準負載平衡器。Microsoft recommends Standard load balancer. 獨立 VM、可用性設定組和虛擬機器擴展集都只能和一個 SKU 連線,永遠不能和兩者同時連線。Standalone VMs, availability sets, and virtual machine scale sets can be connected to only one SKU, never both. 與公用 IP 位址搭配使用時,負載平衡器和公用 IP 位址的 SKU 必須相符。Load balancer and the public IP address SKU must match when you use them with public IP addresses. 負載平衡器和公用 IP 的 SKU 不可變動。Load balancer and public IP SKUs aren't mutable.

Standard Load BalancerStandard Load Balancer 基本負載平衡器Basic Load Balancer
後端集區大小Backend pool size 支援最多 1000 個執行個體。Supports up to 1000 instances. 支援最多 300 個執行個體。Supports up to 300 instances.
後端集區端點Backend pool endpoints 單一虛擬網路中的任何虛擬機器或虛擬機器擴展集。Any virtual machines or virtual machine scale sets in a single virtual network. 在單一可用性設定組或虛擬機器擴展集中的虛擬機器。Virtual machines in a single availability set or virtual machine scale set.
健康情況探查關閉行為Health probe down behavior 執行個體探查關閉 所有探查關閉時,TCP 連線保持作用中。TCP connections stay alive on an instance probe down and on all probes down. 執行個體探查關閉時,TCP 連線保持作用中。TCP connections stay alive on an instance probe down. 所有探查皆關閉時,所有 TCP 連線都會結束。All TCP connections end when all probes are down.
可用性區域Availability Zones 輸入和輸出流量的區域備援和區域性前端。Zone-redundant and zonal frontends for inbound and outbound traffic. 無法使用Not available
診斷Diagnostics Azure 監視器多維度計量Azure Monitor multi-dimensional metrics Azure 監視器記錄Azure Monitor logs
HA 連接埠HA Ports 適用於內部負載平衡器Available for Internal Load Balancer 無法使用Not available
預設保護Secure by default 除非網路安全性群組允許,否則會對輸入流量關閉。Closed to inbound flows unless allowed by a network security group. 從虛擬網路到內部負載平衡器的內部流量仍受允許。Internal traffic from the virtual network to the internal load balancer is allowed. 預設為開放狀態。Open by default. 網路安全性群組 (選擇性)。Network security group optional.
輸出規則Outbound Rules 宣告式輸出 NAT 設定Declarative outbound NAT configuration 無法使用Not available
TCP 重設閒置TCP Reset on Idle 適用於任何規則Available on any rule 無法使用Not available
多個前端Multiple front ends 輸入和輸出Inbound and outbound 僅輸入Inbound only
管理作業Management Operations 大部分的作業 < 30 秒Most operations < 30 seconds 通常是 60-90+ 秒60-90+ seconds typical
SLASLA 99.99%99.99% 無法使用Not available

如需詳細資訊,請參閱負載平衡器限制For more information, see Load balancer limits. 如需標準 Load Balancer 詳細資料,請參閱概觀定價SLAFor Standard Load Balancer details, see overview, pricing, and SLA.


  • SKU 不可變動。SKUs aren't mutable. 您無法變更現有資源的 SKU。You can't change the SKU of an existing resource.
  • 獨立虛擬機器資源、可用性設定組資源或虛擬機器擴展集資源都只能參考一個 SKU,絕不會同時參考兩者。A standalone virtual machine resource, availability set resource, or virtual machine scale set resource can reference one SKU, never both.
  • 移動作業Move operations:
    • Standard Load Balancer 和標準公用 IP 都支援 資源群組移動作業 (位於相同的訂用帳戶內)。Resource group move operations (within same subscription) are supported for Standard Load Balancer and Standard Public IP.
    • Standard Load Balancer 與標準公用 IP 資源 不支援訂用帳戶群組移動作業Subscription group move operations are not supported for Standard Load Balancer and Standard Public IP resources.

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